3…2…1… and we’re back!

Here we are looking at another weekend already!  I love how the weeks fly when I only work 4 days.  This will be hard to get over when five day weeks return next week, but it is worth it.

This week I took Friday off so that the bugman could come and eliminate the ants.  Rememberr I called him last Friday?  Well, this week he is coming between 9-11.  I decided to just take the day off.  So glad I have lots of vacation time stored up so I can do this kind of thing.

That means I will get up and dressed at the usual time.  A has to go see a client, so she will be out of the house most of the day.  That gives me loads of time to putter about and play with fiber.

My list is pretty standard, I think, this week.

  • SPIN! It is still TDF (Tour de Fleece), and I have been spinning as much as I can each day.  Somedays that is not much, but I think I can finish off the second bobbin of this spin and start plying. It is foggy fall morning from Three Waters Farm, and is destined to be knit up with the tree bark colorway I finished spinning last week.  This one is BFL /silk.  My next spin will be half Three Water Farm and half Purple Fleece.  And will be kind of amazing.  But I will share that with you when I finish this one!  NO getting ahead of myself. Though this photo shows only one bobbin full, I am about halfway to filling the second one.


  • Knit.  Although I am focused on spinning, I have been making progress in small bits on my frieze cowl.  It is definitely potato chip knitting, hard to put down.  I already have yarn for another one.  This is Plymouth Galway, by the way.IMG_3035[1]
  • Garden.  Though the pathway is complete, I want to put a few pavers down at the start of it, to hopefully kep the nice pea gravel away from the glacial messy gravel that is the driveway.  I also wan tto start creating the beds on the ouside of the path.  Don’t have anything much to put in them, but I think it will look nicer with the pile of dirt and old blue tarp gone.  And if I am going to do that, I might as well clear out the junky volunteers and put down the good dirt and mulch.  Then next year I can move things into it and expand it.
  • Pool.  The pool guys came, and said I can upgrade the filter, yeah!  But not this year, as there is no pool budget at the moment.  So this year I have to keep on stirring it up and letting the filter run, and changing it when it clogs, as it does quickly with all the sediment I stir up. That means getting in it, which it makes sense to do AFTER the gardening, right?
  • Change the bed, change out the towels, start the weekend laundry.
  • Clean the bathrooms.
  • Not sure if I will go out, but if I do, I will go to the PO, and possibly the grocery store while i am out.
  • Oh, and I will let the bug man in when he arrives and follow him around.  And ask him how we get what ever is bowling with acorns in our bedroom ceiling all night OUT once and for all.

I think that this will fill up my day, and I will wind up in the afternoon in front of the spinning wheel catching up with season one of Victoria. It’s a little bit anticlimatic, as I watched season two already.  And spoiler alert – I knew before the show ever started that she would, in fact, marry Albert.  But I still like watching it.  Learning a lot about early Victorian times in England.  Afghanistan was an issue even then.  What kind of people can survive in a place where there is near constant war for more than  200 years? Yikes.

What are you doing this fine Friday?


26 thoughts on “3…2…1… and we’re back!”

  1. As ever you have a hugmongous to do list. Good luck with the acorn bowling alley! I have a birthday cake to ice, the supermarket shop, the laundry and I may even wield the hoover! Nice things are crochet, patchwork and reading. Have a great long weekend.

  2. That is a well balanced list: chores and fun!
    I love the yarn you’re spinning. It’s so pretty and fall sure does describe it.
    Acorn bowling? I bet chipmunks! We have a pair that have moved into our garage. My husband has tried everything to evict them but they keep finding ways in.
    My Friday will involve hours in the car:)

    1. It is well balanced, but my day wasn’t! I spun all day long. It had to happen. 😉. I hope you can knit in the car! This is vacation time, isn’t it?

    1. Lol at the bourbon. Just get it or drink it too?

      You are right, I did not get through the whole list. But spinning and laundry did happen.

  3. I feel like we have traveled to Chicago and Milwaukee too many times since zach arrived ten days ago. I need to stay home! Friday: going to a local very local horse show with one friend. Knitting a lot. Encouraging my family as they are on the cusp of changes in their lives. COUNTING points

    1. Staying home feels so good sometimes, doesn’t it? Driving to Chicago sounds horrible. I drove to Wisconsin last September. It took 2 days to drive to Milwaukee! Presumably it doesn’t take you that long!

  4. Oh, boy–another Friday off! And it sounds like you have enough to do to keep you out of trouble. I have family visiting so we’re doing crafts . . . think potholder loom and beading. Wheeee!

    1. That sounds fun! And yes, but I think this is my last one for a while… though, now I think about it, I have an evening meeting next week. That means some time off at some point in the week … hmmmm 😉

  5. Wow. I need a break after reading your to do list. I wish I had your energy. My knee is still healing, so I am still not feeling like doing anything. I would love to get out in my yard and try to do something with it. Nah. Maybe next year, LOL. Today I will do a little laundry, do a little cleaning up around the house and hopefully get a little stitching in. Maybe even update my blog ;). I hope that you are successful in completing everything on your list so that you can have a fun weekend.

  6. Sounds like a great Friday, especially the spinning, knitting, and TV watching. I’ll be watching the Open Championship, knitting and uploading stash. Life is good. Don’t work too hard!

    1. I never work too hard, lol. And today was no exception. I did some chores and lots of spinning! And loaded two fiber braids in stash. And I saw that you did lots!

  7. Your to-do list is completely full. I don’t think you can fit one more thing in it. “Bowling with acorns” is funny, unless you’re trying to sleep. My guess is squirrels or chipmunks. They rarely bother me, but drive Yarn Rascal to distraction. Have-A-Heart traps work. But you need to find where they are getting in and sometimes that is nearly impossible because all they need is a very tiny space. Once you find it a little ball of steel wool tucked in it will deter them.

    1. The bugman swears it is mice, and keeps stuffing anything remotely like a hole with copper mesh. And he refills the bait traps. Which buts us a week or so of silence before the beasts return. Sigh.

      I have a havaheart trap we use outdoors, and we relocate whatever we catch, but we can’t keep up with demand, lol

    1. Thanks! It’s because we do little during the week, around the house and yard, so we have to catch up on the weekend. But I would rather be playing with yarn and fiber!

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