Why I like working at home

Sometimes I am in a mood where working at home just won’t work, because it is work I don’t want to do so I don’t. I find other chores to do instead.

But today I have work to do that has a deadline, and I am home, so it is what it is. BUT… the work I have to do has 6 sections. I have decided that I can reward myself as I complete each section by knitting one row on the sweater sleeve and one round on the socks. Then I can read whatever blogs hit my reader since the last break, and then I can write this one post before I head back to the next section. Isn’t it a bit scary how I am about making rules for myself? Let’s not think about levels of OCD. πŸ™‚

I will say that if I sit down and work, things do get done much faster at home than they would if I were in the office. Something about coworkers and distracting interruptions for conversations with people I really like vs. sitting home with only the cats.

Back to work!

Friday list

Friday? It’s ABOUT TIME! this has been rather a horrid week at work, with many long days and too many things due before the 1st. Ugh.

But here it is, Friday, time for a list.

Let me take a good look at the day and see what I can come up with.

Oh, hey, here’s something – WORK! I still have to finish one last report. I hope to have it done by noon time. Working at home means it can happen, because I can sit on the couch with a fire and coffee and no coworkers who need things.

And I can do laundry while I work. Woo hoo!

Then I am off to Bangor for a car service appointment. If the report isn’t done, it goes with me. If it is – then the knitting goes with me. I would like to make serious progress on sock two.

After the car is serviced, I get to go to the grocery store and pick up the makings for a delicious chocolate fondue for game night, which is tonight, also in Bangor. I have such fun playing board games with all the people A works with. More fun than she does, actually. Isn’t she good to me to go along with it?

After the grocery store, I will head over to Best Buy with my gift card to see if they have some movies I want to own.

And if, at that point, it is too early to go to game night, I will just have to entertain myself at some big box craft stores. How very sad!

Of course, game night is fun, but with so many people playing, it takes some time to get to my turn again… so I will be knitting for sure. that sock will get done, one way or the other. πŸ™‚

This weekend, I also plan to finish the big red sweater. the sleeve is flying along, and I only have a few more inches to go. then, I pick up and do the neckline. then, after I sew it together, I determine if I like how long it is, and how much yarn it would take to lengthen it, and I think that will lead me to picking up a mess of stitches around the bottom and designing a band to get me a couple of inches of length. We will see….

This weekend I also need to start the clean up in the craft room. I have too much stuff out. I need to put it away, clear out and file, and see what is left. It will take a long time, I won’t even pretend that I can do it in a day. But I can do a bit each weekend. Maybe not next weekend – just wait until next Friday when I tell you what my weekend is like.

I think I need to go buy a winning lottery ticket or something. Work is just too much.. well…work. πŸ™‚


I am so tired of hearing the unthinking prattle of our local commentators on air. And, it seems, the national level ones are no better. Do they ever listen to themselves? They don’t even make sense!

“If you are just joining us, our guests are…”

Really? And if I have been listening all hour, who are the guests?

“If you are just joining us, it is frigid out there”

For the rest of you, it is a hot summer day.

LISTEN UP! If.. then: what happens in the former has to have bearing on the latter or it makes no sense.

Now, I have to confess, I have caught myself saying to the receptionist at work “If anyone is looking for me, I am going to lunch” which I usually catch instantly after it has left my mouth, so I add “And in fact, I am going to lunch even if no one is looking for me.” But I am not paid to talk endlessly. I think those who are should pay attention to what they say.

Topics for another day? More pet peeves.

“Different than”

“People that”

Less versus fewer

Something to look forward to. πŸ™‚

Snow? On Saturday?

oh-ho, Mother Nature, you messed up your calendar again! Of course, you realized it, and so tomorrow we will get more snow showers. Thanks a bunch.
Yesterday went pretty much as planned, I drove all the way to Calais (100 miles through beautiful wilderness) and only was about half way there when I realized no passport, so – no chocolate. Very sad.

Did the work I needed to d and was home again by about 3:30. A was already home, feeling like she was coming down with a cold. But she was still up for the fundraiser, so we headed to Ellsworth, collected my boss and went to Governor’s for some pie before the event. We can always count on J to join us for a meal or dessert. πŸ™‚

The fundraiser was very well attended – we stayed until intermission, and I loved the music, although I could have done without the staged bantering that happened between acts. I’ll find out next week how much was raised, but it was close to $10,000 when we left. Not bad!!! I also could have done without the person near me who was doused in perfume – when we left I had watering eyes, a stuffed head and a sinus headache, and it wasn’t all because I am catching A’s cold.

Today is a slow day, A’s cold is here in full force, and I can feel my head filling up. I am swallowing lots of juice, vitamins, etc. She is swallowing lots of cold medicine, and sleeping a lot, which is good. I suspect I will be doing the same tomorrow. Not that I was a ball of fire today…

I (Finally) made my niece B her birthday card, it was a lot warmer in the craft room today, so I took advantage. The required glitter should be dry tomorrow so I will drop that in the mail to her.

I stayed in bed late today, and read a whole novel – been a long time since I did that – Lisa Gardiner’s Touch and Go. Her stories are creepy scary but fast paced and good reading. I love that she has contests to name her victims after real people. I can’t think of anyone I want to kill off, so I have never entered. But it is fun to read about them in the notes.

Of course, I did a bit of sock knitting, a couple of rows before I went upstairs. And now I will go do a couple of rows on the red sweater. I am determined to finish it before it is too warm to wear it. πŸ™‚

Friday list on Thursday night

Ahhh, Friday!  I love’em.  This one will be a bit strange – not only do I have to work, but I have to work far away.  So I will get up a bit earlier than a normal work day, and head off to Calais (that’s Callous Maine, not Cal-ay France unfortunately) for a meeting that I HOPE will be done by lunch time.

Should I bring my passport so I can cross into Canada and get some Ganong chocolate?  Hmmm, maybe I should….

Then it is home again, in plenty of time (I hope) to get the mail, start some laundry before we head out to the Grand Theater in Ellsworth for a fundraising event for work.  If you happen to be in Ellsworth at 7, I think you could do worse than attend the event – 4 local music groups, good food and drink, and an auction of what I presume is stuff I can’t live without.  πŸ™‚

I don’t see much knitting in this day, but you never know.  I will certainly have it with me.

Other “news”

Sock is coming along – I LOVE the yarn, Tosh Sock.  I’ll be searching out more of this on sale.  I probably will get some not on sale, but I cringe at $26 for a pair of socks…

Sweater is coming along slowly – I have hit the long row section of the second shoulder area – so rows take a while to do.  But I know it is only for a short time, and then I will bind off most of the stitches and race down the arm.  It is REALLY thick and warm, I am going to love this sweater in weather like we are having right now. I think that basically I like this idea of knitting wrist to wrist, and that I will make up some patterns that don’t involve a cropped sweater in solid cables. 

The screened porch is showing great progress – when I got home tonight, the screens were up!!!!!  I took Allie out to check it out.  There is still no door, and the soffits are still open, so I didn’t want an adventurous, fast cat to go out with me for the first time. Allie is neither of those.  She made herself as low to the ground as she could and raced back to the dining room door.  I opened it, she scooted in and we were done.  Probably a good thing as it is down around 0 out there.

I need your help

Two things require outside input. Neither is urgent, but if you have thoughts/ideas, please leave them in comments!

1.) What to do with small amounts of leftover sock yarn? No babies to knit for in our family. Other ideas?

2.) What should we see without fail in Charleston, SC??? We just booked the hotel last night (YEAH!!!), and will be driving down in April. Staying for 5 nights, and that will translate to 4 full days there, with the possibility of a partial day on arrival. We are staying in the historic district, but other than looking around there and seeing Ft Sumter, I don’t know what is there. Have you been? What should we see? Where should we eat? Is there a LYS I should be on the lookout for?

WIP update

I’m trying to be better at posting from the camera. And better about taking photos of what I am doing. And better about not using the flash. But I have to confess, given the low light this time of year, the photo of the socks in progress with flash is a much closer representation than that without flash.

sws #2 at the start

This is the start of sock number 1 of the second pair of Socks With Sarah socks. The yarn is Madeline Tosh Tosh sock, color is steam age, and it is just so pretty – nice and soft, lots of color but not garish like my last pair! πŸ™‚ The yarn itself is quite nice to work with, a 2 ply wool, with a nice twist, so it stays together.

The pattern is Figheadh Fundamentals, more info on my Ravelry Project page. It is another toe-up sock, and I have to say – I like toe up – NO Kitchener! The cast on takes some getting used to, but it is a much nicer toe, I think, than any weaving I have ever managed. Heels turn essentially the same way, but no picking up stitches. Just turn a corner, keep going. Love it!

Anyhow – I took this the night I cast them on, I am a bit farther along, a couple of inches down the foot, I would guess. So far so good at keeping to the KAL rule of working on them some every day, even if it is just half a round.

On the red sweater – no photo, but real progress yesterday. Made it past the neck opening, rejoined the front and back and am now doing the 34 very long rows that will get me to the other shoulder. I should be done by June. πŸ™‚ I have that on Ravelry as well, if you want more detail about the sweater – and to see other people’s finished products – some are quite nice! All are taller and slimmer than I, which makes me nervous about how it will really look in the end. I am eager to finish it, though, as I want to start on the necklaces, and I don;t want to break my 2 WIP rule… plus, I try to knit a hat between projects each time,a nd I did NOT do that between socks, so I owe my charity knitting a couple of nice hats. I had better hop off this computer and onto the knitting… but then there are other things I want to do – sewing and a few cards to make… definitely need to log off…

Thank you, Claire!

Thanks to Claire over at Mollie and Claire, I am now eagerly awaiting an 8 inch (20 cm) size 2 Addi turbo circular needle – just for socks! Got it through Amazon, where I was able to use a gift card to offset some of the cost. They have 6 left if you want one, too. πŸ™‚

It should be here by Saturday. Meanwhile, I will keep on the way I always have, on two longer circular needles. πŸ™‚

Fun Friday, slow Saturday

Yesterday was just what the doctor ordered.
Always fun to take a road trip with Mom, so we can visit. She drove from her house, so I could knit on my socks – made huge progress on the second sock. Socks with Sarah is going to make a huge difference in me choosing to knit socks and finishing them. I like it.

On the way, we stopped at brother N’s future home – currently a muddy construction site in the woods, but it is already clear that is going to be a really nice place, in a great location. Hard to believe from the state it is currently in that it will be complete in 4 months, but that’s the plan, and I know how construction works – it looks like it is going slowly, then POOF, it is done. Speaking of which, here are a few current photos of the screen porch – almost done until spring when it will get really done. I think it really will look nice, and break up the long boring expanse of the back of the house. These photos also show how dreary things look right now – BUT NOTICE – almost no snow! We have had a good ten days of melting. That’s done with again, it is snowing now, but it gives hope of spring to come.

screen porch jan 17 2014 1

screen porch jan 17 2014

We got to Portland in time for lunch, which as always, was delicious. My sister is really good at making simple food taste delicious, and she always makes it pretty, too. She made a yummy lamb soup and a salad, and it was perfect. We sat chatting and knitting until it was time for her to go to the school to get E. A few minutes later, they returned, and we could hear E at the door downstairs, excited and giggling “I hear chatting” she hollered up the stairs, then erupted into the room, so excited to see us and to be able to join in the knitting. She ran and got hers, and hopped up next to C, and started in on her cheese hole scarf. It has remarkably few cheese holes. She was so cute, with her crazy ponies on top of her head, hair sticking out everywhere, glasses crooked on her nose, clearly feeling so grown up. When she asked Mom why she wasn’t knitting, and Mom said “I was making too many mistakes, I would rather sit and talk to everyone, and hear what they have to say.” She admonished her “You have to concentrate and pay attention” πŸ™‚

It was a good day.

Today I finished the last half-inch of that last sock – first pair done!
socks with sarah pair #1 complete
Next pair will be cast on with Tosh Sock Steam age today or tomorrow. Meanwhile, I continue working on the bulky red sweater. Close to finishing the neck and rejoining the front and back, then it will finish up pretty quickly.

Took a few photos of our new storm doors, all hung up by the contractor. They are cuter than these photos show, the light wasn’t good, and the flash isn’t helpful when taking pictures of glass! The one with the cat cut out is our front door, the one with the sailboat is to the deck in our room – lovers leap as my family calls it. And you can just see Allie watching me, wondering what the heck I am doing out in the cold and snow with no shoes and coat. πŸ™‚

front door

lovers leap door

Today has been a boring day of chores – we FINALLY got the Christmas tree out – it has been standing around with only the top-most ornaments on it – those I needed the ladder to reach. We tipped the tree over, A held it while I took the last ones off, then we pitched it over the deck rail and down into the woods. Needles everywhere, as you might imagine. I saved a bag full in case I decide to make balsam bags. We also went to the dump, the grocery store, the Post Office, and did laundry. Cleaned the pellet stove, rearranged the living room furniture. Sounds like my usual Friday list huh? That’s what happens when I play on Fridays. πŸ™‚
Now we are sitting, watching our dvr’d TV shows… Hawaii Five-0 right now… so nice to buzz through the advertising!

Friday list

This is a snow date for knitting with family, so I will head out around 9 to pick up Mom, then head to Portland to sister’s for lunch and a few hours of knitting. Mom and I will stop at brother N’s land on the way and check out progress on his new house. Mom needs to be home no later than 6, so we won’t stay long, but it will still be a full day.

I hope to make good progress on the second sock, and just in case we have a miracle and I finish it, I put a ball of MadelineTosh sock yarn in my bag. Can’t start it yet, I did not put extra needles in the bag. I know myself. πŸ™‚

Of course, before I go I will do a load or two of laundry, and I will stop at the PO on my way out of town.

And A said she will stop at our favorite pizza place in Manchester on her way home, so when I get home there will be good pizza for supper.

yum… good day!

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