Got to buy yarn today!

This morning I met Mom and we did a little bit of shopping in Rockland.  We checked out the newest yarn store in town, Over the Rainbow – it is very nice.  Lots of luxury yarn, all beautiful, and some good solid standbys.  And the best part?  THEY HAVE LACE BLOCKING WIRES!!!!  I have been checking them out on-line, but hadn’t done anything about ordering them.  So I grabbed them, and a few skeins of good old Lamb’s Pride for a hat for little niece E – purple variegated, as requested. Added some bright green to go with it – won’t lose her in a snow storm!  Also got some nice lace weight dark red for another lace scarf – you know I am addicted to them now.  And I have to make those blocking wires earn their keep, right? And found lots of things I have only read about in magazines, so that was nice, to be able to see and touch them. Not much Maine produced stuff – a small section only.  That kind of drives me nuts in a shop like that, where clearly, the expense of the product is not an issue – so much good yarn is locally produced, why not carry more of it?

Anyway, then we wandered up and down Main St, looking in a few art galleries before going to lunch at the Home Kitchen Cafe.  Yum, it was good!  I had a salad with real greens, not a leaf of ice burg, lovely.  Then we walked over to Quilt Diva. They carry yarn and quilting supplies.  The yarn wasn’t as plentiful as at Over the Rainbow, but I found a few skeins to get for the hats, and some yarn in the sale bin that will work well for trimming them, or making stripes or something – lots of little bits.  They have really nice quilting fabric, very good quality.  I didn’t get much (one fat quarter) but not because I didn’t see things I wanted!  I’ll be going back there when I need fabric (does anyone NEED fabric?  How low does the stash have to get before I can say I NEED fabric?)

After that, I headed home, and finished the last few things to get ready for the girls – flowers for the guest room, cleaning the bathrooms, scooping leaves out of the pool.  And A vacuumed. I do love when she does that.

We went to Crosby’s for supper – last time of the season, they close on Monday.  I can’t believe it is time for that already!

Now we sit around and wait for the girls.  They called to say they are way behind schedule, lots of traffic.  Which is to be expected, given it is a holiday weekend and this is vacationland.  So it will be well after midnight when they arrive.  Hopefully, they will have a safe, uneventful trip. And they will hop into bed, and sleep until noon.  Since we have no plans until supper tomorrow night, that is OK.  It will just be good to have them here.

If I were counting down…

I would be down to point five!  Vacation in less than a full day of work!!  It is another stay-cation, and that is fine. I feel so stressed out that I can hardly stand it.  I need some down time to putter. And they promise absolutely fabulous weather until Tuesday when we get the remnants of Isaac. 

I watch the news and listen to the radio, and I think that I am so lucky to live here in the very northest and eastest of the country – we have had a fabulous summer, weather wise.  Maybe not enough rain, but certainly not a drought. Not hot.  A little muggy at times (OK, OK a LOT muggy, and I do hate that), but nothing like the rest of the country has had to deal with.  And now, when all eyes are on the tropics and the Gulf – we are having clear dry days and nights in the 40’s. I know to count this blessing, that is for sure.

Other blessings to count?  I have a job.  Yes, it is stressful these days, and the new work is not always fun, BUT it is a job, it pays well, it has great benefits, including  4 day work weeks and lots of vacation. Count it.

I live in a beautiful house on a nice piece of land with neighbors who are friendly and quiet and not too close. Count it.

My family is close enough now where I can get to see most of them in a day trip, easily.  Count it.

Nieces are arriving tomorrow night for a quick visit, but B is staying for 5 years right up the road at college.  Count it.

My kittens are cute and cuddly and playful, and on chilly nights, cuddly.  Count it.

A is the best partner a woman could wish for – fun and patient and supportive and loving, and she doesn’t mind vacuuming!! Count it multiple times.

Counting down and adding up – it helps keep me sane. Lots to be thankful for, and only one more day to get through before I have a ten-day break (which only draws down 3 vacation days, gotta love Fridays off and holidays!) I can do it. I can get there.

Monday. Day after another good weekend.

So I sit here at whatever o’clock in the evening, waiting for my trusty inkjet printer to spit out envelopes.  One at a time. That is, one at a time after I hit the feed button.  For. Every.  Single. One.

Last week, it happily spit out 75 envelopes and only made me hit the button once. I guess it doesn’t like Mondays, either.

Now it ran out of envelopes, and although I put them in the same way I have for the last several years, it no longer likes that way.  It might be time to give up and go home!

Blah. Anywho –  I had a good weekend, how about you?  The weather could not have been more wonderful – maybe a bit hot, but as we had NO PLANS that was OK – when I got hot, I got in my little pool and floated around.

I did a bunch of things I had to do Friday, but not all I had planned, by a long shot. Still, I felt like I got things done. We had game night with A’s co-workers – that was fun, as always.  For the first time, I almost won a game!  Tied for first, but lost the tie breaker.  Oh well, it was still fun.

A had no ambition or energy – not sure why, but that meant there was no obligation to go anywhere!  I washed the windows in her office and in the craft room, which also meant cleaning off the window sill and sweeping up there, which had not been done in a long time, apparently. Lots of leaves and little beads and wonderful treasures…  cleaned the space between window and screen on a bunch of our windows, not sure how it gets so dirty, but it looks good when clean.  AND I scrubbed the icky aluminum doorsill on the back door – definitely that was too green to think about, but it is gleaming now!

I sewed all the rings on the roman shades for the craft room. Next step – hem the tops, buy the cord and PUT THEM UP!  Yahoo!

I also worked out in the yard, and found to my great pleasure that what I thought was a grow sack full of dirt really did have potatoes in it. Not a huge harvest, but enough to tell me that if I really pay attention to it next year, it will be worth doing. A colander full of small potatoes, enough for a salad or something.  Very fun.

I also found that my lush bed of green tomatoes has decided that perhaps, maybe, someday soon, they will turn red.  Streaks of orange are starting to appear.  Maybe they just needed some warm sunshine, too. My sunflowers have blossoms at last.  I know, I know, everyone else has flowers.  I didn’t even start them TOO late…  All in all, a good garden day.

Worked on the lace scarf, more than halfway done now – yippee. As i have lots more lace yarn upstairs, I think I will be making a few of these this year. Not sure why I like it so much, but I do. Very satisfying when it is done.

I also got the guest room ready for this weekends occupant – can’t wait to see L and the girls – coming to deliver B to college.  Should be a fun weekend. Plus, I will be on vacation.

If I can ever get these envelopes printed…. time to go push the button…

watching Allie sleep

She is sprawled out on the floor in the sunshine…her stocky little body positioned for best breeze, lazy viewing of hummingbirds if she opens her eyes, AND protectively guarding the scratching post.  A little multitasker.  And somehow, she looks comfortable.

I love quiet Fridays!  Already been to town to the doc (freckles and sunspots on back are just that, and don’t need to be removed, but checked annually.  Yeah!), ordered the countertops for A’s office and the alcove in the craft room, very exciting.  They will come while we are on vacation, so I assume they will get installed sometime before Christmas.

Still have to:

  • Make phone calls for Down East Aids Network fundraiser
  • Make Lasagna for game night
  • Go to game night
  • Play with kittens
  • Do laundry

not in that or any particular order… except, with luck, I will make the lasagna before I leave for game night!

More lobster? College?

A is really enjoying the family festivities these last few weeks – lobster everywhere we go!  Last night we went to her sister S’s and brother-in-law M’s for a family picnic to celebrate the visit of nephew D and a few family birthdays. it was mid-week because that was what worked for everyone – D’s girl A is heading back to NYC on Saturday.  So, we raced over after work and got there in time to sit down to a wonderful spread – and A had at least one, maybe two lobsters.  I sit far away so am not sure. But she was a happy camper when we got home!

It was so good to see everyone – great-niece E and nephew S are getting so grown up and tall – !  I feel like a midget over there.  S is starting to think about college and where to go.  His mom is facilitating this, to make sure it happens on time, and not just by default.  I think S has some reservations about the whole thing, but I know he will blossom in the right environment. E is going to really enjoy high school, I think, she is becoming more and more mature, every time I see her I am amazed.

D is looking forward to school starting – he will be teaching 6th grade ancient history, and he lights up at the  thought of the projects he can do with the kids.  His A has another 9 months of grad school left, then they have to make some decisions about where they will go and what they will do.  Not sure it will be in NYC, but I suppose it might not be in Maine, either.  I hope it isn’t too far away.  For fun this summer, they hiked the 100 mile wilderness – I guess it is about as anti-NYC as you can get!  They did it faster than they thought they would, so had a few extra days visit with family.  They did get sister-in-law L to go with them to climb Katahdin – the day after her 61st birthday – and she made it up (and as she says, down, too!) and lived to talk about it.  Pretty cool! D is thinking that maybe hiking the whole trail is in his future. 

They are here a few more days, we may go home one evening to find them in the pool, which would be fine.  As long as there are no lobsters in it as well!

Now I am scared

Did he really say that?  To say something like that, so STUPID, he must really think it.  You only get pregnant when you enjoy the insemination? Our bodies know to do WHAT? Oh, dear Lord.  People like this still exist?  They still get elected?

And then I am supposed to REJOICE because Augusta let in 2 women?  A white blonde woman and black college professor, former Secretary of State.  Jeesh, can anyone else spell TOKEN?  It is just a way to keep IBM’s sponsorship money, do they think we are as dumb  as the guy in the first paragraph?



AIDS walk

A and I will be walking on the Down East AIDS Network  Walk for Zero walk in September raising money for a good cause.  The walk for Zero is to reach the goal of zero new cases of HIV, zero deaths from AIDS, Zero stigma.  A lofty goal.  If you would like to sponsor us, get in touch and I can tell you how.  If you would like to join us on the walk, ditto!

Friday morning

I’m lounging on the bed checking lottery tickets and blog comments.  A is on the other end of the bed, playing with the cat charmer and Zumba.  Good day.

I suppose it could be slightly better – we could have won the lottery.  But it is pretty good as it is.

Yesterday’s rain has passed, and the world is dripping clean.  The hummingbirds are flitting everywhere – I didn’t know we had so many – there were at least 6-7 buzzing about earlier.  And so Allie is glued to the window seat.

Today’s list is not too long – I have to make a couple of birthday cards, and a few belated ones, sadly… I am getting so bad at some things.  I also have to go to EBS to get the counter top samples so we can choose the counters for the office, and the craft room.  I hope they still make the one I have on the long wall, as I really want them to match, but if they don’t, at least they will be across the room from each other! A has an idea of how to do a staggered effect for her desk/printer table, and so wants to choose her color for that.  It feels really good to be getting the house done enough that we are taking care of finishing details.  We just do a little at a time as we are able, and it is starting to show.

I have to go to the PO as well, see what wondrous things have arrived at the box, and of course, clean the cat box and play with the kittens.  they are sleepy right now since A played with them a lot this morning, so I will have a bit of peace.

By the way – Allie is so smart. She can’t jump on the counter from the floor, but she CAN jump on the table, and from the table she can take a flying leap and just make it to the counter. I discovered her last evening, just sitting on the counter looking around at the world from a new viewpoint.  She responded well to the squirt bottle, and leapt to the floor immediately.  She hates the water, and learns fast from it, so I think only one or two more times will teach her to stay down. Zumba, on the other hand, can live with the risk.  Sigh.  They also pulled the sheets down from the door, confirming that I was right to put the good curtains away and hang sheets instead, but making me worry about what we will do this winter, when we will want heavier things than sheets hanging across our doors and windows.  I doubt they will get over the joy of tumbling in curtains in the next three months.

I thought I was pretty clear last week when I said I wanted MORE weekends.

Not fewer.  So I am bummed that I have to work on Saturday this week.  Of course, as the “work” is going to two farmers markets with a coworker and her baby, not too many people will feel sorry for me, I guess. But it means I have to get up, showered, and dressed and be somewhere at a specific time. NOT what I like to do on a weekend.

There, now I will stop complaining.  Here is what is good about it – besides getting to go to two farmers markets and one of them with my favorite goat cheese vendor – A said “as long as you will be in Ellsworth, why don’t we go to EBS and order the counter tops for the office and the craft room?” Rock and roll!  That is great, as it has been years in the waiting.

What else is going on around here?

Well, let’s see… we are starting a “Biggest Loser” style competition Friday morning.  A’s office workers arranged it, and we are on opposite teams. That will be fun.  To make sure that we had something to lose – ha ha ha – we went out for supper tonight – A had fried shrimp, I had a crab meat roll, and we shared french fries and a raspberry shake.  Now we are both stuffed, and probably won’t eat for days.  Well, hours maybe.

Party last weekend was good – for one thing, we cleaned the whole house – never a waste!  I think everyone enjoyed themselves, certainly the nieces and nephew appeared to have fun.  They all tried lobster – the twins picked out their own and ate it.  E got help picking it out, and didn’t eat it. Her helpers were OK with that.  She did play with the legs and eyeballs, though.  Something about 5 almost 6 that likes that kind of thing.  Instead, she ate chips and watermelon, before anyone realized she had not eaten any of her lobster.

She also loved the cats – played for hours with Zumba, and hunted “the shy one” down and patted her as well.  The shy one did not like it, but couldn’t seem to figure out how to escape.  E was very gentle and respectful of them, letting them sniff her hand first.  Apparently she has been swiped at by other cats, and has learned some respect, but not lost the fascination.

The twins were pleasantly chatty, sharing their getting ready for college tales, and both admitting to being a bit nervous about it, but looking forward to it.  I don’t think N will have trouble, and I think that B will settle in eventually, but he will be homesick.  And as he is farther away, he won’t be able to get home as easily.  N could get home on a train or bus in a couple of hours, but she won’t want to, I am sure!

So, as you can see, a slow boring week here.

I plug away at the newest lace scarf, it is definitely going faster and easier than the shawl did, I think the shawl might have been too ambitious for a first project, but I got through it.  Now I am working on this one, designing the next one.  Tried a pony tail hat, didn’t like how it came out, but I will make some changes and try again this weekend. There has to be a way.

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