knitting day!

Naturally, it involved a swim! But it started with a quick trip to the vet to pick up Frankie’s ashes and make an appointment for Allie and Zumba to get their baby shots. That was harder emotionally than I expected. I do miss my girl.

Then it was off to Mom’s, where we sat on the deck with our coffee and knitting until C and E arrived. E was really good, mostly listened, but even when she didn’t, she didn’t do anything BAD. We had lunch, knit a bit more, then went in the pool. Well, all but C, she sat on the pool deck knitting. E has been having swim lessons and is very comfortable in the water, can relax enough to float on her back (with life jacket) and can paddle and kick without splashing. I think that pretty soon she will be able to put her feet down on the bottom, and then her life will really change! At least, now, C is comfortable with her being in the pool with adults on the deck watching her. This relieves lots of tension, as E doesn’t care how cold she or the water are, and Mom and I do! The water was cold, but it felt good to be swimming again! Then I headed home to see A, only to find that she isn’t leaving Frenchville until 4:30, so won’t be home for hours yet.

Tomorrow Mom and I go to Fiber Frolic to check out the yarn and animals. I can’t wait. 🙂 My yarn money is pretty low, but I do have some, and I know exactly which vendor I will be looking for – a woman from Denmark (Maine) who has the loveliest colors of sock and lace weight yarn. Yummy.

Meanwhile, A will be picking up the new kittens, so I will be eager to get home to see them. Even though it will be a rainy weekend, it looks to be a good one! And next weekend, we go to Monhegan for two days, I can’t wait!