One post per season?

I knew it had been a while since I posted, but when I was looking at the blog yesterday at a Business Roundtable meeting, I was amazed to see it had been three months! So. I guess this is my spring post. Maybe why I haven’t written is that everything feels the same, and busy. Work is incredibly hectic with tax season and all the rest of the usual stuff. Home is pretty busy with the usual chores and seasonal changeover, and because of the really nice spring, with yard work! Yahoo! I have been knitting like mad – made socks for “Christmas” presents for the oldest three nieces and nephew, and a pair for myself as well, a few dozen hats for donations and gifts, and even picked up the lace shawl again. The lifeline really works and is making it much easier to work on. I hope to get the center rectangle done this weekend, then pick up the 730 stitches for the border…

We have many plans for this spring and summer! I am determined to do something with the front yard this summer, and we are contemplating putting on the screened porch. That will mean the construction on the house is DONE and then I can work on the back yard, too. It also means relocating the pool, which is a major undertaking as the next best spot currently is a rocky mess. It is all sort of overwhelming, so I will plug away at it!

We are planning a vacation toward the end of the month, and the list of chores for that week is HUGE. But we are also planning a short escape to Aroostook County in there somewhere, just to get away and see the great state. It’s A’s birthday “get away” and she picked the spot, and will plan the whole trip. I’ll be the passenger and knit my way around the state. 🙂 And of course, I have to work on two of the “vacation” days, so that is a drag. Still, I think we will enjoy spending time together, and things will get done. A is working slowly on our captain’s style bed – her progress crashed to a halt when she broke her ankle, it is still hard for her to stand on the concrete for long. So she will work on that while I work in the yard, and we will paint her office, and maybe the loft. And I will work in the craft room if we get rainy days – I have been cleaning it out and trying to get it organized, so that I can put in the last bit of counter. Still designing the cabinet in my head, though. So that may not happen until fall. But I have almost finished the roman shades for the windows, I hope to complete them soon and get them hung up. That will help a lot with the heat in the summertime, and I think, will keep the house cooler.

I’ll let you know when I do my summer post in three months or so. 🙂