This was a simply lovely weekend

Very busy, of course, but beautiful outdoors.

Friday I had to go to Cherryfield to take some photos for work of our quarterly food distribution. That was fun, I got some great shots of people loading industrial sized boxes of food into trucks.  Really, it was more fun than it sounds.  They are all so organized, it was like watching a ballet or something. These guys work hard.  Most of them are volunteers at their local food pantries, and this food makes a huge difference ion the lives of the folks they serve.

web DSC_0235

web DSC_0233

Once I finished that assignment, I headed north, because if there is one crazy thing about Cherryfield, it is that it is the blueberry capital of the world.  Really. (for you info junkies – it is named Cherryfield not for the fruit but for the people with that last name who settled it back in 1700 whatever.)

And there is one thing about wild blueberry bushes in the fall and winter – they are GORGEOUS!  Not a blue thing in sight.  So I thought I would share with you some of the photos I got – enjoy! Most of these are actually of barrens in Deblois, just north of Cherryfield, but there are acres of them in Cherryfield as well. In fact, all over Washington County you will see sites like this.  How lucky can we get to live in such a place?

web DSC_0257

The bushes turn this luscious scarlet color, and they will stay that way through winter (which is also lovely, when they are coated with frost and ice and sparkle in the sun)

web DSC_0259

These little blue buildings are housing for the migrant workers who rake the berries each summer.  Next time you enjoy a blueberry anything , think of them up here living in these hot buildings with no running water. Not great living conditions.

web DSC_0262

Nothing else up here on the barrens – which might be why blueberry fields are called barrens.

web DSC_0270

web DSC_0274

web DSC_0281

web DSC_0267

Just nothing like it on a bright fall day.

First of fall Friday list

This morning is full of errands and running about – I have to go to Cherryfield and get some photos of our quarterly USDA food distribution activities for work, as well as a stereotypical photo of smiling faces and checks passing hands, as we received a nice donation from out of state to benefit 4 food pantries!  So that is how I will start the day.

Then it is back to Ellsworth to drop a check off at the stove store – we should have our new pellet stove by the end of October!

That fun is followed by a trip to the big grocery store, then back to home, with a quick stop to pay the property taxes and pick up the mail.

Once I get home, I will take a knitting break and work on my co-worker’s socks – I had her try them on yesterday, and I am glad I did, she has a very tiny foot, it turns out, so I pulled out a few rows and decreased teh number of stitches from 56 to 48.  Glad I suspected that might happen and put a lifeline in at the end of the toe increases, so it was a pretty simple adjustment.  Making sox this small should go quickly – I am so used to knitting for my Sasquatch sized feet.  🙂

After the break, I hope to work outside for a bit, as it is supposed to just be a fabulous weekend, weather-wise.  I am still getting tomatoes, I can;t believe it!

This weekend, we will be cleaning thoroughly and rearranging the furniture to accommodate our incoming patient and for the winter.  L goes in for her knee replacement on Monday, and we will just be ready for whatever comes our way after that – we don’t know if she is coming here straight from the hospital or going to rehab first.  A took the next two weeks off from work, with just a few little exceptions, and I will take time off to cover those.  After that, we aren’t sure what will be needed, but I will probably be able to take time off or work from home, and we will call on other family and friends if needed.

Sunday, we want to go do something fun and interesting to distract L from thinking about the next few weeks, but we haven’t come up with anything more special than breakfast.  🙂  Hiking and biking are out of the question, of course. too bad, as L loves both of those activities. So we will keep thinking, and come up with something, I am sure.

I’ll also try to get some photos of things I have finished up lately with the needles – there ar elot sof hats done, and I have sewn all those cool buttons on hats, so they are truly finished objects now.

That’s it – I have to run to get the day started.  See you later!


At last – pair number 21 is complete.  they took a long time because I added hats to the knitting WIP pile, and so even though I knit every day, I didn’t knit as much on socks as I had been.

Also, the yarn is a tiny bit thinner than the Tosh Sock I have knit so muchof this year, and I think my brain could just not get around the difference – lots more rows!

Anyway – they are done, they are lovely, I am so glad I have them.  I love the colors (Cloudlover’s Peacock) and how they blend to look like a watercolor design.  I will wear these socks a lot this winter.


Of course, I right away cast on the next pair (#22) which are the ones for my coworker.  They will be in Sun Rose by Tosh Sock (back to the comfort zone, right?) and I will get photos of them along the way.  Because they aren’t for me and I don’t have the recipient’s foot handy, I will use lifelines, and get her to slip them on now and then during the process.  Which I hope will not be another month like the last pair.  Really?  A month?  I WAS slow on that pair.

The rest of the weekend

You would think that after a day at the fair, the rest of the weekend would be chores, chores chores.  Au contraire!

Friday evening niece B came over for a visit from college.  She stayed for supper and the night, so we got to visit and chat and eat homemade mac and cheese.  🙂

Saturday morning, A and I left her asleep.  A went off with her sister L for a pre-knee replacement road trip to Waterville to the Colby College Museum of Art, and lunch at Big G’s in Winslow.  I headed in the opposite direction, to Blue Hill, to take photos at a fund raising event we were having for work. It was a fabulous day – very breezy, blue skies, sunshine.  the event was held at the Blue Hill Country Club, which is right on the bay.  Could not ask for a lovelier location.  I checked in and discovered that one of the volunteers had the photos taking completely under control, and was able to stay for the whole event!  I took a few photos and then headed back toward home.

On the way, the strangest thing happened.  I pulled up to a stop sign, and almost with a mind of its own, my car pulled into the parking lot of the String theory yarn shop!  Naturally, I went in.  I have not been there in a very long time, and during that time, it seems they have developed a lot of lovely colors.  🙂  Since Cousin P asked me for some blue socks the day before, I had to check out the sock yarn.  You have to look for yourself – the colors are amazing.  I finally chose Caper in cobalt blue for the socks, and escaped with only one skein. But it is a definite re-visit with lots of money kind of place.  The downstairs of an old farm house just FILLED with beautiful yarn, all their own yarn and colors. I think  I might need some turquoise socks…

Back on the road again, I stopped at the PO to pick up this week’s batch of circulars and bills.  So excited to find a card from the UK – and a pattern for a lace shawl that Claire of Mollie and Claire sent me!  She has written a couple of posts about the shawl, and when I asked her how I could get the pattern, she offered to mail it to me – so very nice.  I happen to have the perfect yarn to try it – some silk/merino sock weight from Cloudlover.  I have two different colorways, the Lady Edith and Lady Sybil colorways.  Add it to the pile of projects I want to cast on!

I got home to a lovely niece just rousing herself from a long night of sleep, and we had omelets – mine for lunch, hers for breakfast.  Mmm.  🙂  We were just sorting out what to do for the afternoon when Mom and step-dad called – they were out and about and wanted to stop by.  So they got to visit with niece B, which was great, as they haven’t seen her since we made the flying trip to her sister’s graduation.

By then, we figured we should just hang for a while – we watched the Butler on DVD – B’s favorite movie and I hadn’t seen it yet, B painted her nails – something she hasn’t been able to do at school – she is an RA now, and says it never fails, she gets the polish on and someone is locked out or needs other assistance, so it messes up the polish.  She tried every color I had, took a photo, emailed her friends and got a vote on the color.  Then cleaned it all off and painted them that color.  I would say it is an interesting world when a girl needs that kind of feedback to choose a nail color, but I know that is an old-fashioned viewpoint.  🙂

A got home from her adventure, and we played a quick game of Guillotine before B headed back to school, with her laundry all clean and dry, a bag with some goodies (like leftover mac and cheese and a giant Whoopie pie from Big G’s) tucked in her car, and her nails sparkling pink.

I hope she had a good time, and enjoyed her break from the dorms. We loved having her, and hope she will seek refuge here again soon.

Sunday A headed out to go to work for a couple of hours.  I stayed home to do what I had been thinking about earlier in the week – sit on the couch and knit.  Sit I did!  While I managed to wash and dry several loads of laundry, I also managed to knit a hat, knit on the hitchhiker shawl and knit on the socks that I can’t seem to finish. I also wound lots and lots of skeins into balls, so they are sitting ready to knit when it is their turn.  🙂   The hat is another alpine topper – this one made from some “blue loch” Bartlett yarn in a worsted weight.  I used some stash mohair in blues, greens and pinks, and held it with the pink angora/merino I got at the fair.  The soft yarns created a fabulous soft lining as well as a pretty pink highlight on the outside.  I immediately cast on a smaller hat with the pink angora as a lining to a hat that will have the mohair on the outside.  I think it will be child sized or maybe small adult, but it will be so soft and warm and pretty.  If it turns out as I expect, it will join the growing pile of hats I will have for sale at the craft show. I did all of this while watching the third episode of the Roosevelts – I am really enjoying that series, and hope to have a chance to watch number 4 soon.  A does not appreciate the show like I do, so I try to find times when she is not around to watch them. She doesn’t love history like I do, doesn’t love TR like I do, doesn’t love public TV like I do, so thank goodness for the DVR.  They are all safely recorded for future viewing.  🙂  Our differences make life interesting, I have to say!  I got home from work last week one night to find her watching Jaws.  I sat on the couch carefully not looking at the TV until it ended.  We just find different things entertaining.  🙂

So, it was a good weekend, all around, and left me somewhat rested and ready for the week ahead.  I think. So you might not have any whining from me this week, won’t that be nice?

Friday at the fair

common ground

This weekend was the long anticipated Common Ground Fair.  I headed out early with Mom and Cousin P, and it was a GLORIOUS day, weather-wise.  We couldn’t help but compare it to other years where we swam through pouring rain to go to the fair, or slogged through ankle deep mud to see the animals and fiber, or froze and huddled by the cows to keep warm.  🙂  Not so this year.  This year we are in a dry spell – no mud.  The skies are bright and clear – no rain. While it was a cold morning, it was nothing a pair of wool socks and a hooded sweater couldn’t fix.

We wandered through the Maine Marketplace tents and found Cousin B’s pizza at Harvest Moon Wood-fired Pizza.  Said hello to the gang before heading off to the crafters tents.  Oh my goodness, the things people make!  Jewelry, hand-wovens, knits, wood work, pottery, amazing things. These tents were filled to the brim (and around the outside) with all the things Maine Artisans make, and it is awe-inspiring.

Then it was over to the animals and then fiber land.  I spent a long time – an hour or more in just one tent, and came out with a skein of luscious 60/40 merino/angora bright pink yarn, in a weight somewhere between sport and DK.  It is soft and luscious and bright, and will make a great addition to my hats.

pink angora

By then it was lunch time, and so we braved the crowds and of course got pizza – mmmmmm it was yummy.  We sat on some steps in the sunshine and enjoyed the good food and great weather.  By then, the crowds were building, which none of the three of us were excited about – it is why we go to the fair early on the first day.


So, we made a plan to get some cash, hit the flushable toilets and then shop our way back to the car, drop off purchases and then head back in for the contra-dancing.

By the time we got to the gate, I knew I was done, and asked the others to please not worry about me, but I was going to stay at the car and nap and knit.  Turns out they were just as tired, so we headed home.

It was a great day,and I came home with a good amount of yarn for someone who didn’t have a lot of money and couldn’t find two of her favorite vendors in the giant fair. I found some great mini skein packs at the Bartlett tent – I wish I had money for more of these guys! I MIGHT have found some yarn for my leftie shawl…



And bread from Borealis Breads, and maple candy and a new thing – Maple jelly!  Can’t wait to try that on some peanut butter toast… or vanilla ice cream… or crepes… I also got a little something for the cats – best catnip ever – in little toys and bags.common ground loot

And as we walked back to the car at the end of the day, I noticed my shoes were dusty.  Not wet, not muddy.  Dusty.  A good day.

Friday list

It’s a good one!

Mom and I and Cousin P are off to the Maine Organic Farmers and Gardeners Association’s (MOFGA) annual Common Ground Fair – which I LOVE.  There is just so much that is good about the fair – food that originates in Maine, fiber that originates in Maine, crafts and all sorts of products that are from Maine resources.  Great back to the land type resources and information.

No rides, no flashing lights.  Loads of animals, and contra dancing and fabulous real music.

And did I mention yarn?

Oh my.