Friday list already!

Can’t believe how the week has flown! Work was good, given I only had to work three days. πŸ™‚ But in those three days, I got a grant written and submitted; an extension request completed, worked with the grant writer at another agency as she wrote a huge federal grant for a group of us; went to a board meeting and a development committee meeting (minute taker); reviewed a funding request my boss was working on; and met with my boss about future projects. SO yes, I am ready for it to be Friday!!! I do feel a good sense of accomplishment though. It will feel even better if some of these get funded.

So, tomorrow:

-Review the big grant one more time for my colleague
-Bake a cake for a birthday party Saturday
-Clean the house
-Go to the PO to get mail and mail off scarf
-Work in the garden
-Scoop the pool from IN IT
-Attend Cash Mob at our local store

I think you get the drift. I have to do a lot of knitting, because Saturday is the start of the CAL I am participating in – CANNOT WAIT! -but I should make some progress on my little scarf I am working on before I lay it aside for a while.

I love it – it is more of that wool/silk blend I used for the last one, and it is in linen stitch, which is new to me. But here’s the thing. It takes rows and rows and rows to make headway. I started it on size two needles, and realized it took me several hours to knit an INCH. I ripped it out and recast on using size seven needles. The fabric drapes much more nicely now, but it still takes a lot of rows to make a little progress, because so much ease is used up in the slipped stitches. I also have to confess it is slow knitting, it takes concentration to not do k1p1, when you are putting the yarn there, and slipping the stitch. Far too easy to just go ahead and purl the darned thing. I can see that once or twice, way back, I did that. Here’s hoping no-one notices, because I am not pulling it out again. πŸ™‚ I think this will be a long-term project. At least, it is small and light and can be my mobile project until it is done. Which will mean no hats for a while. But once I finish the CAL, then I can go back to every other thing I knit is a hat. The give away bag is nearly full, I would like to get it full and delivered before too late in the summer, so they are ready to give out on the first cold day. Which we aren’t even going to think about right now, it is nice and warm today, and tomorrow is supposed to be NINETY! I am so glad that the pool is ready and waiting for me, even if I do need to scoop the tree bits out of it.

Yes, it should be a good day!

So today A asked me “Why do you think strangers care about what you are doing?”

That’s a stumper. Truthfully, I don’t really know that you all do care – yet I seem to be getting followers and likes. I tried to explain the community of bloggers, of knitters, of crafters, of writers. I failed miserably. I did tell her how amazed I am to have so many international followers, she still didn’t get it. So, why do you follow me? What is it about what I am up to today that makes you keep reading??

Meanwhile, since you seem to – here’s what I did today –

Went for a walk this morning – haven’t walked in a long time, and if we are going to Monhegan in 2 weeks, I had better get ready! It was the first morning in the last 7 that it wasn’t raining, so that was good. πŸ™‚

When we got back, we had a message from sister-in-law L that she was on her way over to plant her 4 foot raised bed. So I planted the last of my seeds with her, and then we dug some day lilies out of the overgrown bank and moved them to what will someday be the front garden. Then we let A make us some delicious burgers for lunch, before L headed out. A spent the time we were out doors cleaning up her work space in the basement, and entertaining the cats. She reports that the mama phoebe is sitting on the nest – so I suspect there are eggs now! The cats are annoyed to not be allowed on their little deck, but that’s OK with me.

The hummingbirds are active, there is a pair who are feeding hungrily, they must have just arrived. That makes two pairs here so far, we will see how many we get now. I have a lot more flowers around this year.

Lots of buds on the red rose, and the wild roses are really spreading out this year, finally. Can’t wait to see how they look all covered with blossoms in a few weeks.
The asparagus is all up and leafing out, I hope this experiment works,a nd we get some to eat in a few years – meanwhile I interplanted it with cosmos to make the pool look less of an eyesore.

I scooped the pool from the outside today – it is FULL, but very chilly, so I didn’t; feel like getting into it. I will eventually, don’t you worry. Next weekend look pretty busy, but if Friday is nice, I might get into it then.

Now A is watching an afternoon of WNBA – Griner on the bench – will her first year of the pros look like her first year at Baylor? Lots of bench time. Meanwhile, Skylar Diggins had a rough game, but I thought she did pretty well for a rookie. And Delladonne is looking good – showing that perhaps she should have been the number one draft pick? πŸ™‚ Sue Bird in the studio – so nice to have someone calm analyzing the games, not getting all excited and shouting at us (I mean you, Carolyn Peck and Rebecca Lobo!)

I finished a lightweight scarf in a heather purple wool/silk blend, which I will send off to the lucky person who responded to my Pay It Forward post quite a while ago – I might remember to take a photo of it before I send it off. As only one person entered that contest, I think Crimson Crow at aml8aml8 might be able to figure out it is for her. πŸ™‚ Now I am working on a light blue scarf in lace weight alpaca/silk blend using a linen stitch. I might keep this one.

Yesterday I spent some time in the craft room – cleaning up the mess from the never finished Easter cards, and getting ready to do a little sewing. I worked out the pattern adjustments for a skirt, and cut it out from some leftover material I had, so I can be sure I got it right before I cut into the new more expensive fabric. Can’t wait to need summer skirts – it should be any time now, if the rain stays away, the weather WILL warm up. πŸ™‚

Back to work tomorrow….

Friday list!

Bet you are all dying from the long wait for this one. πŸ™‚

Well, it’s a good one, let me tell you!

The chores:

dishes (just a few)
dump (that time of year when we have to go at least once a week. the only bad part about warm weather months)
grocery store
hair cut

The fun:
off to Bangor for a bit of shopping –
LYS – got a call that the yarn for the CAL is IN! can’t wait to get it and see how I did choosing colors.
the big box craft/sewing stores in search of buttons for that blue/green cowl I made a while ago – still looking for the right ones.
birthday present for sister-in-law S – always fun as I get to explore the craft stores thoroughly with no complaints from A. πŸ™‚
Pick A up from work, when she gets out early!
follow her to Dick’s Sporting Goods, where she has a gift certificate (and no, I can’t really imagine a more boring place to have cash to spend.)
have dinner out in a place we haven’t tried yet – a pub in the downtown area – I will let you know how it goes.
knit (if it is on the list, I have permission to do a lot of it, right?) I am working on an interesting scarf, can’t remember if I have told you about it – diagonal triangles worked with short rows so no sewing. I am using some yarn I got last year at Maine Fiber frolic – a heathery purple lace weight from Pine Star Studio, in a wool/silk blend. It is elegant.

And here’s a few things I have already accomplished, so no need to put them on the to do list, but rather the done list!

finished the award-winning post – it is amazing to me how long it takes to answer questions and facts and check url addresses! But it is done,a nd I hope you all enjoyed it.
watched the last of the Downton Abbey recordings. All three seasons in about 6 weeks. I had to do it to see what all the uproar was about at the end of season 3. Now I know, and I am heartbroken.
washed, dried, folded, and put away 3 loads of laundry – yes, I was up at dawn. A had to work, and I did not go back to sleep afterwards


sunshine award

Several days ago, I was nominated for a Sunshine Award, from TamrahJo at the Good, Bad and Ludicrous ( She nominated me because I brighten her day – which feels very nice indeed!

Then, before I could respond to that, Claire at Mollie and Claire ( nominated me for my second Liebster award. The Liebster Award is given by bloggers, to bloggers, and it’s purpose is to highlight blogs with under 200 followers that deserve a look.

Bounteous riches indeed! But so many questions, so many posts to complete. As a result, I am about to cheat, in the name of efficiency. (No, NOT laziness!)

I’ll be combining the requisite post into one, and just nominate one list of blogs to be joint winners. That way, the winner can choose which (or both!) award they want to accept.

The Sunshine Award rules – answer the questions (below) and nominate 13 blogs which do the same for me.

The Liebster Award rules:
1. Post eleven facts about myself
2. Answer the questions given to me by the person who nominated me
3. Invent eleven questions to ask people whom I wish to nominate for the award
4. Choose eleven people (with fewer than 200 followers) to give this award to and link to them in my post.
5. Go to their blog and tell them

Sunshine questions:
Favorite Color: Blue
Favorite Animal: it’s a tie – cats and dogs. I was raised with dogs, but as an adult have learned the pleasure of cats, especially as pets for people who work long strange hours!
Favorite Number: 9
Non-Alcoholic Drink: lemonade
alcoholic Drink: none, thanks
Facebook or Twitter: Facebook, I guess, as I don’t tweet, but I much prefer WordPress.
Passions: buying locally – either locally produced items, or at the least, items from a locally owned business. Crafts of any kind.
Giving or Receiving: they both have their wonderful moments. Giving or receiving the perfect gift, chosen with care for the recipient by the giver, is a great feeling.
Favorite City: Don’t really like them, thanks! But if I had to choose from the whole wide world, I guess it would be a toss-up between Salzburg Austria, Edinburgh Scotland, and Portland Maine (USA). To me they all share a feeling of being interesting, with great shopping and great food (well, perhaps not Edinburgh on that last) and not being overwhelming or scary, but rather fun and interesting. They all have their own personality, and it is not overwhelming to this introverted country girl.
Favorite TV show: Probably NCIS… but there are others I also like… recently discovered Downton Abbey, and am enjoying getting caught up on it.

Liebster award facts:
1 I have a new job at the same old place and I think I am going to like it
2 if you read here, you know this one – I got married on Sunday!! woo hoo!
3 Sunday I went from having 5 nieces and a nephew to having 6 nieces, 4 nephews, a great niece and three great nephews – ranging in age from 6 to 43. And they are all beautiful/handsome and of above average intelligence
4 I hate vacuuming which is why you will so rarely see it on my Friday list
5 I like doing the dishes
6 love anything to do in or on the water, except, of course, drowning.
7 love my cats!
8 I’m an optimist – I buy lottery tickets every week.
9 Love handcrafts of all sorts, and hope to learn to tat someday
10 and to weave
11 and to spin

Libster award questions:

1. What is your favourite time of the day and why? Morning, because everything is fresh and new and I am rested.

2. When do you write your blog posts? I try to always do my Friday list Thursday night or Friday morning, but the rest of the posts are somewhat random – when I have time or something is niggling at my brain. Probably most of those are written in the evening or on Sunday.

3. How important is your blog to you? Hmmm. I would say it is of medium importance. I try to do a good job posting and remembering to take photos, but I don’t obsess about it – as evidenced by a lack of posts in recent days! But I have to confess, I love checking my stats and seeing where everyone is. Amazingly, I have lots of readers in the UK. I wonder how that happened.

4. Where have you been that you would really recommend people to visit? Hmmm…. lots of places, but I would have to preface this with these people should be introverts who like a nice quiet time. And a boat ride. πŸ™‚ I loved the Isles of Skye and Mull in Scotland, Block Island (Rhode Island, USA) is near and dear to my heart, and my recent island love is Monhegan (Maine, USA) These places are beautiful, wild places with real people living there.

5. Champagne or Cider? Cider, of the non-alcoholic kind

6. What is the best gig you’ve ever been to? Every time I see Cheryl Wheeler live is the best gig yet.

7. Recycling or Upcycling? I like upcycling, but in practice, I more often recycle.

8. Who is your favourite knitwear designer? Oh heavens. Not sure I know them well enough to be able to answer this. I like items that are a challenge to my skills, like Estonian Lace (I have Nancy Bush’s book on the subject) but I also like simple patterns that I can alter easily to make them unique. There is an old Candide neck down sweater pattern that I have surely made over a dozen times, no two alike. So no particular designer, I guess.

9. What is your favourite yarn? oh, easy – I have 2 – any good silk/alpaca lace weight yarn. I drool over the colors of this that Pine Star Studio does ( But I also dearly love Lamb’s Pride from Brown Sheep in Mitchell Nebraska for its smooth hand and warm fabric.

10. If you had to recommend an unusual yarn to yarn fans, what would you chose and why? Unusual??? Not sure I have ever used any that are. I would recommend any locally grown, spun, dyed yarn that is available to you, because I think it is important to support small local businesses where ever you are, to help keep your community vibrant.

11. If you could do anything right now, what would it be? It would be to stop the rain that is pouring down on us for the 5th day in a row, and then, when the sun was shining and things had dried off, I would hop in a sail boat with my wife, and head out to explore the coast of New England and the Canadian Maritimes. The weather would remain perfect, with steady breezes and sunshine.

Claire, these were good questions!

My 11 questions to nominees are:
1 in one sentence, why do you blog?
2 favorite childhood memory?
3 who or what inspires you in your life?
4 Chocolate or vanilla?
5 favorite season?
6 coffee or tea?
7 best vacation spot ever?
8 what do you want to be remembered for?
9 what made your best boss ever your best boss?
10 preferred way to spend a Sunday afternoon?
11 If you won a million, what would you do differently?

Choosing the blogs to feature is easier said than done, as I read lots of blogs, and enjoy them all (or I wouldn’t read them!) In April, I was the recipient of a first Liebster award, and named 11 blogs that I follow. I will try not to repeat any (well, with one exception), but do not want the 11 previously mentioned to feel slighted, I still like them very much and read everything that they post. Without further ado, then here are 13 blogs that brighten my day and are worthy of a visit (not in order!):

1 – Robyn is the one that started it all for me – blogging, knitting hats to keep and give away, minimalism. Worth checking out!
2 – love the beach vibe
and these from word press:
3 all night knits (
4 feel good knitting (
5 introverted knitter (
6 pans and needles (
7 homemade sarcasm (
8 harsh reality (
9 stitch and purl (
10 retire for the fun of it (
11 the messiest hall (
12 leaf and twig ( this one is definitely sunshine as it has thousands of followers. But I love the simple posts
13 a repeat worth mentioning because she is so amazing – Jordana at my meandering trail ( She set a major life goal, took the steps to make it happen and is even as I type is out thru-hiking the Appalachian trail – WOW! And of course, she has over 1000 followers, so again, Sunshine here, not Liebster.

I confess I have not notified them all, but I am working on it. I can’t access all blogs when at home – go figure! So some will have to wait until I return to work next week. I’ll stay late just to notify!

So there you have it – awards accepted and passed on. Thank you, TamrahJo and Claire!

Just one hitch

It’s official – we are LEGALLY married. Yesterday at 11:08, Mom completed the ceremony making us wife and wife. Woo hoo!

It was really simple and quiet – about 19 family members gathered on our deck, the sun was shining, the breeze was blowing, the hummingbirds were enthralled by my red shirt. Mom did a great job tying the knot, and only got choked up a couple of times.

Afterwards, we went out for burgers. seafood, whatever – take out, and we all got to visit. Lots of low-key fun.

We really appreciate the family (Dad and step mom, aunt and uncle) who drove all the way up from Connecticut, and the family who made time in their busy schedules to be here for us on short notice – a step dad, three sisters, two brothers and a brother-in-law, a cousin, two nieces, a nephew-in-law and a great-niece and nephew – wow! And for our own “reverend mother” who performed the service. And for the rest of the family who had previous commitments, or who are just too far away – we understand completely, but we missed you all the same.

The only hitch?

It was the planned one, of course!

2 more days, and NOW we are getting stressed!

This week has been absolutely wild, unless all you wanted to do was go to work. A was traveling 5 days, overnight Monday night. She was home fewer than 8 hours a day Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, and worked 8 hours by noon today. Needless to say, she is exhausted. I was home MOnday and Tuesday, left early Wednesday for the New England Community Action Conference in Portland (which was GREAT, invigorating) and got home around 3 this afternoon.

So, while the yard is neat and tidy, the house is a complete disaster. We decided to “just” do laundry today (we probably have 6 loads, since neither of us was home this week to do any), and rest up to be in a cleaning frenzy tomorrow.

Then it will be Day Zero.

Can’t wait! How nice it will be to be married and have that gold band on our fingers. And have a clean house, a tidy yard and a day off.
But before that, we have to reconnect with each other. the cats, and our real lives.

about the CAL

about the CAL & some yarn ideas.

Here’s a link to the crochet a long I plan to be working on in June. The yarn I will be working in is Lamb’s Pride Bulky, in a whole array of blues, turquoises, teals, silvers, periwinkles and whites. I want to make a fluffy warm throw for the couch to snuggle under all winter long. I am so glad Hannah is doing all the work designing the stitches and doing the math! I’ll just get out my hook and go!

knitting this week

It hasn’t been a particularly productive week on the needles – I made a couple of hats – one I made three times, trying to get the pattern right, only to run out of yarn! It is a great cabled slouch hat I picked up from allnightknits. I finally pulled it all out and knit my old standby beanie. But I liked the pattern, so I will be doing again, but make sure I have enough yarn. I also finished my socks – tried to get a photo, but none came out well – Allie was helping me in the process, so I got a lot of photos of her shiny black fur. And these few blurry shots. Not sure why all my photos are coming out blurry these days but I apologize for it.
sox and allie

While Allie helped with photos, Zumba took a nap. She loves her basket, even though she doesn’t fit in it anymore.

In this photo, you can see that her bare little belly is finally growing hair! I hope we have sorted out the food problem, and her itchy days are over.

Zumba working hard

This week I have a conference in Portland, so will be away a couple of days – I plan to bring LOTS of knitting – so many hats to make while sitting in workshops. And I hope by the time I get back, the yarn for the CAL will be in – if it isn’t, I am afraid that I will start another big project and won’t want to put it down. πŸ™‚ I want to make a few more pairs of socks for myself, and a lace scarf or two…and there is still the big red cabled sweater ready to roll again. The sad part is that I already have all of the yarn for these projects, so no yarn shopping required. 😦 And the Maine Fiber Frolic is coming up in a few weeks. I’ll have to think of a few more projects before then! There is always such wonderful yarn there.

Foggy Sunday

The weatherman finally got it right – it is a lovely, foggy day, soft and gray. Perfect for planting!
wet deck 2

I have gotten lots of things done around outside this weekend – I think everything that can be planted yet is, and all of the house plants are cleaned up and out on the deck. I hope it stays gray for a few days while they get used to being outside.
wet deck

The pool is getting near to full, just have to put the ladder in, and bring the outside chairs out of the cellar, and the yard is looking good for the summer. Sister-in-law L has promised to come over one day this week while we are at work and do some more weeding/raking – she is an angel!

I am disappointed that the cherries are blooming now, I wish they could have waited a few days longer, they look so pretty right now (sorry about the blurry photo), and they won’t next week when everyone is here to see them.

Other news of our outdoor world – a phoebe has built a nest on one of the deck supports under the deck that the cats go out on. Not sure why she chose to build right there, but it has made for some interesting moments out with the kids. I spoke with Mom about it – how long should we leave her in peace, and Mom suggested we don’t, until she is sitting on the nest, in the hopes that she decides to move it. So we go out, and the phoebe protests until we give up and go in. It is quite funny, the cats have no idea there is a nest right beneath their feet, but they certainly know they are being scolded and dive bombed. They sit and watch out the door for hours, and are thrilled when we open it and let them on the deck.
watching the birds
And while I was out on the deck potting things, the first humming bird of the season buzzed by! A sprightly brightly dressed male, happy that I hung the feeders last week. It is truly spring at last!

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