I’ve been thinking about New Year’s resolutions, and wondering if I want to set any for myself. The usual – exercise, eat right, lose weight come to mind, but are boring, and nothing new and I work at them all the time, so how are they new resolutions?

I wonder if there are any I can make around my crafting projects? Last year’s “rule” about making something for charity for each thing I make that is for me or a family member worked well, and I made lots of hats for NestMaine and our own coats project. I have now started buying yarn to make them, how amazing is that? And one of the women at work who gets all my hats says mine are the nicest, she can always tell when the hats on her chair came from me. That was nice to hear. She might say it to everyone, but so what?

The yarn stash reduction goes forward in fits and starts. I know I will continue working on that. No buying yarn because it is beautiful and I can’t resist it. But I still have unfinished projects, so my “don’t start anything new until you finish them all” hasn’t worked as well. Although – I don’t have any NEW unfinished projects, so the finish it first rule still works… (And in full disclosure, I went to Halcyon with Mom on Friday and bought a whole lot of new yarn with my Christmas gift certificate and money… but some of it is for hats, and some of it is for presents, and yes, I did get some fabulous silk blend yarn to make myself a sweater vest. So now the rule is I have to actually make it, I don’t want any more yarn to go upstairs into that closet, after all! I should have it all used up in about a month, I think.)

So maybe my resolution this year is to keep working hard on the resolutions I already have around clutter in my life and clutter on my body? Yeah, that’s it. I resolve to keep on keeping on.

Now, that means I have to go to the dump with a ton of recycling, and then come home and knit, so I had better get going. 🙂