Mostly I spun

I didn’t do so well on the list.

I let the bugman in and learned the ants we were seeing are carpenter ants, so good I called! No signs that they have moved in, they likely were exploring. He refilled the critter bait stations which were empty after one month! Yikes. No wonder we hear creatures in the walls.

I did change the bed and towels and get most of the laundry done.

But really I just spun.

Finished foggy fall morning on bfl/silk, and got 564 yards before it’s bath. Just under 4 ounces. I had quite a bit left on one bobbin, I could have made a small skein, but just added it to my 2018 frankenbobbin, which is almost full! Not sure how I will finish that…Maybe cake it and make a 2 ply? Or chain ply? It will be interesting to see all that is on it!

I did no yard work, so will pay for that today and tomorrow.

Today is continue to work on the list, go to whorls and Purls followed by the grocery store. Exciting stuff!

24 thoughts on “Mostly I spun”

  1. Truly a good thing the bug man came. Can’t find how the noisy critters are getting in? You do live remotely with lots of surrounding flora and fauna, so I imagine they’re hard to rid. UGH. The yarn is pretty, though! 😉

  2. No yard work-but that spinning job! Beautiful! The yard work will always be there. Sometimes you just have to have fun!

  3. Bugs B’gone! Glad you got the professionals involved!
    The past 2 weeks have been a whirl wind of driving, activities dnd emotion. I plan to stay home today. My list is small for today. Including making pavlova to bring to our neighbors party tomorrow.

  4. The yarn is gorgeous! To heck with the rest of the list when you can spin up a beauty like that.

  5. gorgeous yarn! I don’t think I’d be too keen to know I had critters in the walls . . . what kind of critters? No way you can send the cats in after them?

    1. I am not keen about it either. We are hoping mice, because then the bait will be effective. But I fear squirrels, which means trapping. The cats can’t get at them, though I would love that! And they are indoor cats. When we had indoor/outdoor cats, we had no squirrels. But outdoor cats don’t survive around here. So I will set up the trap tomorrow and see if the helps.

  6. Oh my you make sound such a fierce place, with houses under attack from ants and unknown critters and cats under attack from unspecified dangers. Take care.
    The yarn is so very pretty, it always looks so perfect in your pictures. I hope you had a great Saturday.

    1. Lol sometimes it feels fierce! The rolling acorns in the ceiling have kept me up all night.

      Thank you! The yarn is pretty nice, if I do say so myself!

  7. Beautiful colors! We are having rain, rain, rain. It was a weekend filled with domestic chores and a small amount of knitting (I prefer them in the opposite way – lol).

    1. I hear everyone is getting loads if rain south of us. We could use it but didn’t get much. I prefer reverse weekends to that, for sure!

  8. Glad to hear the exterminator has the ants on the run. Good thing you called before they nested. That would’ve been dreadful.
    Your spinning yarn is so pretty. I bet it’s a relaxing to sit and spin and dream… like a fairytale.

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