Is it real?

Ice went out of the pool while I was at work yesterday!

Tulips and day lilies and muscari and garlic are poking up their heads! And I think I saw a lovely red thing in the new rhubarb bed!

Cold be damned, Spring is pushing through.

Though yesterday was lovely and warm, we are having a cold weekend. But I have hope that more warm days will be here soon.

Gotta go start cleaning leaves out of the pool!


What spring looks like at my house

I see so many posted photos of early spring flowers, and thought I would share one with you.

These primroses are heirlooms. I got them when Mom divided hers. She got them from her mother, who got them from her mother. We don’t really know how far back that chain goes, but we know it is pretty far. She has moved them with her from house to house over the years. They love to grow for her, so she has shared them with me and my siblings as wanted. I had some in my garden in Cherryfield, and last year had enough garden here to be able to accept some from her. They survived the transplant, and were well established when winter hit.

Now we wait to see if they survived their first winter near my front door. Where all the snow from steps and driveway gets piled.

In the real spring, I will clean out the rocks and refresh the mulch, adding compost to the soil and hope they love it and grow and bloom for me, too.

odds and ends

I finished something!

and delivered it, and she loves it.  Whew!  We agree the flower needs a button, and she will add one.  She has been taking a Craftsy class on learning to knit, I am happy to have inspired her, but will miss her as a customer if she really learns!  She has me knitting things I might not otherwise, stretching myself.  This scarf is an example of that.

So.  It’s snowing.  Did you know?  Yeah, I hardly noticed.  Ye gods – up to 24 inches?  It’s roughly a third of that now.  We got out of work at 2.  I would have preferred noon when it first started snowing, but I got home safely.  Not a lot of traffic out, thank goodness, because the roads were a mess. Boss says he is opening at ten tomorrow.  I really hope he changes his mind.

If he doesn’t, we will be up and shoveling early.  Unless I decide to take the day off.  I just might.  We will see what tomorrow brings.  Because there is fiber!

Hurrah! I am NOT AT WORK!

And I intended to make you a rare Thursday list last night, but I forgot.  Sorry!  I can share with you what I have done so far today, so you will know I am not just sitting around being a bum even though I have the house to myself and plenty of yarn.  🙂

This week has been as crazy as predicted, and my new boss is a stickler for the Federal Labor laws, AND we don’t have a budget for OT, so I had to take the day off when it became apparent that I was working a bzillion hours this week.

Though A works from home now, she has a day with a client today, so she isn’t home.  That leaves me and the cats and loads of puttering time.


She had to leave at 5:30, so we were awake really early, and I decided to get up and get going on chores.  As a result, it isn’t quite 11 o’clock, and here is what has been done so far:

  • cleaned the pellet stove
  • following that, cleaned out and emptied the shop vacuum I use to do that.
  • cleaned our bathroom thoroughly including really scrubbing the shower, not just giving it a lick and a promise with some water.  🙂
  • chopped all the veggies, etc. and got a chicken/sausage stew going in the crock pot
  • chatted with the big boss about some work I did this week and got that off my plate for early next week.
  • set the oven to cleaning itself (a bigger chore than you would think as it involved locating the instructions first)

Still to come:

  • change the bed
  • do some laundry
  • KNIT
  • SPIN
  • work on the jigsaw puzzle I started for some reason last week.
  • feed the cats

A busy day, but it means we will be more free this weekend, which is good, as I will be going to Whorls and Purls on Saturday, and Sunday we head down to see my sister in her new house.  So, a busy week followed by a busy weekend!  Glad I have this little oasis to be at home.





Is it spring?

It kind of feels like it.  The days are quite warm, well into the 50’s, even 60… the nights are cooler, but not bitter. It could be a prank and we could be back in the single digits with snow blowing around us next week.  Or it could keep on like this and things could thaw out and it could be an early spring.  Only time will tell, but I am itching to plant flowers and start seeds.

I won’t do it yet. I don’t have a pick ax.

I keep knitting and spinning.  Both are creeping along, as you might expect from big projects, lots of time spent, not a lot of noticeable progress.  My fingers are itching to cast on a new project, anything bright and cheerful and fast. I won’t let them do it, I know that road.  That road leads to projects dragging on for years, even being forgotten.

Instead I just go to my queue on Ravelry and look at all the patterns I plan to make, and the yarn I plan to make them with and I rearrange the order of the queue, maybe add a pair of socks.  But I don’t wind yarn and cast on.  Not yet.

The next few weeks of work are tediously long, BUT I think I did the math properly and I might get a day off mid-week next week.  Here’s hoping.  Sunday we have a fundraising event in the morning, Monday is a tax day, Tuesday I have to take minutes at our board meeting, and pick up the sandwiches, etc for that.  The coworkers who usually do those two chores are going to a conference.  So that will be a late evening home.  And Friday is another tax day.  I certainly feel like I will need a day off to make up for all the extra hours! I wish it could be Friday or Monday, but that’s how it goes sometimes.

There really isn’t anything else new here, and no pictures of knitting that looks the same as it did last week…but maybe next week there will be progress to show?  I am almost to the heel of my sock – woot woot!  Good times.  Exciting times.

How about you?  Are you ready for spring and a change in your daily routine?