yes, I am alive

Just clearly not back in the groove of posting, though I have all good intentions!

I have had a quiet, productive summer. It has been hot, and we have brown tail moth caterpillars, so I have spent a lot of time in the house, being very grateful for the heat pump which keeps the temperature and humidity bearable. And I have been KNITTING. A lot! This summer I knit two complete sweaters, as well as some hats and cowls and other things that won’t get worn for a few more months. I haven’t knit any shawls, though, as I am not sure how they will fit into my wardrobe now that I am working mainly from home. In fact, I sorted through the immense pile of them and bagged up a whole lot to share with friends and family who might have a use for them. I took the bag to my niece’s wedding in PA in May, but it was hot, and none of my nieces were very excited at the thought of trying on knitwear. I will try again at the holidays.

One of the sweaters was exciting for me, as it involved steeking, which I have never tried before. Using the proper yarn, it is so very easy, and I won’t fear cutting my knitting ever again. The pattern is called Budding, and is a cute colorwork cardigan. I hope the link works so that you can see my project on Ravelry. If you don’t or can’t do Ravelry, I apologize. Let me know and I will send you a photo of it if you want to see it.

My other sweater is a very plain wool raglan in sheep gray (greige!) that I intend to take the place of a sweatshirt in my wardrobe. I expect it will get plenty of wear. A friend nicknamed it my “sweatershirt”, and I am sticking with that name.

So now, my needles are mostly cleared off ,and so I am contemplating what to make next. I have the yarn for, and the need for, a navy cardigan. I spent a bit of time on Ravelry looking at the possibilities. I am enamored of Kate Davies’ Horology ( but not sure I want to knit it in navy. Will the beautiful cables show? I know that I will need to do some sleeve adjusting as my arms and those Kate designs for are differently shaped, but as it is raglan, those adjustments are easy. Right now, I think this pattern is on hold, waiting for a lighter colored yarn. But I really want to knit it, so it might happen before too long.

The other one I am looking at is Cloud Cover, by Heidi Kirrmaier. I already have the pattern, and will have to do the same sleeve adjustment, but as it is a much more plain sweater, the navy blue won’t detract from the pattern. I think this might be the winner this time.

The other thing I am going to cast on is a cape/cowl thing called Bonjour/Hi. it is sort of like the top half of a sweater. Not as long as a cape, really, but longer than a cowl. I have been looking for something a friend calls a “car cowl” – a bit of knitting that can easily go on and off and not interfere with the seatbelt. Good for when a winter jacket is too bulky (always!) but it is too cold to not wear something. So, she wears the bulky coat to and from the car, but puts on the knitted warmth while she is actually driving. It seems brilliant to me. And easier to manage than a shawl. Anyway, I have the yarn for this, and thought I would give it a try. I will hold one strand of fingering weight with one strand of mohair/silk. It should knit up as a DK weight. And I have been wanting to try this combination, so it seems the perfect opportunity. I will let you know how it goes.

Other than knitting, it has been a pretty quiet summer. I did spend a week with Mom at the Attean Lake Lodge in Jackman, Maine. It was so peaceful and quiet! It rained most of the time, so it was not the vacation we had planned, but we managed to get into the lake on our last full day there. And we both did a LOT of reading and knitting. It was a nice break from routine, and from the heat. We actually had a fire almost every night to take the chill off.

Since then, A and I have both dealt with Covid. She bounced back faster than I have. She was out of work for about a week but is back in the groove now. I feel OK, but am very tired when ever I try to do much of anything. I try to do one major thing every day, though, because I figure it has to help. And I am past the stage where getting showered and dressed is the major thing. But it might be doing a load of laundry… lol. Yesterday I did actual work for about an hour, but that was all my brain would allow. Today I did another hour, and still was able to sit at the computer and type this, so I am definitely improving. But I think I will go rest on the couch for a while now.

And I will try to post a little more frequently going forward. If you can believe that. 🙂


12 thoughts on “yes, I am alive”

    1. Kelly, I appreciate the good wishes. COVID is no joke. If this was mild (we are vaccinated and boosted) then I really pity anyone who didn’t get the mild version. However, we are improving daily, so that is good.

      And thanks for confirming my thoughts on the two sweaters. Very different, but I love them both. I will have to find the perfect light colored DK yarn for horology to knit at a later date.

  1. I LOVE the budding sweater! It’s gorgeous! Nice job with the steeking.

    I am really sorry to hear about the COVID. Many folks at my work (scientific research) managed to be very good and careful, and avoid it. Until recently. And everyone is fully vaccinated and boosted. Yet I hear post covid coughing in the halls that sounds SOOOOOOO alarming and worrisome. I’ve still managed to avoid it myself, giving me the opportunity to be a control subject in a covid study. I asked what happens if I do get covid? Because I don’t have enough hubris to imagine I am immune, you know? And they said they’d expect that at some point I will get covid, and at that point I’ll be moved to the non-control side of the study. This study looks specifically at long covid, and I am pleased to be able to help that cause because it’s something I know a lot of folks are dealing with and it’s not pretty.

    1. I am sorry so many people are coughing around you! The cough IS annoying, and sure does linger. I hope you are able to avoid this thing. It is grim. We have been careful, vaccinated, boosted, but still a germ got in. Maybe now we have some good immunity though, for a little while.

      And thanks for the compliments on budding! It was a fun challenge.

  2. Crappola! ya could have just copied/pasted this as a post if ya wanted! CONGRATS! Ya posted even when ya didn’t (seriously, I count long replies in comments as ‘posting/connecting’ as a WIN! for today! – I think you should to! But only if ya want to!

    I got Omnicron sorta-kinda in May 2022 – I only believe it to be so because the one person I spent time with prior to getting sick, had a headache/coming down with cold the day we met, and had to test over and over to be allowed to return to work – I followed him in ‘oh shit – I’m sick’ about 4 days later – sigh – Brain fog is no joke! nor the lingering after effects that just seem to hit whatever the ‘worn out/weak links’ in our individual physiology are – genetics, life choices, challenges, etc. –

    But, thanks for the update and well – WOW! your reply??!!! Apparently, somewhere, you are back in the land of living for something more than just surviving – for today – luv ya – thanks for the update – hang in there! Take it easy, heal and yadda-yadda-yadda – ya know my drill on advice – “follow the health benefits wherever you may be able to do, everything after that? Gravy/extra benes – “

    1. Lol long comments are posts! I like that! We are improving really well now, so hopefully most of the crap is behind us. Just a lingering cough and some fatigue.
      I hope you are over the brain fog by now, though. It’s annoying!

      1. My brain fog is dissapating by leaps and bounds – don’t know if my ‘vacation taken cuz sick’ is the reason why OR my return to assess my inner work on core values, strategies, reasons ‘why’ I serve where and when I do for paid work or volunteer OR just clarified by interpersonal relationships feedback – all I know is this – felt pushed into a corner on many fronts, for many ways – changing paradigms held by others – that I had to assess to wonder, “Is this true of me? Is what I feel about them really true for them? And well – for whatever reason – getting back to my ‘why do I spend my energy where I do – how/when I do – what is that answer? And what have I actually been spending time on, and where has it benefitted me AND others, and where has it hurt me/benefitted others and where is it not short term transactional, but laying the road blocks for long term mutual benefits to both? And all the sudden? Getting back to my inner roots WHILE just being in ‘doing’ mode on what is absolutely necessary to just hold the line? Seems to have helped – but it could just be that instead of working on various fronts 120 week (unless I’m sleeping/eating, I’m working towards one objective/plan or another – LOL – I dialed it back and spent alot of that time i self-care – introspection, stats analysis, etc. Soaking it in – LOL – – Too damn many variables on too many fronts to know what it was, but – Ta-DA!

        I just blogged in comments section!!! But that’s my state of me report, today – LOL

        1. I can’t tell if my reply already posted or not… but either way, I am glad you are getting time to spend focusing on you. It is important, but undervalued time.

  3. So sorry to hear you caught covid. The Skipper and I have thankfully not caught it yet. We are still taking all the precautions we set in place when it first arrived on the scene. We’re lucky we don’t come in contact with many people. Sending you good thoughts and wishes to feel better.

    You have really been on a knitting spree. I haven’t touched the needles in a long while. I have to get back to it but I’ve really been down in the rabbit hole on learning how to combine and come up with the correct calculations for making my own palette of dyes for fiber. I paint so I know how to mix colors and have a grasp on color theory. But mixing dyes is more like chemistry. Everything needs to be measured and written down so I can reproduce a color I like.

    Hope you feel better soon. Don’t push yourself. It’s great to hear from you.

    1. Oh, you know I want to see your pretty colors now! I bet they are fabulous.

      Keep on doing all you can to avoid COVID. If we could hunker down and isolate, we would, butA goes out in the world to work. we were just surprised it took us so long to catch it. And grateful! Precautions do work.

  4. Well I couldn’t see the sweater on Raverly, looks like I have to create an account to see it, which I might do but having never heard of it I gotta figure out what it is, LOL

    So sorry you and A both got Covid. We did too, in July. After being so careful and vaccinated, boosted and STILL wearing masks it get like a betrayal. My worse symptom was a throat that felt like I had swallowed glass.

    We both recovered and hope your lingering symptoms are gone soon.

    So glad to see your post.

    1. Oh, if you haven’t discovered Ravelry before now, and you do any fiber crafts, that is a lovely rabbit hole. There are people who hate Ravelry, and it isn’t perfect, but I have found some groups of very kind people who love fiber crafts as much as I do, which is nice. It also has good tools for managing projects for spinning, weaving, crocheting, knitting, etc. I keep my projects very organized there. Prettier than a spreadsheet. And lastly, patterns! Some free, most not, but great search tools for finding exactly what you are looking for.

      However…I will email you photos, if you like. I know not everyone is on Ravelry, and I am about out of free space here on WP, so I am limiting posting photos.

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