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A rare Friday list   20 comments

I know you have missed these almost as much as I have missed having Fridays off from work. ūüėÄThis week was a bit unusual at work, with late meetings, and a fundraising event this Sunday. So, to keep my hours to 40, I am able to stay home today.

What will I do with myself you ask? Here goes:

I am doing a bit of spinning this morning, working on filling that third bobbin.

Have to go out and get a haircut, long over due. While I’m out, I’ll go to the PO, and maybe, if I am feeling adventurous, the dump. We’ll see about that last one.

Back at home, there is always laundry to get started, a few dishes and some general tidying to do.

Then knitting. There are some photos I need to take for you, if the weather cooperates. And I dug some yarn out of the stash for a sweater, so I will be working on a swatch and a plan for that. And winding lots of yarn. ¬†The yarn is Briggs and Little Heritage, picked up many years ago in New Brunswick. The color labels say “dark gray heather” “medium gray” and “light gray.”

I get the latter two, but the first looks very green to me. It looks nice with the grays, though, which is all that counts.

I even found the pattern I was going to make originally – a simple yoked sweater with colorwork in the yoke and at the bottom of the sweater. It is pretty, but I think I want a cardigan, and I don’t want a round yoke. ¬†I dove down the Ravelry rabbit hole for a while, and when I was done with that, I decided I want to make my standard raglan top down sweater, with stripes. I toyed with the idea of making a turtleneck sweater I have made before, but I realized that the one I have is almost the same color. Oops! So, I dug out the old pattern, an ancient Candide one. This is my second copy, pretty worn out, and it cost a dollar. I wonder¬†if it is still available, and how much it costs these days? It might be time for a new one.

Anyway… I also will work on the blue sock, which is getting closer to done – working on the leg. My goal is to get it done by Wednesday, then cast on the next pair, which will be knit with the Garden Center yarn I spun with an opposing ply, can’t wait to try that! Which reminds me, i might cake that today.

That’s really all I have planned for the day – not a lot but that leaves me loads of time for that knitting and spinning. And thinking about yet another sweater…that turtleneck still seems like a good idea, I wonder what other yarn I have in my stash? Add that to the list – more stash diving!



A Friday list this week!   22 comments

I am so glad that this isn’t the year I decided to go to Rhinebeck!

Came down with a horrible cold this week, and so left work early yesterday, and stayed home today.  My list today has a theme!

Do some research on cold meds I can take – ones with no sugars or alcohol to satisfy the whole 30 eating plan; ones with no caffeine or other stimulants to comply with doctor’s orders regarding the heart; ones with no NSAIDs to comply with gastric by-pass surgery requirements.

I honestly think I can do two out of three with what is in the medicine chest, but I am just not sure.  So on my list today is also a call to the doctor to get her take on it.

Once I know that, I need to make a shopping list – I have no decaffeinated tea!!!! Definitely¬† want some tea… and the meds, and I think we need more tissues…

If I feel up to it, I will take a hot shower and head out to get those things, if I don’t feel like it, I will call¬†A at work and ask her to stop on her way home tonight.

I expect I will do some knitting and spinning, but mostly, I will be napping.  If only I could lie down without everything hurting and clogging up.  I wonder how horses sleep standing up??? I should learn how to do that.

Not an exciting list.  Sure not as exciting as if I was heading off to Rhinebeck, right?

Friday list   7 comments

I took the day off to even out from last week’s crazy hours, and so you get¬† a Friday list this week. (You lucky thing!)

Oh, such a simple list!

Get up and dressed in a very special fair outfit, meet up with niece B, head off to meet Mom, then go to the (Maine Organic Farmers and Gardeners Association)  Common Ground Fair!

It is supposed to be a rainy day, so the very special fair outfit involves shorts, sneakers and warm socks, a t-shirt, sweater or sweatshirt, a raincoat, and a ball cap.  All of which seriously impedes the ability to shop as all these layers fill the day pack when they are not in use!  A towel, shoes, and socks go in the car so that the ride home can be warm and dry.

This year we are going to Thorndike to catch the train to the fair Рa ten minute train ride that hopefully saves lots of traffic congestion and walking from distant parking lots. We would rather spend our walking around energy AT the fair, not getting TO the fair. Conveniently, the train drops us off near the flush toilets!  Mom planned this change, can you tell?

Mom and B will want to spend loads of time with the farm animals large and small.¬† Fortunately, the animal barns are always located fairly near the fiber and yarn tents.¬† I am excited this year to check out spinning fibers by local dyers.¬† Still not ready for a whole fleece (haven’t got hand carders!) so I won’t be lugging three bags full of wool around the fair.¬† Maybe next year? But I do plan to get some pretty, unique yarn and fiber.

And who knows what I will find in the Maine-made artisan tents?  So much great stuff is made here.

We have a new family rule this year for the fair, though, that I have to keep in mind – if you buy it, you carry it.¬† So maybe I will leave a layer of clothing off so I can carry more. We’ll see how cold it is.

Then there is the food – !¬† Cousin B will likely be selling his wood-fired pizza, so delicious – and there is so much more.¬† The food has to be Maine-sourced, which can make an interesting meal – but we harvest crab meat, and grow potatoes, and make maple goodies….I am hungry just thinking about it.¬† I will take pictures there and pictures of the things I buy, and share them with you as I do each year – it will be like you came with me to the fair – get ready for a fun day!




Thursday -Friday list   18 comments

With all the Bs and Cs coming, I decided to take Thursday off – already had Friday, but since I was just not ready for company, I was glad to get the extra day.

A and I spent last evening vacuuming, making beds, etc.¬† Today I did the last of the cleaning…except the table.¬† Still have to clear that off.


Then, I am off to the grocery store, dump, etc, my usual route.¬† ūüôā


After that it is all sitting and waiting, which means I will be puttering – I have yard work I would like to get done but likely won’t – clipping weeds between house and pool might get done.


Swimming will happen.

Knitting and spinning will happen.

Speaking of which – here’s a couple of photos of spinning done and spinning happening:




Aren’t they pretty? ¬†I love this whole spinning thing.

The shawls look the same, but three of them are ready for lace.  They have to wait for that 4th one to catch up, but then I will be into lace and beads big time, and should have good things to share next week.

Let’s see what else?¬† I am making a lasagna for supper tonight – good that the weather has cooled off.¬† And I will be roasting chicken on Saturday, so I hope the cooler, dryer¬† weather sticks around.

Not sure what the girls will want to do tomorrow, so can’t tell you for sure what the list will look like but I will be sure to let you know how it went once we get through it all.¬† ūüôā

Hope you have a fun weekend!





Return of the Friday list!   8 comments

A and I have scheduled a few Fridays off over rest of the summer, so watch for the return of my Friday list posts.

This week:

I have to go to Ellsworth in the morning to drop food off for a work meeting – I don’t have to stay for the meeting, so it will be a drop and run.¬† Run where?

Out to breakfast, then some grocery shopping with A.

Pick up the mail at the PO.

Home again, where we will tidy up the house and get the laundry rolling, as this is a busy weekend coming up, starting with a visit from nephew D and his lovely wife, also A. They are in town from Colorado and asked if they could come over sometime in the afternoon. Naturally, we said yes, haven’t seen them in so long!

There will likely be cookie baking in preparation for the visit.

And, as it is predicted to be hot, there might be some swimming.

And a bit of spinning/plying/knitting indoors.

Perhaps a visit with D’s A to Creatively Maine, as D’s mother (sister-in-law L)¬†nicely gave her a birthday gift of a¬†¬†“universal gift card” (cash) to spend there.

More swimming.

More knitting.

Sounds like a fun summer day, doesn’t it?


Saturday report   22 comments

Would you be surprised if I told you my Friday list took two days to get through?¬† And I didn’t really get through it all, I haven’t been outside.

But, I did do this:


I know, these painting pictures all look the same.¬† But here’s what’s done – four of the five wooden cases are painted (insides only, outsides will be covered by trim) the fifth one has two coats everywhere it needs it, and just needs a third coat on the bottom shelf.¬† I’ll do that first thing in the morning.¬† Also complete are the 5 backs.¬† Four have been done for a week or so, I did the fifth one yesterday and today.¬† I really love the blue, which dries much darker than it goes on, thankfully.¬† Doesn’t the color look great with the blue of the walls? Encouraging A to remember our compromise, I haven’t painted any of the actual shelves.¬† ūüôā¬† I can do that when the boxes are installed.¬† Most of them are primed, and just need finish coats (3) and the ones that aren’t yet primed can wait until that 6th box is ready to be painted, as the primer is oil based and a pain to clean up.

I also took the Danse Macabre from this:


to this:


to this:

I am so in love with this shawl and thrilled that I get to keep it!¬† The designer is Boo Knits; the pattern is Danse Macabre.¬† It is the MKAL I did in April, and while I didn’t finish with the gang, I did push hard on it, and I learned some lessons.¬† The big one is not to do a Boo Knits MKAL – I can’t do her patterns in a month.¬† I love them, they are unbelievably easy to follow, she charts and writes¬†instructions, thinks about everything.¬† She creates beautiful lace.¬† It is my second one, and I will make more.¬† But not in a crazy month.¬† I think¬†my speed is more like 2-3 months. And that is with focus.

I also learned that I love tussah silk, which this is not.¬† This is Juniper Moon Farm Findley which I already knew I loved.¬† But the pattern called for tussah silk, so before the month was over, I ordered some of what the design called for.¬† And I can see that it will make a very different cloth.¬†I love all the photos of my fellow KALers’ projects, and I can’t wait to make a shawl from the stuff.

Meanwhile, here’s my art shot of the day:


So.  You might be able to see in the blocking photo all the empty boxes that once held pins.  I had some blocking squares left, but Maluka had to wait until this morning, for want of pins.

This was a much easier job – wires at the top, a pin at each point, half an hours’ work, as opposed to the two plus that was Danse.


I am hoping for a couple of things to happen with this blocking.  The first is that merciless stretching will gain some width in this Рit seems more like a scarf than a shawl.

The second is that the top will not roll, also the result of merciless blocking.¬† I thread the wires through every single stitch, and pinned it tight, so it isn’t rolling now, but I bet when I release the tension, that top will roll.

This is a pretty shawlette, in yarn I love – it is called “like lichen”, but it really is aqua and blue (are lichen blue and aqua? I always think of them as silvery, or bright orange), so of course I love it.¬† However – if I do this again, I will do some heavy modification.¬† That thing that looks like a cable is really wrapped stitches, and it was a pain in the neck.¬† I’ll put a cable in if I do it again.¬† I will also do the eyelet more like Kate Davies Hap for Harriet than this is.¬† They are very similar, YO in garter, but this uses a double yarn over in the last one to create the extra stitch – Davies just does one more YO than she does SSK.¬† I like it better.¬† And I would do one more row of eyelet in each point so it isn’t so clunky.¬† Then I hope I will remember to bind off the proper number of stitches in each point, since I will have increased more than the three the pattern calls for.¬† Lastly, I will make it wider.¬† That will require a second skein, of course.¬† And the edging did take me forever, so making it bigger means longer than forever.¬† But I think the finished garment will be more useful.

Also, thinking about using a different color for the border and the body.  Not sure about that, but as this is far down my queue now, I have time.

For now, I will work on Reyna and baby hats for sale.¬† Reyna is almost done – or rather, I am almost out of yarn.¬† This will be a good game of yarn chicken as the skein the store sent is 50 yards shorter than the yarn recommended in the pattern.¬† Glad I got my fancy scale for Christmas!¬† I’ll weigh after each row and try to use every inch.

I will leave you with these photos of my supervisor.¬† Normally, I don’t let her in while I am blocking, but today she snuck in when I wasn’t looking. Apparently, pin cushions are wonderful toys.¬† She even got a pin out and was batting it about.¬† That got her evicted.




PS. The clothes came and everything fit!  Miracle.  And the new blue skirt matches the Danse Macabre shawl perfectly.  Life is good.








Brace yourself!   9 comments

Due to an inordinate amount of work done this week and a couple of late in the day meetings, it turns out I have today off!

And if you have been around a while, you know what that means – a Friday to do list.¬† Since A will not be home, it is a pretty standard list for a “me” day.

-I intend to paint the 5 book case boxes that are all primed.  I also want to paint the fifth bookcase back, so that these five can be assembled and perhaps installed this weekend.  We had a bit of conversation about the next step.  A thought we would install these 5 bookcases and begin unpacking books.  She would measure for the 6th and final case that will complete the wall.  She wisely waited to do that so it could fit exactly.  It will also be the one that is not permanently affixed to the wall, but will be removable to provide crawl space access.  So it will be fussy.   Once that case is done and installed, she will put the face trim and top shelf on the whole works.

All of this made perfect sense to me except the part about unpacking the books before the end. We went back and forth about it, and we each have valid reasons.¬† Mine are about painting.¬† I don’t want to be painting trim around the books. Hers are about boxes of stuff weighing her down.¬† She wants them unpacked.¬† I think we have reached a compromise, and that is that we will install and trim what we have and I will paint trim before it goes up, so only touch ups are needed.¬† Then we can START loading shelves while we await the finishing case and trim bits.¬† I hope that this will keep us moving forward on this project, and I really fear that if the boxes are out of her way, forward momentum will halt as other projects grab her attention.

-Head to the PO where I hope I will find several packages.¬† A and I ordered “scads” of new clothes while we were on vacation.¬† Our favorite plain knit shirts were on sale, so we got some replacements and some new colors. I also ordered a few new skirts as it seems I haven’t got any.¬† Well, maybe I do, but I really could use some additional year round ones, my winter wardrobe is pretty limited. I hope the ones I ordered fit!

-Block Danse Macabre and take photos of it for you. I know this project will take at least a couple of hours, better to do it while I am home alone.

-If there are any blocking squares and pins left after that, I will also block Maluka.

-knit on the Over the Rainbow store sample Reyna – I am on the last section of openwork and hope to get it done this weekend.¬† It calls for one skein, 400 yards of sock-weight yarn.¬† The store provided one skein of yarn that is close to the proper weight, but only 350 yards, so I will be carefully weighing it toward the end to make sure I use every bit and get as big a garment as possible.¬† Right now it feels like it will be a bit small, but I know it will grow when blocked.¬† The color is really pretty – a green, teal, brown, blue¬†variegated.¬† It has a nice sheen to it, too, so the finished product will be a pretty piece.¬† Can’t wait to show it to you!

-maybe get outside and work on the yard and pool a bit. It is supposed to be a gorgeous day, and I have been neglecting spring outside chores for inside painting.

-do a bit of planning for knitting stock for the Creatively Maine shop that will open in July, not that far away!¬† I hope to have a supply of cotton baby booties and hats to include there, along with jewelry, and maybe a wool hat or two.¬† And a couple of shawls.¬† Where will I find the time for this knitting?¬† Good question. I do have two shawls ready to go, one that has been done and for sale for a while, one that is done but hasn’t been shown anywhere for sale. And hats are quick, right?

I’ll try to post this weekend and show you photos of some of this work I will be cranking through in one long day.


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