Really? With all the technology, they never thought of this?

Spent the dat in Owls Head at Mom’s.  Notriced on the way there that huge chunks of ice were falling from teh big, shiny new wirtes on the Penobscot Narrows Bridge.


Coming home tonight in another freaking winter storm (mixed precip=ice) and got to the bridge, only to find it closed.  No other info there. 

So, we drove 20 miles upriver to cross at Bangor, then 20 miles downriver to home.  So I can tell you EXACTLY where this storm’s rain snow line is.

Lovely driving, let me tell you. We made it home safely, but a couple of hours later than we had hoped.

Once home, we did some research.  the bridge closed this morning, very shortly after we went over it to the west, and is closed until they can reevaluate the situation tomorrow.  Meanwhile, I guess huge chunks of ice fell from the wires and hits cars.  We were lucky to just see it fall, not get hit by it.


Did they never think where the ice and snow from the bridge wires would go? (Photo from  Bridge looks like this in summer, but the old bridge behind it is no longer.)

Saturday morning

Good morning!

We are up early this morning because the contractor is here working on that screened porch. The ice-covered one, you know. 🙂 It is amazing that he can work in this mess, but he can. Two days working in A’s shop (with A as his helper) and today working to make up for two lost weather days this week. I think he is still on track for getting most of it done next week, but the final touches won’t be done until spring.

As a result of getting up early, we did get to see a beautiful pink sunrise before the gray clouds again overwhelmed the world.

winter sunrise

winter sunrise 1

winter sunrise 2

winter sunrise 3

winter sunrise 4

winter sunrise 5

And while I had the camera out – the blue buttoned scarf – complete! I love that I can wear it several different ways, but I don’t love that I can’t photograph the beads well!
Or myself, either. I need to grab a niece or two and get selfie lessons. 🙂

blue scarf

blue scarf 1

blue scarf selfie

Leg warmers still have a couple of inches to go – I worked on them last night at the gathering at niece T’s house. But I kept getting distracted by great conversation, food, and giant remote control shark balloons. Yes, you heard me right. Houses with teenaged kids and fun-loving parents get the best toys. 🙂 We did meet nephew D’s new wife A, and she seems like a wonderful woman. Not at all shy to be in a room full of strangers, just seemed to settle in and enjoy the party. I am sure this holiday has been hard for both of them, meeting each other’s family up close and personal – they got married very quickly, by proxy, and she is moving to Madagascar with him next week. She seems like she can handle all the changes, and they both seem to be VERY happy. But I did not finish the leg warmers, so they are still the mobile project.

But the next one is waiting impatiently on the coffee table – all the pom poms that have been floating around the blogosphere have finally coalesced into a project for me to work on – a Christmas garland. I got some holiday sparkly red and green yarn, and happen to have lots of white acrylic to use with them. So as soon as i finish the leg warmers, I will begin making pom poms. 🙂

Here are a few gratuitous cat photos – all three, close enough to be in one photo! Allie and Zumba do love the Christmas wrapping paper, so A saves it and puts it on the bed each day. Until I go crazy and toss it all when no one is looking, or sleeping on it. 🙂

2 cats

three cats

whoa! It’s Friday again.

I guess I am not all that great with doing my lists on time when I am on vacation. Sorry about that.

Make jelly with all the berries that had to thaw when there were no lights.
Make cookies to take to A’s family gathering this afternoon.
Go to A’s family gathering this afternoon.
Take photos of all the things I finished knitting this week. Well, the one thing, but this item should be motivation for me to finish the last couple of inches of leg warmer, right?
Knit on the big red sweater that I cast on yesterday. You might remember it, it is the one I made last winter, then frogged because I didn’t like where the bobbles were. Now I have altered the pattern, no bobbles. 🙂
Plan the next mobile project for when I finish the leg warmer. I know that first there will be a hat, but then what?
Where does it come from?

Best Christmas present ever

t’s been a long two days. Power went out Monday afternoon. Ice storm didn’t really stop until Tuesday morning.

We chipped out the cars, kept the wood stove in the cellar going, which kept the house up to about 60 degrees, until the wind and bitter cold moved in. then it was rough keeping it up to 60.

But the cellar was warm, so we knew we were OK, even though we don’t have a lot of firewood.

Everywhere we went Tuesday (for hot coffee, the mail, etc) we heard the same word from the power company – no lights until Friday!

So, we packed the contents of the fridge and freezer into coolers and buried them in banks of ice, melted ice on the wood stove, and hunkered down.

A had the brilliant idea that we should open our presents to each other early, so we could see what we got in daylight. We decided to do it where we could be warm, so we carried everything down to the cellar, and what a picture!

Presents piled on the workbench, us very grubby sitting in lawn chairs in front of the fire. Only in Maine!

The sad part was that we each got the other a nice big present that required electricity, so it was a bit anticlimactic. I got her a digital camera that has rechargeable batteries, and she got me a TV with a dvd player for the craft room! Very exciting, as I like to watch movies when I sew, and haven’t been able to since we moved in here.

Today with the bitter cold, I went to Mom’s alone, A stayed home and tended the fire, then, in the middle of the day headed up to see her sister L for lunch, and snagged a shower, too.

I showered at Mom’s, and had a nice day with her and B, my brother C and sister, brother-in-law and niece little E. My other brother N and his family stayed home because N and his son are sick, and they have no power, so he didn’t want to leave the house that long, and the girls decided to stay home with him. So we were a quiet group, with plenty of food to eat, and E got lots of attention as the only kid. 🙂

I left there around 4 and headed back, and as I got closer to our house, I noticed lots of power company trucks and tree trucks around, and houses with lights. The closer I got to home the more excited I was to see lights on. And I turned down our lane and saw it – a light on at our house!

I came in not to a cold dark house as I had imagined, but to one where the dishwasher was running (yeah!) the pellet stove was fired up and the tree lights were on.

Yahoo! Wonderful Christmas gift! Thank you, Central Maine Power Company! I don’t think I could have stood no coffee for two more days. And the dishes were piling up in the sink.

And I have a new TV and lots of movies to watch!
Which is good because, unbelievably, it is going to snow tomorrow and into Friday.

ice storm day 2

Last night the freezing rain continued all night, and now it is raining for real.

ice day 2a

Everything is coated thickly in ice.

ice day 2b

By some miracle, our lights have blinked a few times but stayed on so far. (So yes, I am watching the tape of the Sound of Music today as I type this.)

We worked with an awl to clear off our steps and break up the ice at the bottom, so we could get to a car, which I also worked to clear off. Got half of it cleared, but could not get to the other side.

That was this morning. Since it has been raining steadily, the steps and ramp are once again coated in ice.

ice day 2

The wonderful plow guy came early and sanded the driveway, but now that is coated in ice also.

The big boss called this morning to tell me he was delaying opening until 10, because the lights were out at the office. At 9:30 he called back to say they were still out, so he was closing. He forgot I am on vacation this week. 🙂 I am so glad he made that decision. Even though I guess the main roads are fairly clear, so many of my co-workers live in really rural areas which are NOT yet clean and clear. Plus, I suspect that the driveway and walks at work are sheets of ice.

My director is supposed to be driving to New Jersey for Christmas. His family is already there. He is waiting to be sure that his power comes on and stays on before he heads out. I told him if he found himself still in Maine tomorrow night, he should come over for supper. It won’t be the Christmas Eve he had planned, but at least he will have someone to talk to. And A will bake him his favorite cookies.

A’s sister S was scheduled to fly to PA today, early. I hope she got out and there as planned, this is a BIG trip for her to spend Christmas with her son and his family. We will give her cell a call in a little while, when she should be there. She doesn’t travel much, and was very nervous about it, so having all the delays and problems with this storm will make her day very unpleasant, even if the flights are perfect.

I know how lucky we are, to be warm and dry and have plenty to eat and things to do to occupy ourselves. Lots to be grateful for this Christmas season.

Christmas cards revealed

As they are all in the mail, I can share this year’s Christmas cards with you.

The design and assembly were pretty simple, thanks to a 1 inch hexagon punch. I was able to use up lots of bits leftover from previous years’ cards, which is nice, as not only have I got a yarn stash, but I also have a paper stash. Using this pattern, I was able to get 4 cards out of a sheet of 12 by 12 paper and a sheet of 8.5 x 11 paper. However, it would have been more economical to put the solid color beneath the print, I think I could have gotten 6 cards from the 12 x 12 had I done that. Only trouble is I like them better this way. 🙂

card still life

card base

card base assembled

paper bits\
I used the wonderful Cricut machine to cut the sentiment.It is a wonderful machine for “mass” production work.

card with major parts attached

I never miss a chance to add glitter and sparkle (stardust pens from Sakuri, stickles from Ranger)

glitter and pens

with glitter

Because I was using stash papers, I was able to make several different versions of the card.

array 1

array 2

array 3

array 4

array 5

drip freeze drip freeze

Oh man, I think we are in for it.

The warmth on Friday made all of our snow full of water. Then it froze. So all paths and the driveway became sheets of ice.

Then it started raining, and it rained all yesterday afternoon. Then it snowed last night. Now it is raining.
The trees are coated in ice. The house is coated in ice. The partially complete screened porch is coated in ice.

icy porch

A and I went out and shoveled off the front deck – 20 inches of snow had compacted into about 10, and had about half an inch of ice on top, so that was our aerobic workout for the day.

Now the deck is coated in ice.

As we were shoveling, we noted that “at least it isn’t windy.”

But I notice that a gentle breeze has come up and the trees are stiffly moving to the beat. I fear that soon we will hear the sounds of breaking branches in the woods, and I hope that we don’t hear any trees falling on house or drive or wires, but if that happens, we are ready. Jugs of water, cell phone charged. Plenty of activities to do that don’t require electricity.

more ice

The only bad part? Sound of Music is on tonight, and I have the DVR set to record it. Yes, I have the VHS tape, and so could watch it any time I wanted to go upstairs, get the VCR, bring it down and figure out how to hitch the old stupid thing to the new smart TV. But I would rather watch it the lazy way. 🙂 And yes, I do know it by heart – literally word for word. But I love it and want to see it tonight. So I hope it warms up a few degrees and the wind doesn’t come.

cherry tree on ice

Late friday list

crazy morning!

Shopping list made by 7:15
Contractor here by 7:30
Exterminator here by 7:45 (regular maintenance)
lights on tree by 8:00, at least all the lights I have.
some presents wrapped by 9

Still to do:

meeting at the library
grocery shopping
Cat food and pet presents
Yankee Swap gift to buy
more lights to buy
more presents to wrap
Collapse on sofa

I think I can do all of that and perhaps a little knitting, too. 🙂 Stormy weekend ahead, so I do hope I can get all the errands done today and stay put over the weekend.

Stay warm and dry this wintry weekend!

That’s fahrenheit, folks

tv 5 temp

Knit wool hat – check
Knit wool scarf – check
Knit wool sweater – check
Knit wool socks – check
Knit wool shawl waiting at work – check

It becomes clear to me that I really do want to knit a skirt and some leg warmers for me.

We got about a foot of snow Sunday. We are due for 6-12 inches tonight. Then, unbelievably, a storm Friday which will likely be my all time favorite – “wintry mix, rain on the coast”. So, not being exactly on the coast, we can expect ice, but we MIGHT get rain, and have no snow when it is over. Either way, I think I will not plan to do a lot out of the house this weekend.

The power of you internet knitters

You constantly amaze me, not just with your creativity, your excellent workmanship, but your generosity!  OMG.

In today’s mail at work I got ANOTHER big box of hats, this time from a woman in North Carolina who saw a post about our winter wear project over at She Makes Hats. These contributions really do make a difference in people’s lives, we get them out and onto heads in schools, in churches, in homeless shelters, wherever we hear of the need.  We tuck them into our Christmas packages.  We just can’t give away enough hats to keep everyone warm, but we try our best!

And you all help so much, thank you so much.

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