Friday list partway done

This week had some hellishly long days and meetings, and as a result, by using 2 hours of vacation time, I get the whole day off today!

Off is a relative term. I have LOADS of chore like things to do.

I finished priming the shelves this morning. I should be able to start the pretty color painting tonight.

Laundry is in process.

Have to stop at the PO to mail of a swap package today, as well as some yarn bits to a friend.

Then it’s a haircut, the grocery store, the pop up veggie stand for some strawberries.

Home again to clean bathrooms and bake a cake.

If I am up to it and feeling brave enough I need to get into the pool and scrub it. While it is looking much better, it isn’t swimmable yet. This is the only time I hate getting into the pool – when all the sides and bottom need scrubbing and then the water will be murky and nasty. But it’s the only way to get that stuff into the filter and out of the water.

Tomorrow J comes to do his back breaking magic on the yard. So much work to be done out there, just to keep up with what we did last year.

But this did happen yesterday!

Not a great photo, taken from the porch, but it is in the bed I made last year while J cleared in front. I planted two oriental poppies last fall. They both survived but only this one will bloom this year. That is OK, I can be patient. I did plant some sweet pea and morning glories in the bed to climb up and shade the porch a bit. They popped up, so I meed to add a trellis…


Tomorrow will be taken up with yard work and keeping him busy until it is time to clean up and take him out for supper to thank him.

Sunday Crimson Crow and I are off on another adventure… I will share more about that later.

In case you are just here for the knitting, a hellish lot of meetings means that socks get worked on.

These look nearly finished but one isn’t. I need to redo the cuff, but that won’t take long. Trouble is I right away started another pair, so the needle isn’t free. Duh.

The sweater continues and doesn’t seem to change, but I do think it is almost long enough. A few more weeks?

No spinning yet this week. Perhaps Sunday…

16 thoughts on “Friday list partway done”

  1. Wow! Your to-do list is making me tired! I will be happy when this knee of mine gets back to normal so that I can get back to doing all the things no my very long to-do list. All the hard work from last summer will pay off this year. That Poppy is beautiful and sounds like you will have more blooming. Ugh, the pool thing. I do remember those days. We haven’t opened our pool for the last 5 years or so. Over the winter our pool cover ripped, so right now the rip is getting bigger and bigger. Hubby tried to pull it up, but the weather has worn it out so much that when he tries to grab it, it just shreds. So I guess we will have to get that replaced this summer. We should probably just take it down. I don’t see us ever opening it again. It is so much work. But those hot days have me longing for a dip in it. I couldn’t get up and down the ladder with my knee right now anyway. So clean your pool, deal with the muck, knowing that shortly, you will have it to enjoy on those very hot days that are sure to come this summer. Your socks are adorable. Love the colors. I do hope that you can find some time to do some fun stuff in between all the to do stuff 🙂 Enjoy your weekend.

    1. Oh, I hope your knee gets well soon! Yes, I know that is a stupidly long list. Lucky I don’t have to go to work, eh?

      You are right about the pool, I need to stop procrastinating about it. I got the chemicals pretty well balanced and it is much clearer now…

  2. The socks are lovely!
    Your lists amaze me. I don’t get that much done in a week.
    I understand your not wanting to get into the pool but having to. There are so many chores I feel that way about but none require me to stand in the middle of the ick. Good luck with that!

    1. Lol I suspect you DO do this much in a week. A lot of this is because we haven’t done anything but work all week. There was even an evening when I didn’t get home in time to knit! However, I am not going to get it all done today. I am leaving the bathrooms for the morning and hoping I have the stamina to go get in that pool…

  3. As always your to-do list amazing. I might get all those things done in 30 days without procrastination. 60 if I procrastinate. And I’ve raised procrastination to an art form lately.
    Love the way the socks came out. The yarn is just fantastic. You spun it right? Amazing.

    Oriental poppies are finicky. You must have a green thumb to get it to grow. I never thought of mixing the sweet peas with the morning glories. But I can see how that would work. An idea for next year’s garden.

    1. I didn’t spin that yarn, wish I could! I got it in Wisconsin last summer, at Firefly Yarn shop in Beaver Dam. It is a wool berry yarn.

      And as I told Nothingbutknit, I have to do all of this today because I did nothing around the house all week.

  4. Love the color of your poppy. Mine is orange and just started to bloom as we left for an extended trip across country. Pretty but not as beautiful and delicate looking as yours.
    Good luck with tackling your to-do list.

    1. Thanks! I love them in all colors! But it just happened that this is what was in stock when I ordered last summer. I plan to add a few more each year and hope they will spread, too.

  5. I spent the last two days having a garage sale . . . did you do all these things on your list?! It’s quite the list so, even if you managed half, you did well! The poppy breaks my heart–so lovely and I cannot seem to grow them!

    1. Two days? That is exhausting! I hope you sold everything and made some cash! I am sorry you can’t grow them, I wonder why?

      I will report on my list shortly!

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