Weekend plans in June

This weekend has far fewer plans than the last two did, and that’s a good thing. A has been working on finishing the bookcases for my birthday. The last one is ready to be painted, so I will work on that. It will take longer than the weekend for me to prime and put two coats of paint on.

Tomorrow I get out of work a bit early, and have to run to Bangor in the afternoon. A has to be there too, so we will connect and go to the “big” grocery store before heading home.

I have a plant I need to get in the ground, and I haven’t been sure where I want it, but I think I know now, so will try to get it planted in the afternoon.

I also need to get the pool water tested and the chemicals to put in, so I can get it really clean. If I don’t get that done tomorrow, I will do it on Saturday.

Saturday is Whorls and Purls in the afternoon, that is my only commitment for the whole weekend! Not bad.

Sunday is Dad’s birthday AND Father’s Day so I will try to reach Dad to say hello. That is more difficult than it used to be. But I’ll give it a shot!

I think step brother J arrives in Maine tomorrow for his summer holiday. Not sure when he will be able to help garden, but I need to get ready for lots to happen! I am a little bit anxious about it this year, the projects I really want to focus on are big and maybe nasty…

I hope to find a little spinning time, almost done with bobbin one of tree bark. And knitting! Plugging away on the sweater, but I can’t just knit at W and P, I need to knit on it other times or it will never happen.

I did finish a hat this week

Not sure what I will do with it (sell or gift) but it is ready to go.

That’s about all she wrote. Just anticipating a weekend filled with meaningful chores and fun crafting and DIY.

25 thoughts on “Weekend plans in June”

  1. Sounds like a great weekend to me – nothin’ much but knitting. Hope J gets a lot done for you this trip. Still lovin’ that little hat!

    1. Lol those bookshelves are the bane of my existence!! Been waiting for years for them! They still need to be installed and trimmed after I get them all painted.

  2. Even your mellow weekends sound packed full! Mine will be very busy–doing a weaving demo at a local museum on both days. But at least it’s an excuse to weave! Have fun–and good luck with all those goals!

    1. oh, weaving demo will be fun, but exhausting! Answering all those questions and talking to strangers is hard. But as you say, you do get to weave!

      I will never get through all I would like to, because I will spend plenty of down time knitting or spinning, not out doing yard work as I should. I expect I will make a good start on the painting, and some progress on getting the green out of the pool. But not much else. 🙂

  3. That hat has to be out of that crepe yarn you were making with tiny bits of color. It is ABSOLUTELY as beautiful knit up as I expected it to be. And my expectations were HIGH!

    1. You are right, that is exactly the yarn. And thank you! I am going to spin more of that kind of yarn for things that need real stitch definition. The book was right! It works! 😉

  4. You put a lot into a weekend. I love the hat and the yarn you used. You spun that up so well. What size needles did it take? It’s unusually cool here. We’re still going down to 58 degrees at night and 68 during the day. Not exactly pool weather. In fact, the heat (of all things) came on last night.

    1. Until today we were having weather like yours. Today would be pool weather but the pool isn’t ready.

      Tomorrow it will cool off again, I am sure.

      That hat had ribbing on 5’s and the body was on tens. It was a quite bulky yarn in the end.

  5. I like your fun hat. It’d be a fine way to keep the old noggin warm when the winter winds blow.
    I hadn’t realized that you lived close to Bangor. If I went there, I’d be looking for Stephen King around every corner. 😉

    1. Lol at looking for Stephen King. I have never met him, BUT 1000 years ago my sister used to babysit for his kids, when they lived in western Maine near where mom first settled up here. And I do know where his house is, but he is smart enough to stay out of sight. 😉

      1. How cool is that. Pretty neat for your sister to have had that experience.
        I agree about SK smart enough to keep out of sight. I think he’s earned his privacy for sure. 😉

  6. I love reading about what A builds for you. Can J come over to our house and help us plan out a landscape for our front yard? Husband and I went to ACE Hardware one Friday and had no clue while walking around the greenhouse plants. We left and got some hardware inside instead.

    1. I love when A builds me things, too!

      Landscaping is hard for me. I might have a vision but it never turns out as planned. And it is SO much work. Doing it by myself, I don’t get things done. But J comes to help we all work hard and that gives me motivation for the rest of the project.

      I bet J would love to help you garden, but you live all the way across the country! Kind of a rough commute!

  7. Thank you for posting on my Q and A today. I just changed the comment allow. Dont know how that happened. I copied your answers to the post comments. THANKYOU for letting me know!

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