How I did with that list

It nearly killed me, but I got it all, I think.

The hardest one was the pool. I really didn’t want to get in it and stir up all the muck, but it had to be done. The water was quite warm, which was pleasant. That was the only pleasant part.

The only thing I didn’t get back to was the shelf painting. But I can start that evenings this week. Then A can install them next weekend.

So. What J did. We talked about several things, but what he wanted most to do was keep working in the front. So his dad did some more edging, and he cleared and leveled for a walk way. It was a lot of work, but he was right, clearing that out and fixing it up really does make a difference. We are going to keep the loose stone edging the rest of the way around, as it gets mangled by the plow every winter.

His dad also cut down some small trees to open up the front, and to make it easier for me to clear the side by the cars. Hard for you to see a difference, but the maple tree is thrilled that the cherries are out of its way. We left the big cherries near the deck to shade it.

While they were doing that, I planted this birch tree. For our commitment ceremony back in 2009, we gave out tree seed starter kits as favors. At some point after that, we asked Mom, who has a very green thumb, to start us a white birch. She did, and it has been living in its container in the backyard for a few years. We weren’t sure in the grand scheme of things where we wanted it. But the roots were growing out the drainage hole, so I had to take action.

It turned out to be a major project. Digging a hole is hard in our yard with all the rocks. But cutting the pot away from around the root was the hardest part. By the time I did that, hauling dirt from the pile in the front yard was easy!

Other than that, I put a few things in the raised beds, planted the third planting of mom’s pink poppy seeds in the raised bed (third time is a charm, right?) and did some watering of everything (thus ensuring monsoon rains overnight). I did not put up the trellises.

One of the things I put in the raised bed was this volunteer that was growing in the dirt pile. I am not sure what it is, I hope it survives and then thrives, it is so pretty!

Lest you think she was a slacker, A vacuumed the whole house before they arrived, then made a couple of trips to the dump with truckloads of junk from the yard and her workshop.

They wouldn’t let us take them out to supper, so after they left we showered off and settled in for naps. A slept until morning! I slept until supper time, ate, watched one show and knit a row before going back to bed. No doubt we were exhausted!

And he is coming back next weekend to finish the walkway and a swathe of garden on the other side of it. At least the house is pretty clean…

And there WILL be knitting today.

20 thoughts on “How I did with that list”

  1. Your gardens and birch look so pretty! I’m obsessed with Ticks right now so I am not doing much in the woods here. My clematis are lovely. We lost a birch and have to take it down next spring……….but the kids gave Fireman two trees for fathers day

    1. Everyone says it is a bad tick year, but (knock wood) none on any of us yet. And we weren’t actually IN the woods, they are at the edge of the yard in all directions. We just pushed them back a bit.

  2. I’m tired just reading about all the work you did. You deserved a good long rest! I’m glad you’re getting a chance to do some knitting today.
    Your new walkway is looking good. It’s great to know people who can do this kind of work for you. I think I could do it but my back would not like it!
    That pretty pink flower reminds me of Columbine. I looked up Wild Columbine in Maine and it looks more red. The leaf looks like Columbine also. Maybe these were red and have faded.

    1. Hey, thanks for looking it up! J thought columbine as well. I thought bleeding heart. But I will check it out in my wildflower book. Duh, never thought to look there!

      1. I have an app on my phone, called Picture This, where you take a photo of a flower and it identifies it! Having said that, I think that’s a columbine, too. If it is, you will see them popping up other places, too, in years to come.

  3. Glad you get to knit today! Isn’t it amazing the difference a good spring yard cleaning makes? It looks so nice and neat. I especially love the birch tree and it’s meaning, and the little volunteer – hope the little guy makes it. Bet you’re stiff today, right? Yet another good reason to sit and knit!

    1. Lol stiff is not the word! I got a lot of knitting done, finally on the short rows at the very bottom of the sweater. 14 more rows, then the garter border, then the front trim, also garter. THEN the final decision on how long to make the sleeves, and finish them. I’d like to get it done before the tour de fleece but not sure I will make it.

      1. You just need a few more projects… 😂 If you finish before or after TDF, at least you’re in the home stretch!

  4. I have learned to never under estimate your ability to get work done. But it all looks so good. I love birch trees and that is one special tree you’ve two got growing there. The volunteer does look like Columbine. I intentionally try to grow them here where they are considered perennials and every year I have to put in new ones because the old ones didn’t winter over. To have a Columbine volunteer in my garden would be a miracle.

    1. I have tried more standard columbine with no luck. This might be a wild one. We have had heavy rain the past two nights and all transplants seem happy about that!

    1. It was a bit crazy, I admit. Next week’s visit won’t be so bad. I will get to do more gardening because I won’t be exhausted before we start!

  5. We spent yesterday doing the kind of yard work you were doing over the weekend . . . so I feel your pain, literally. You got so much accomplished! I really like the meandering walkway you’re putting in, and the symbolic birch!

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