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I know I didn’t post this weekend, I was not in the mood.  🙂  My whole plan for last week went kerflooey when I came down with a  cold late on Sunday.  I went to work Monday, hoping I could make it through the twelve hours, but I went down hill fast – came home at 1, went to sleep.  Stayed home not doing much on Tuesday, tried again on Wednesday.  Again made it to about 1, then headed home for a nap.  So my day off for making things did NOT happen.  In fact, instead of taking a day off to keep my hours under 40, I had to use some vacation time to get them up to 40!  Even with two very long days on Thursday and Friday.  The good news was, that by Friday, I could tell I was getting better, and by Saturday, I was really fine, just tired.

So – odd little things this week.

#1 As soon as I knew I was getting sick, I hopped over to the pharmacy and picked up some disposable masks.  My boss, with whom I share a small office, was scheduled for some nasty oral surgery on Wednesday. I knew he did NOT want a head cold.  I wore the mask while at work Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday, because even though the boss was out Thursday, it was a tax day, and I didn’t want to share those germs with all the clients.

It amazed me the number of people who stopped to ask “why the mask?” and made a face when I told them “to keep my germs to myself” but not one of them said “Oh, don’t wear it on my account”  🙂 Today a coworker approached me at lunch time and thanked me for wearing that mask.  I really appreciated that on her part.

I am of the school that says “stay home when you are sick” so that everyone doesn’t share it, but this week it just wasn’t possible, so this seemed the second best thing.

And HR has ordered a box of masks to have on hand!  I might have started a trend.  🙂

#2 By Friday, even though I was getting better, I was really done with work, taxes, and not feeling well.  And Friday was a Milbridge tax day, which essentially means 12 hour day.  Sigh.  I carpooled with the other volunteers, so only had to drive 2 miles. And it was a lovely, sunny day!  So sad to be stuck in side with computers and more clients than we expected (last clinic there, we always get walk ins. But we got LOTS of walk ins!) so when the day was over, we packed up and cleaned up FAST, hit the road.  It wasn’t until we pulled into the parking lot next to my car that I realized I forgot my coat and car keys back at the tax site, 50 miles away.

Ugh.  My wonderful volunteer drove me home, where I convinced A that it would be a fun thing to hop into the truck, drive the 20 miles to Ellsworth for dinner at our favorite take out place, then continue on to Milbridge.  It was nearly 9 o’clock by the time we pulled back into the driveway.  I won’t be doing that again.  I could have lived without the jacket, but not the keys.


So that’s why I was tired on Saturday.  Not too tired to go to Whorls and Purls, though.  🙂  A few solid hours of knitting with people who love fiber is always good for the soul!

Sunday I just laid low – did a few household chores and lots of knitting.  Oh, and some spinning.  Did I mention that the new spinning project was kicking my butt?  It was.  I posted on the dyer’s Ravelry group and got loads of advice, some of it good, all of it well-intentioned.  🙂  I decided that the ones who told me to add twist were on target, tried it very carefully, hand turning the wheel at the start, until I got going.  It worked!  So Sunday I made sure I was going ahead properly on that project.

And, I finished my socks!  They are so cute, and very thick and warm.  In spite of me spinning the thinnest yarn I could they are still a bit thicker than commercial sock yarn.  But not so thick I can’t wear them.  🙂


The sweater plods along, as does the shawl, although both show signed of progress. the shawl only needs one chart plus the edging, the sweater sleeves are near the top, decreasing now! No photos of that stuff as it looks the same as last week.  But soon we will have more finished objects.

The blue foolproof cowl is also nearly done, I will show you that next week, all complete.  After that I will knit a hat to match it.  I have to hold off starting a new pair of socks until May 1 – self-imposed rule, only allowed one sock per month, or I will run out of sock yarn before the year is over, LOL.

Monday was our very last tax clinic anywhere for the 2016 filing year, and boy were we all ready! It was a tough year with the new software. I hope they spend the summer making it easier for next year! We celebrated with dinner out in Ellsworth, and everyone made sure I had my keys before we left. I did. 😝


So now the week will be spent telling people other ways to get their taxes done, and working on reports. Oh, and there is a grant due this month. The boss told me yesterday that he wants to bring in a new partner on it, that the program manager will write it, I just have to “review” it.  It’s due while I am on vacation, so they have less than 2 weeks to get it ready for my review. My experience tells me that after I review it, I will be doing some serious editing. I think I will be ready for that vacation!


31 responses to “Sigh. I’m just tired!

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  1. Oh my hope the Easter weekend is more relaxing for you.

  2. Glad to see you could still spin and knit when poorly – but what a shame you just couldn’t have stayed home and got better rather than struggling into work. Life, eh?!

  3. I’m glad you’re feeling better!
    The socks are fantastic!!
    Yay for taxes being mostly done!

  4. good to hear you’re feeling lots better. Well done on the socks! and there’s no rest for the wicked, eh? lol

  5. Seems like those late season colds are creeping up on a lot of people; glad you’re feeling better. The socks are very cute! I’m tired, too, but not sure if I have as much reason as you.

  6. Pretty socks! Very spring-like.

  7. I’m glad you got through it all!

  8. I love the socks!

  9. Glad you’re feeling a bit better!!

  10. What a week, and you are still going at it. Wow, you go for it!! Just happy to hear you are feeling better. Enjoy the coming weekend and take care.

  11. You sound busy even when you’re sick! I do get worn out reading your posts (and I feel like a slacker!)

    • lol anyone watching me would say I am LAZY. Any chance I get to sit and knit or spin, I do. I could sit for entire days, really. I just don’t have entire days to do it. There is always something else that needs doing. It’s exhausting. 🙂

  12. Oh goodness, you must be worn-out after a week like that. I’m glad you used your best sense and started a face mask trend at work. You’re very thoughtful and respectful.
    You’re a wonderful knitter, your socks look great. I like their cheerful colors.
    I hope you’ll be back to your perky self soon.

    • Thanks, E. C. I hope I HAVE started a trend at work, I am tired of catching other people’s colds! Truthfull,y though, that bout I had last October really scared me. I was really out for the count for a few weeks, and I NEVER want that again. So, I am more careful now.

  13. Sorry to hear you were sick. Hope you are feeling much better. Love the idea of wearing a mask, good for you for starting a trend. The socks look wonderful. I love the colors and they look so scrumptious and warm. I can’t think of anything that would soothe the soul more than spinning and knitting your own sock yarn.

    • I am feeling fine now, though I could have used a longer weekend, lol. When can I not? It was very satisfying to imagine the yarn, read about how to make it, spin it and have it work, and find some commercial yarn at the right price in a natural color that I could dye to be heels and toes, and then to knit it up and have them fit! I wore them Saturday and they were wonderful. 🙂

  14. Happy Easter! I do hope that you have a much more relaxing day today. Your socks are so cute!!! Perfect for Easter 😉

    • Thanks, Ginny! I had a nice Easter, and hope you did as well. I didn’t save the socks for Easter, but wore them Saturday. 🙂 They were wonderful.

  15. Sorry to hear you had such a rubbish week. The socks are fab though. Here’s to a better one next week.

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