Countdown to vacation

As so often happens, the week before vacation is crazy busy.  There are meetings to schedule and attend, grants to write, reports to put together, marketing materials to be designed.  When people find out there is a vacation looming, they suddenly want it all before I go.  And the faces they make when they find out next week’s calendar is off limits! What is up with that?

Tuesday turned into a 14 hour day including 4 hours of driving to go to a meeting.  And I drove, so not much knitting happened on Tuesday.  A few rows of a hat at lunch is all.  I missed it.

Maybe that means I can make Friday a really short day, if I can get through all the deadlines.

And maybe I will have time to put together a vacation list for you all.  But for now, I need to head to work and get things done!




16 thoughts on “Countdown to vacation”

  1. Sometimes it seems like it’s just that much more stressful before our vacation so that we’re really, really ready for it when we leave. There’s always so much to be done, but once you hit the road, your time is yours (or at least, should be). Tuck into the work now, and it’ll be breezy soon.

    1. Thank you – I think you are right. And having the work ethic we do, we feel like we have to finish everything before we go. Sometimes I wonder what would happen if I didn’t? Then I think about that first day back, so I do it. lol.

    1. yes, indeed to both statements! If I can get the work done, I can leave by 10 am. Working toward that goal, but not expecting it to really happen. 🙂

    1. We have the whole week off, and there are doctor’s appointments and other commitments, but we will have fun! A’s birthday is Monday, so there will be celebrating and cake. And there is loads of yard work to be done, and book cases to finish (I hope!) and the usual, but we won’t have the alarm going off each morning, and there wont; be too many days when we care about a clock. it will be nice to putter away!

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