Lots of in progress things to share, and one big completion!

I know I haven’t written much lately – no excuse except that nothing seems worth mentioning.  I work, I watch basketball, I knit, I spin.

Well, basketball is nearly over – one more game tonight.  It was a thrilling weekend, and while I am happy for Mississippi, I wish they hadn’t beaten my UCONN team.  A says it is good for the women’s game to have a year like this, and I am THRILLED for South Carolina – been following Dawn Staley for a very long time, so glad to see her hard work pay off. But still…I wanted to see the Samuelson girls play against each other, and neither made it to the final game.  The flukey thing is that A and I have these bracket bets, and I beat her on the men’s.  Not the women’s that we actually watch and know something about.  The men’s, where I almost throw darts to determine my picks. So that is $25 more toward my spinning wheel.  And if North Carolina wins tonight, that’s an additional $25, lol  New spinning wheel is happening next month, for sure.  Go Tar Heels!!

So in this last week, I have plugged away on the sweater sleeves.  They are getting wider, so slower.  Can’t wait until we reach the part where they start getting smaller again!


The High Country Crescent shawl grows even more slowly, rows take an hour or more!  I can’t take it anywhere to work on now, it is too complex and slow.  Which means it won’t grow very fast at all for a while.  The colored threads are the lifelines marking the end of each chart.  I don’t actually need them all, just the last one, but I like to see the progression of the pattern through the charts.


Socks – they continue so grow, and I struggle with my commitment to only make 6 pairs this year, to keep me from knitting all socks all the time.  This pair isn’t going to make it until May, this is the second sock.  But I will follow the good advice of some fellow Ravelers – I’ll just finish them and then not cast on any more until May.  Hmmm.


So when I finish the socks, what will be my traveling project?  Well, perhaps this cowl?  It is knit out of ancient stash of Bartlett Yarn and a mystery hand-painted skein, both of these have been in stash for many years.  The pattern is Foolproof, and I was intrigued by the description – no casting on, no picking up stitches, no purling, no binding off, no grafting, no knitting in the round, yet you wind up with a cowl.  It is very clever, and I am loving it.  This is a heavy worsted weight, almost aran, so it grows fast.  It might carry me until May.


But the big news here in my world is this:


I finished the big combo spin.  It is my biggest, most adventurous spin to date ( and truly it is not very big nor adventurous).  I spun up three different braids of fiber from Three Waters Farm, and then plied them together.  It took FOREVER.


But I love it.  I love that from a distance it is all soft brown and green, but when you get close, there are so many other colors in it!

I had hoped to get a DK weight, and then knit a sweater using it with a commercial yarn I have.  But I am not yet a good enough spinner that I can get the yarn I want, so I have 1000 yards of fingering weight loveliness!  I will dig out a vest pattern and make that instead. Just look at the pretty colors.  🙂  And the tiny skein is 86 yards of two ply, using up the leftovers.  The two braids were the brighter of the three, so it really is a different look for this bit.


Isn’t it pretty?  I can’t stop looking at it.

On to other stuff – tax season is also about to end – hurrah!  Have a crazy week this week, then Monday is the last of our tax clinics.  It went fast, as it always does – February was really scary with the new software, March we were starting to get the hang of it, and could tell when the problem was us and when it was the software acting up.  Now it is April and we just want it to be done.  I hope next year is easier, that the software won’t be as tedious and error prone.  But I won’t think about that until November.  🙂

Between taxes Thursday and Friday, and a late meeting today, I have a day off this week sometime – either Tuesday or Wednesday.  Which is good as I am coming down with nasty cold.  My boss is having oral surgery on Wednesday, and so I am in a different office today, wearing a mask and wiping down everything I touch.  And praying that he doesn’t get this thing, it will really complicate life if he gets sick.  I had planned to have off Wednesday, but I think I might change that to tomorrow so I minimize contact with him.  Whatever day I take, if I feel up to it, I will start my next spin, which involves adding beads to a commercial silk lace weight yarn and plying it with my handspun for some serious bling.  I hope to make a shawl with the resulting yarn. But that is ages away, I know it will take me some time to spin the singles.

Off to work now – hope you have a good week!

30 thoughts on “Lots of in progress things to share, and one big completion!”

  1. The combo spin turned out truly amazing. Great job powering through, your end result is worth it!

    Sorry about the cold, I hope it ends up being a quick one. That’s entirely not convenient for you this time of the year.

  2. I hope you feel better and that your boss doesn’t catch your cold.
    Everything looks great! The yarn you spun is gorgeous!! I can’t get over how bright the little skein is compared to the big one. Spinning yarn is obviously some sort of magic:)

  3. Great progress on all of your projects. The High Country Crescent Shawl (say that 3 times fast, LOL) is so pretty. Love the intricate pattern in and can see why it would not be a project to pick up and put down quickly while traveling or waiting. It definitely needs your undivided attention. Can’t wait to see it grow. The socks are awesome!! Love the colors. And that yarn you spun is amazing!! I can’t wait to see what you create with that.

  4. Your spinning is really neat. It’ll be fun to see it knitting up. You certainly made great progress in your WIP’s. Me too will I maybe not blog just because I want to sit and knit. I may even put off reading blogs which gets backed up sometimes, but I feel I’m making really good progress on my projects.

  5. Love the combo spin! It’s such a cheerful combination! I’m sure you’ll find just the right pattern to show it off.
    A new spinning wheel sounds exciting. Good luck with tonight’s game. One never knows how the NCAA games will wind up. Who would have ever thought that UConn would have lost to Mississippi State after last year’s routing of them. I was rooting for Mississippi in the SC game-love that little Morgan Williams! I’m sure UConn will come back even stronger for me it next season.

  6. Well, UNC won you your extra $25! Sorry about UConn . . . but, really? I was a teeny bit glad they lost–the women’s contests had gotten SO predictable. All your projects look wonderful–you sure have a lot going on!

    1. I was pleased to learn about UNC this morning. I have a new cold, so did not stay up late. As for UCONN losing – yes, for that reason it wasn’t bad. It took all Mississippi had, as evidenced by their lack of “legs” against SC, but it did show that any team can win on a particular night – UCONN has been beatable all season but no one else believed it. It got where UCONN didn’t believe it and they were shocked, and it showed.

  7. If you ever want to sell that yarn you spun, give me a shout. I love that it’s both neutral and not. Nice work. One day I’ll take up spinning. I must’ve missed the sock injunction. Why can’t you just make socks all the time?

    1. Thank you! That is probably the best compliment I have gotten!
      Ahh, the sock injunction. Last time I participated in the year long sock KAL, all other projects fell by the way side, and I knit 26 pairs. It got a little obsessive. So this time I decided to becme obsessive about NOT knitting socks all the time, as I have so many other projects I want to get done! I checked my sock yarn stash and determined that I could do 6 pairs with what I have on hand, so I picked one sock a month, and I will use up stash, too. win win. but sometimes it I hard to stretch it out, lol.

  8. Wow. That’s a lot of knitting :). I find that I feel the same way about knitting sweater sleeves and the back, it seems to take a while to get to the decrease rows :). Love love your spinning. You produce a gorgeous yarn ! And I see what you mean about ” life line ” in your knitting. Feel better soon

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