The knitting of late might be a secret, but…

the spinning isn’t!!!!

I thought I would share with you a few photos of my most recent finish, Midnight Obsession by Three Waters Farm. It is a merino/silk blend, and I got about 240 yards before the wash.

The process:


And the end result:


One big and one mini skein.  Want a close up or two or three?



It is drying out after its bath, then it will be ready to go!


9 thoughts on “The knitting of late might be a secret, but…”

  1. Oh! The purples in there just take a grey tone, and grey and yellow together is like my favorite color combo ever. Grey and yellow with subtle lavender and blue tones. Very beautiful!

    1. Thank you! Its funny the blue was a complete surprise. The braid looked gold and gray to me, with a touch of purple. Even when i prepped it, i thought that half was purple and gray. But once i started spinning this blue just appeared! It gives the gray such nice depth.

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