The forecast was accurate   21 comments

Which I guess is good?

Friday was unbelievably cold and windy, yesterday it was a bit warmer and snowed all day. Today is warmer still and raining.

So the world is coated in ice.

Yesterday I took the truck and went to knitting. Roads were snow covered but fine getting there.

But this is what I found!


Only Debbie and I were there. We enjoyed a quiet afternoon knitting and munching on her good cookies and sipping hot chocolate. But we missed the ladies who usually fill the sofas.

The roads weren’t so fine going home- no need to plow the main road apparently. But going slow in 4 wheel drive worked well and i made it home safely.

This morning we woke to the promised rain and 35  degrees. Well, the air is 35 degrees. Everything else is still zero. So it looks like this:img_1254

Naturally, that means we are headed out to Bangor for a family gathering and some (the last?) of the holiday shopping.  In the truck. 😀

We also saw this outside the bedroom this morning.  Maybe he is snacking on the creatures who live in our walls.



Hope you are safe, warm, and dry this morning!



21 responses to “The forecast was accurate

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  1. Yesterday was unbelievable, 70 degrees and clear. Last night we were under tornado watches because of the warm air. The winds were strong already then, the temperature begin to drop, rain, sleet and woke up to 21 degrees with ice on branches and the bamboo is sagging to the ground. It is snowing a bit too. 50 degree drop over night and is going to stay cold now.

  2. An owl in the wild! Amazing! We have nothing that exciting eating our, um, vermin. We did see a large hawk one day but they are very common in our area.

  3. The owl photograph is incredible. I love him /her. That snow looks like a scary drive. Just cold and foggy in the UK. Hope you enjoyed your family gathering. Stay safe.

    • The drive was a bit dicey this morning but now it is nearly 50, so roads are clear. We are headed home now, we will see what the driveway is like in about half an hour!

  4. How cool to see an owl in the wild! A saw whet owl is one of my next planned tattoos.

  5. We went from -27C to zero in less than 24 hours. The first break in the weather for us in 2-3 weeks.We are celebrating with going skating (along with the rest of the city probably!).

  6. What a cool spot to hang out and knit! It was 30° this morning in the east bay. Man, we were freezing.

    • It is funny what we grow used to , isn’t it? I hope you had lots of nice arm hand knits to put on to keep warm. 🙂 And yes, it is a cozy spot – usually filled with laughing chatting knitters. 🙂

  7. Putting that new truck to very good use I see! The owl photo is fantastic. There’s a park I like to walk through out back where I often see one when it’s twilight. We went for a walk there today, in the cold, new snow sparkling in the sun and crunching under foot. I thought about the owl, knowing full well it wasn’t an appropriate time to see him. Squirrels were out in large numbers though, despite it being -4, with the sun and no wind it felt great compared to yesterday!

    I do hope we all get a bit of a break from the particularly bitter cold though.

    • I was so surprised when A said “If you want to go to knitting, you can take the truck” Afterwards I asked her is she was nervous having me drive it in a snow storm, and she said not at all, much less nervous than if I had been in my little Prius. This could really work out for me! We are on a temperature roller coaster – yesterday it got into the 40’s everything turned to sluch, then back into the deep freeze, so what didn’t melt is now hard shiny ice. Tomorrow is supposed to be a lot warmer, but not above freezing. Still, if the sun shines, ice will start to melt – and the ice melt will actually work!

      The owl was back this afternoon, and I haven’t seen as many squirrels lately – yeah!

  8. Your knitting “group” looks like my sewing group did–far fewer than the usual number. I stay home when it’s icy out–hate it. The owl is amazing!

    • I was surprised that no one else was there! Some of the ladies live very close. I knew Debbie would be open as the shop is on her property, so she just walks down the hill. And I don’t normally go out if it is gong to be really bad, but long ago I had a boss who never cancelled meetings or anything. His motto? “This is Maine. It snows.” I got used to driving in snow. But I really prefer to not do it if we are getting more than a couple of inches. The truck made me feel liberated. 🙂

  9. How wonderful and rare to see an owl in the daylight. Glad you made it to and from your knitting group without incident.

  10. Ahhhh so jealous you have snow! It’s just permanently wet, grey and miserable here in London. Hope you have a lovely (and white?) Christmas x Lotte (

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