Whew! That was fun!

We had a busy couple of days, celebrating with A’s sister and her family on Christmas Eve day, then my family Christmas Day. Lots of driving, opening presents, eating, and visiting.

Today is the last day of our vacation, and we have declared it to be a pajama day.

I am looking forward to the knitting and spinning and reading. Oh, and writing the cards…I got them made last Friday, but did not finish writing them. I will eventually!


I completely forgot to take photos of several secret finishes in the real world, but I can tell you that the hats all fit on the heads they were intended for. 😉



and the scarf was deemed “perfect colors!”



And the seemingly endless pile of tiny mittens turned into garlands and ornaments as intended.


So today I can relax into some selfish knitting – finish some sleeves, cast on some human-sized mittens and knit up a hat in a pattern my brilliant sister invented. And peruse the two spinning books I got for Christmas.

In my PJs all day.  I love a pajama day.  🙂


17 thoughts on “Whew! That was fun!”

  1. I love pj day the day after Christmas. After the hectic preparations for the holidays I think we all deserve a day to unwind.. I would take one except for the fact that my 1 yr old Labrador Retriever’s energy level would be too much to bear if she didn’t walk a few miles. I have however taken some knitting time to work on a beanie for my nephew while I watched “Call the Midwife” on my iPad.
    Your knitted gifts look great. I love the pinkish colored hat and the colorful scarf. I only gifted one knitted item and that was Brooklyn Tweed’s Guernsey Wrap. I used some yarn from a CSA I belong to called Foxfire Fiber. It only took me two years to finish it! My sister can wear it with more panache than I can.

    1. Yes, cats appreciate a pj day more than puppies!! The pink hat had a matching doll hat to go with it, and now it turns out there is another doll that needs one, so the matching doll hats aren’t really done, but i thought they were!!! The other hats and scarf were for much older “kids” and i hope they like them as much as their young cousin liked ed hers. 😝

    1. That would be great! This is the week I always used to take off, but A can’t be off this week – it is a busy one for her company. So we take the week before Christmas instead.

    1. I almost got it all done. Still have one incredibly boring knit I am working on. But I am back to working on the sleeves of my sweater, and I cast on those mittens I have been wanting, so there is still so much knitting happening now – but it is not secret at all. Well, except the boring scarf…

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