Sneaking in a random knitting post

I am supposed to be working, but have no pressing deadlines, so am taking a “smoking break” … long enough to tell you that I cast on Indian Feathers the other night.  I know, I know, I don’t need any more long slow projects. But I could not resist the lace with a few little beads (175).  Just saying!

I’ll get a picture tonight, although there is not yet much to show.  Rows are long (411 stitches) so hours of progress yields not much in the way of inches.  But that will change when I finish the border.

To make up for doing this foolish thing, I knit several rows of the blue linen this morning. And I have it with me in my bag today, in case I want to work on it at lunch.  Of course, it is underneath the Quince and Co Trapper Cowl, so it is unlikely that I will get down to it today.

Making a ridiculously long list of things I  – ahem – *need* at Fiber Frolic… the vendor list has so many of my favorites people on it, it is going to be tough to spend my money wisely.

Wearing my purple lace leaf shawl today as it was chilly this morning – already got a couple of compliments on it.  🙂

Now, back to work to earn money for yarn…

11 thoughts on “Sneaking in a random knitting post”

  1. Oh Indian Feathers is such a lovely little neck warmer. I can see why you cast on. What I don’t need is another project, but I may no be able to resist.

    1. lol – you have that thing going with the endless rows, you might want to wait until you finish that edging… 411 stitches in the edging – rows take FOREVER.

  2. Wow, I just looked at Indean Feathers! And added it my queue, as if it long already long enough.
    Looking forward to seeing your photos, I bet it is stunning.
    And who can resist a Trapper Cowl. Awesome. 🙂
    Happy crafting.

    1. thanks! I am enjoying both projects. The trapper cowl has three rows of somewhat mindless knitting, then I have to pay attention again. The lace is all attention, but I think when I get to the short rows, it ill require much less concentration.

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