Saturday at last!

I am off to the Fiber Frolic in a couple of hours – so just thought I would document what I think I am getting – then we can check in later to see how I did!

I aim to find the Hidden Brooks Fiber lady, and get some of her luscious angora/wool blend – I have someone interested in my Chevron hat, but in a smaller size. Her website was our of commission the other day, so I need to see her in person. And see all her fiber.  So sad.

Then I want to connect with the Purple Fleece, and talk about spinning lessons. And maybe buy some of her bright colored yarn.

My old favorite PineStar is on the vendor list, so I will stop by and PROBABLY get some yarn for another lace shawl, because really, you can’t have enough of them, right?

I’ll be on the lookout for some sock yarn, and new vendors and other exciting stuff, but I will be trying hard to stick to my budget.

Our plans for today have changed a bit – A has to work halfway across the state, and originally, we thought the timing would work that she could drop me at the fair, go work, then pick me up several hours later.  But between the time she would have to drop me off and the fair would actually open is a couple of hours, and I just figured it made no sense to sit and hang out there for that long – even though I could knit, it is a bit longer than I want to be standing by the side of the road.

So, I will do a few things this morning, including going to the Post Office to see if any of the clothes I recently ordered have arrived – and if they have, I might come home and change, lol.  I’ll head out around 9:30 or so, and stay at the fair for a couple of hours – if I have the energy, I will hang about until 2 when there is a Ravelry hook up. Never been to one of those, but I will give it a shot.  Very silly, but it is a big deal to this introvert!

Tomorrow, I have no plans, I should do a bit of cleaning, of course. And yard work, since I will do none today.  It will be tough to get off the couch with all that new fiber, though.

Here are some photos I took lately.  The Trapper Cowl I took with my phone – aren’t you proud of me? Of course, I got it onto Ravelry and could not figure out how to get it here, so you will just have to follow the link to see it.  🙂

First up – yarn and knitting.

Here is the newly dyed yarn hanging in the rain – not drying.


And here it is all dry, with the first batch I did.  I think these colors will work well for the lefty shawl.


Next up is the lace leaf shawl adaptation – I did not block it hard, so it has more texture than my purple one.  And as you can see, I added one stitch when I cast on, and created a third section of leaves, for a different shaped shawl.  This is the yarn I dyed using beets, and it just is too orange for me.  But I like what the pattern did with the extra section.


Here’s the beginning of the Indian Feathers – I will likely wish I had used size 6 beads instead of size 8, but these are the ones I had that looked nice with the yarn, so it is what it is.


Now, onto the glass beads.  Remember last month I took that class?  One aspect of the Haystack day is a studio “tour” where everyone can look at what was made during the day.  But our beads were still in the kiln, so she had us paint pictures of what we were making.  I am not artist, for sure, and of course, I had no idea if what I thought I was putting into the kiln is what would come out!  So here is the card I painted that day.


And here are the beads, which I was finally able to pick up this week.  Definitely lumps, but some of them are pretty, if you don’t worry about what they were supposed to look like.  I love the bubbly ones (that was on purpose!) and some of the purple ones – I was trying to get the colors of a mussel shell.  Failed that, but they are still pretty.



Then there is the garden this week – veggie plants are sprouting like mad, loving the rain. Tomatoes are in a holding pattern though, waiting for warmer weather.  Which will come eventually, right?

The strawberries look better than ever, and I ignored them this year.  All I do is pull out the occasional weed.  No compost, no mulch, no bird netting.  I am disowning them, if they produce, great, if not, out they come.  They take up too much space for the yield.


The tomatoes are holding on, but the squash popped right up!


Here we have radishes, garlic, lettuce, mesclun mix and peas all doing great.  Carrots are in there, too, they will sprout soon among the radishes. Oh, and there is a small pumpkin patch in the corner.


This patch is sister-in-law L’s.  Not sure what all she has planted besides beans, but I do know that she is also getting grass and morning glories (which she did NOT plant.) and the beans look great!


This is the asparagus – we ate a lot of it this spring, but I am letting the rest go to grow and fill this planter bed.


Mother Nature is working hard to get all the things caught up to their normal bloom time.  We have lupine (and a fine example of what we have for soil in this yard)


and wygelia both getting ready to pop with color.


Here’s a gratuitous sugar bomb picture.  Last weekend A was craving sweets, so I baked brownies.  then she asked if we could frost them.  We could, we did, they were delicious but an incredible pile of sugar, couldn’t eat too many of them in a sitting!



That’s it – the camera is empty now.  🙂

19 thoughts on “Saturday at last!”

  1. Love the knitting as always. The beads are fantastic. How did you get the hole in the center of them? I am jealous of your lupine. I can’t grow it here and I love it. The yarn came out wonderful. Love the color gradients. Lastly, the brownies are to die for.

    1. ahh, the secret to the hole – you build the bead on a metal stick dipped in clay slip – so when the bead is cool, you work the stick out (the clay crumbles) and you are left with a hole. I didn’t get to see this part done, as we were long gone when the beads were cool enough to handle. thanks for the compliments on yarn and brownies! Both came out better than expected. 🙂
      Lupine – yes, I do love it, although my mother glowers at me when I plant it and encourage it – it is an invasive here. But such a pretty one!

        1. I know! I love it. Wish it would choke out the blackberries which are everywhere but where I want them, but what are you going to do?

    1. Thanks – I struggled with the math of it, then just decided to see what happens. It turns out it is fairly simple to make the adjustment.
      Yes, you stick with the crochet until next week. I know you will hit that deadline. 🙂
      Thanks for loving the beads – I do too, but of cours,e to anyone who knows how to really make them, they are just lumps of glass. 🙂 I will find something to do with them, though, because I love the colors. 🙂

  2. That’s a smart pic of your Trapper Cowl. The greens are nice. The hanging yarn is awesome! Ooh boy I wouldn’t mind one of those brownies.

  3. Wow, you are busy. Love your shawl. And I am sure the beads will look absolutely perfect. Gorgeous that you were able to make your own beads, well done.
    Love your garden. 🙂 We are having winter, so its a bit dull right now.
    Happy crafting. 🙂

    1. I am busy lately. I totally miss my Fridays off to putter. I feel now like the rest of the world, racing to cram everything into two short days.
      The garden is stalled right now, we had a cold week last week. Then a “normal” weekend, and now back to cold and rainy. I hope your winter is not filled with extreme weather as ours was – that it just chugs along to spring for you. It will be here before you know it. 🙂

      1. Your weather sounds much like ours. Winter came very late, and when it did, it was cold, freezingly cold. Nights are really chilly and in some places it now drops to below zero. But true, it will chug along and soon be spring again. 🙂
        I am enjoying the colder weather as I get to hibernate and knit. 🙂

          1. They try. Currently we are lucky to have power most of the time. So we are making the most of it. 🙂 Had a few very cold days, and all was well. Only 2 outages for 3 hours each.

          2. I was hoping you would say “no, in winter it isn’t a problem, we have enough to go around.” I don’t; know how it is there in the winter, but here it is very DARK. I would have a tough time not knowing if I would have lights when I got home. But I guess I would prepare for that, as I am sure you do. 🙂

          3. lol. That made me smile on this happy and chilly Friday. 😉
            Its not so very dark here, and the sunset and sunrise only changes around an hour or so.
            Being without power has become very much a way we deal with. Just about everyone has an “app” on their phone now that warns you when you can expect an outage. So you can check and work around it. So far it has been working pretty well. And I have installed solar lights in the kitchen. My first! Will be working on the rest as well. Nothing all to grand, but its Lights!

    1. thanks! There are SO MANY to choose from at this event, and MOST are Maine based, although there were vendors from the rest of New England – I love seeing all the local goodness.

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