Saturday was Maine Fiber Frolic

And frolic I did!  As I have the past few years, I went with some of the ladies from Whorls and Purls, and we met up with even more of the group once there.

A gave me cash for my early birthday, and I had been saving up quite a bit of cash for the event, so I felt quite flush this year!

I am going to try the link thing again to all of my goodies, please let me know in the comments if it doesn’t work.

I was not as organized as I like to be when I go there, with patterns and ideas in mind.  I was thinking I wanted some fairly solid DK weight yarn for a couple of sweaters (suddenly all the patterns I like call for DK, and I have none!) and I knew I would be on the lookout for some yarn and matching beads for the Biophilia  shawl I will be starting soon.

I also knew that Bartlett Yarns would be a vendor, and I wanted a sweater quantity (SQ) of their yarn.  If it could be DK, so much the better, but I knew what color it would be.  I had a sweater in this color out of their yarn years ago, and I wore it until it could be worn no more.  I miss it and want another.

So, Bartlett was the first stop.  Even knowing exactly what I wanted, I had a hard time choosing! They have so many lovely colors. I chose what I went in for, though, a lovely shade of soft aqua blue and I am going to love the sweater.  It is sport weight, so a little lighter than DK, I will survive, and see what a swatch tells me.  I knit loosely, so it might work. If not, I will find something.

After that, it was to my favorite Pine Star Studio, where I got this and this.  The redder one is a contender for the Biophilia, but when I found the beads that worked best, I realized I had some at home already, so I didn’t buy more. The cranberry one, though, I found those gorgeous beads to match.  I have no idea what the pattern will be, the yardage is crazy high on that one, so I will not do the Biophilia with it, but choose something that will make more use of the whole skein.

Then there is the fiber.  I have bought a few large lots of blended merino silk over the years, and thought about combining them to have enough to make a sweater, but I really needed more to make the project work.  I knew I would never match the colors exactly, so I wanted to get some with all the colors, and I will spin it as a combo spin.  Maybe I will hit DK weight on that? So when I saw this, from the same vendor, I knew it was coming home.  I love all the blues and greens, and the fiber I already have is also blues and greens, though darker and grayer, so it will get toned down.

Lastly, I wanted to get something I have been eyeing since I learned to spin.  Every year I want it, every year I don’t buy it in fear of not being a good enough spinner.  This year I decided I could do it.

Camel and silk, undyed.  It glows in the sunshine.

All that plus a couple of ice creams (Stone Fox Creamery – oh my!) and some pizza for lunch, plus fudge to bring home to A, and I had five dollars left in my pocket.  Truthfully, it was not in the same pocket the rest of my cash was, I found it as we were leaving.  Had I known, I would have gotten more beads, for sure.  🙂  I think I did pretty well, and will have enough to keep me busy for a while.  And I will start saving my pennies again, because Knit East is in October, and I will want to shop there as well!


Quick weekend report

The weekend went much as planned. The weather was absolutely perfect for all the things I had on my plate.

Saturday was sunny and very breezy, so I was able to work in the yard in the early morning without being tortured by black flies and mosquitoes. I got lots of weeding done, and planted the last of the seeds I wanted to. Likely too late to be really effective, but better to try than not! I also planted a six pack of zinnias that one of A’s co-workers gave me. She has a green house and is growing flowers to sell. I was hoping she had some tomato plants for sale but she doesn’t. She did suggest where I could get some, though. Maybe this weekend I will track some down. Need to get them in the ground if I am going to. Last year I didn’t even try. The previous year, for the first time here, we had those big ugly caterpillars. I am hoping by not growing them any food last year they went away again. So I am willing to try again.

Anyway, after standing on my head in the yard for a couple of hours, I cleaned up and went off to Whorls and Purls, which was fun and productive as always. Still plugging away on the body of my sweater, and did a few rounds on my sock.

Sunday morning I was back over at the Purple Fleece before 8 to meet a couple of the ladies to head off to Fiber Frolic. We gathered up another along the way, and got there a little after 9.

It was an absolutely perfect day again! Less windy, but sunny and very dry and cool. And the crowds were very small compared to Saturdays in the past, so we were able to walk around and talk to vendors without being crushed. It did feel like there were fewer vendors there, but there were plenty of them, and most of my favorites were there. I only noticed I was missing one in particular.

My budget was just the right size, letting me get a few things here and there, but not going wild and dreaming crazy dreams of future projects.

I got (from the top) some sock yarn from String Theory Hand Dyed on the bluestocking base, which is BFL with a touch of nylon. I usually get her merino cashmere base, but I thought I would branch out. And I need more dark blue socks.

Then some lace weight yarn from PineStar Studio. I love her colors and can never resist a skein of her lace yarn. She also packages up gorgeous kits of yarn for patterns that don’t require full skeins of a few colors, like a linen stitch scarf or a fade style cowl. And this year she had mini skein bundles as well. I could literally spend thousands in her booth. I still haven’t knit up last year’s purchase (a skein of a silk blend destined to be a Reyna shawl) but that didn’t stop me from adding to the collection.

Next is a ball of blended colors on a silk and merino base. Last year I missed a super deal on this stuff by running out of cash before I found her. This year I went there first. 😊 She didn’t have quite the same super deals, but I got 5 ounces of this. It is very similar to some I got in Wisconsin, so I think I will spin them all together, someday, and have enough for something fun like a vest or something.

Last up are some pretty little handmade brass buttons. Not sure what they will go one, but I will think of something. The booth that had these is one I visit every year to drool. It is an LYS shop in the Portland area that I haven’t visited yet, but intend to someday. She always has this lovely camel and silk, yak and silk, merino and silk, blended fiber for sale. It is all gorgeous! I love touching and ogling it. But my wallet has kept me from trying it out. One day I will. I found the button rack and had a hard time choosing among the selections, they were all so beautiful.

So with these purchases, the gate fee, lunch, lemonade, and an ice cream, I came home with 18 cents to get me through the week! Luckily I have a full tank of gas and a pot of chili for lunches. 😉

We finished the day at the festival by watching some sheep shearing before heading for home.

When we dropped of one of the ladies, we got out for a visit at her wonderful house. She has a perfectly sized house on a lake, so it was fun to see the place she is always talking about , and see her fiber den. It is very cozy and lovely, complete with a friendly cat.

On the whole it was an excellent fibery weekend!

How was your weekend? Did it go as planned, or were there surprises?

Some things to share

Hello! I hope you are having a good start to your week.


I had a great weekend, in part because we are “Trump-free” on weekends, which means we avoid all news.  It makes Mondays hard as we get hit with it all at once, but we are strong and rested and can take it.  Except when it is so grim as London’s news is.  That is hard to take no matter the day.  I just do not understand the darkness that is coming out of every crack these days.

My heart goes out to all who are impacted by the violence and hatred. Oh, and to anyone who was counting on us for sane, reasonable, responsible behavior on climate change.  That man does not represent even half of this country, he just happens to think he is in charge.

It makes sharing all my fun pretties seem shallow, and perhaps it is.  But I think we need soft pretty things in life and knitting and spinning bring me calmness, like meditating does to others. So I am going to try to distract you from news of the world and bring you to my happy place.

This weekend was not perfect, weather-wise.  But as our local weather fool likes to say, it was not a complete washout, either. Saturday was gray and gloomy and sprinkly, except when the sun popped out in the middle of the day for ten or fifteen minutes at a time, then it was a bit warm and humid. But as that didn’t last very long, it wasn’t uncomfortable.  And I got quite practiced at putting on the coat, taking off the coat, putting on the coat, etc.

As planned, I met up with some of the Whorls and Purls gang and we went off to the Maine Fiber Frolic,  I packed (actually, emptied) my bags early, and found this when I got ready to leave:


Allie was all cuddled onto my day pack, as if I would take her to a fair.  🙂

I went with a decent amount of cash, knowing it would last if I was careful.  And knowing I could easily spend ten times that amount without even thinking about it.  We had a good plan – split up (or not) and wander the fair, coming back every hour to meet in front of the ice cream booth to make sure we were all good, talk about what was next.  So I wandered the stalls and booths, scoping out what I wanted to buy.  In the end, I was pretty pleased with the fact that I only got one ice cream at lunch, and this lovely assortment:


The burgundy is one of my favorite sock yarns, Caper Sock.  It is dyed locally, in Blue Hill by String Theory Hand Dyed Yarn and is a merino cashmere blend.  It makes the softest socks!  I actually had this on my list (yup, I try to have a list when I head out, or it is too hard to choose).  Next to it is the purple-blue of Linda’s Soft and Silky sock yarn – 50-50 merino and silk, hand dyed in Denmark Maine by Pine Star Studio.  I bought a skein of this last year and knit a shawl for sale, which I loved and almost didn’t put up for sale, hoped it wouldn’t sell and of course it sold instantly. This one will be for me. And I would never dream of using this luxurious yarn for socks.  It is just too elegant to go into my sneakers. And no, it was not on my list.

Then there are the beads.  Last year I went with snips of yarns planned for shawls and came away with some beautiful beads. This year I wasn’t that organized, but I knew what yarn I was thinking about for knitting shawls . Next year I will do the snips thing, it was so much easier. All the beads are beautiful!  What I managed to buy this year will be useful, and the gold beads are the same ones I am using in my beaded yarn, so I know I will like them (and I still haven’t knit the shawl they were originally intended for.) The purple MIGHT go with the lovely blue angora/silk I got at Webs last month, time will tell.  And the big clear beads could show up anyplace! All from the Bead Biz, she is online, though I haven’t checked out her website in a long time, she says she has upgraded her photos and so I will check it out.

That’s it – the whole budget spent.  I went home with 41 cents after I bought a late day lemonade (and of course, lunch!)

Fortunately (or unfortunately) I did not find THIS vendor until I had depleted my funds – but look at all the great fiber my friends got, for $2 an ounce!  We spent a good chunk of the afternoon guiding people over to this booth for deals.


All of this fun, and I was home in time for supper, even after stopping at the grocery store on the way, to do the week’s shopping (I have to do some chores around the house, after all!)

A and stepdad tried to play golf, but it was raining, so they shot a bucket of balls at the driving range instead.  Since she got home early, she cleaned the house.  She is a keeper, for sure! So I came home to a sparkling house, the groceries were all bought and set for the week, and that left us free to relax on Sunday. Life is good!

We did go up to Brewer on Sunday for lunch with A’s sisters, niece, great niece, and great-nephew and their cousin Sunday, and we had a nice visit, got fun cards and presents, and were home in the afternoon – we didn’t even try to think of chores and errands we could do in “the big city” while we were there.

I gave the pool some more attention, and then settled in front of my wheel determined to finish this spin.  And I did.  I did not fuss when I came to a knot that could not be undone, I just cut the silk and called it good.

For two months (to the day) you have been patient with me as I worked from this

to this:

Just look at that silk shimmer and shine! And those beads glisten.  🙂  I got just under 600 yards of the beaded, and then I finished plying after the knot with no beads, and got about 130 yards of plain.

Plenty for a shawl, and then some!

It is all washed and hanging to dry (which it never will in this weather)  and I now know why beaded yarn is so expensive to buy.  This stuff takes forever to make.  I am glad I did it and I don’t expect to do it again any time soon. At least not with this method.  There is another way to do it, I wonder if it is faster?  Hmmmm.


This  week I will clean and oil the old wheel and carry her upstairs (where she will be my plying wheel), then prep some fiber to start a spin on the new wheel!!!  I can hardly wait.  But I won’t start a big spin for a few days, even though I have one in mind.  I have some mini batts that I want to spin up so I get used to the new wheel without worrying about the quality of the yarn. I will also focus on my knitting, which has suffered the past few weeks as I worked so diligently on this yarn.

And there is a yard that deserves demands attention. And the pool needs me to be brave and get IN it to scrub it.  I’d really like the sun to be out when I do that, and the temperature of the air to be higher than that of the water.  As the water is in the low 60’s that doesn’t seem too ridiculous a thought.  Maybe next week?





Weekend plans

For a short week, this sure has seemed long!  In part because I have been anticipating the weekend SO MUCH.  I am going to one of my favorite events on Saturday – the Maine Fiber Frolic.  I just love this fair.  It is focused on all things fiber, and all the pretty things that go along with that – beads and buttons and spinning wheels and on and on. Plus really good ice cream. It’s somehow related, I am not arguing.

And I am going with some of the ladies from Whorls and Purls, whom I haven’t seen in a MONTH due to all the other things I did in May, and the fact that Purple Fleece is now closed for a vacation until next week.

A and I had a discussion about money for this event, I was worried I would get some pushback on wanting more cash for more yarn, but she apparently would like a little extra cash for golf this week, so we reached an amicable, profitable decision.  🙂

So my feet are just dancing to get through this week!

As if Saturday wasn’t enough, Sunday we are meeting up with A’s sisters and niece and her family to celebrate Sister S’s and my birthdays with a lunch in Bangor. I love birthday parties, especially when they are for me! And

Somewhere in the middle of all the revelry, I will do some chores and a teeny bit of housework.  A has already promised to do the laundry this weekend, yea!  She is going off to play some golf with my stepdad on Saturday, so not sure how this will work, but I bet it means chores will happen Friday night.

I intend to spin my little heart out on the beaded yarn.  I am pretty sure I am more than half way through, perhaps even two thirds.  As I don’t know what will run out first – yarn or beads, it is sort of hard to predict where the end is, but I think I have less than half the yarn left to go.  I really love the way it is coming out, but I am ready for it to be done.  I am not letting myself use the new spinning wheel until this is done, and it is killing me to see it sitting there.  🙂  I know how easy it would be to not finish this because I get involved in a new spin, so I am holding strong.  Because I want this yarn; I have big plans for it.  🙂


I am still knitting, but not in any great chunks of time – started the second red sock last week.  And the sweater is finally looking right and slowly growing.  I think I will really like having it next winter.

The shawl and the vest are poking along, not getting lots of attention because of all the evening spinning, but still very much in the forefront of the knitting work.  I have added another row of beads on the shawl and I definitely like these beads for this project.  I wasn’t sure they would stand out enough, but with more of them on it, I can see now that they are fine. This shawl is going to be a really nice one, and the lace pattern is so nice and easy, the repeats are easy to memorize.

The vest is up to the waist, so now I am certain I won’t run out of yarn, I shortened the length enough – yeah!  I like the little pattern on the front band and the lacey part at the hem doesn’t get as lost as I thought it might in the busy fabric.

So all is good on the crafting front!

The pool and yard – well, not so much.  IT KEEPS RAINING!  And it’s COLD. I have managed to get all the leaves out of the pool, and the chemicals in, but it needs me to get in and really scrub it and stir up the winter grime so the filter can do it’s thing. And it is COLD in that pool! And the gardens need attention, the grass needs trimming.  We don’t actually have any lawn but patches of green among the gravel and I like to keep them a little bit short. Not happening yet.

No seeds planted yet, though the garlic and asparagus are doing very well!  Thank the good lord for perennials and fall plantings.

I don’t expect to make much progress on this front this weekend, but it definitely deserves my attention.

And I found out that when my stepbrother comes to Maine for his annual visit, he wants to come over and work in our yard for a day!!!!  I have about 6 years worth of landscaping work that needs doing, so I have to really think about where that day of hard work can best be used.  And I have a couple of weeks to decide.  🙂

That’s about it – have a good weekend – and check back in a few days to see what I got at the Fiber Frolic!





Maine Fiber Frolic

This weekend is Maine Fiber Frolic at the Windsor Fairgrounds, about an hour and a quarter away. I have been looking forward to it for a long time, but I got really excited when A gave me an early birthday present – cash. Added to what I had been saving, it meant I could really go wild. 🎉


And I did. But before I show you what I bought, I want to tell you about my day. The second part of my gift was that A did not go with me. 🙂 I tried to coerce invited my mom, sister, and sister in law to go with me but they were all otherwise occupied. So I got to go by myself and ogle and feel fiber to my hearts delight with no sense of having to hurry because a non-fiber person I love was bored out of her mind.

I started out in the fleece tent, per spinning teacher’s instructions. It was pretty amazing. Fleece feels nothing like yarn. 😀  I thought the merino looked cool, all kinky. But I could see the staple was much shorter than I have worked with yet. And the alpaca was not as soft as I expected. I resisted buying a fleece but only because I have no idea what I want yet. Maybe next year, or in the fall. Plus there is SO much in a bag!  Yikes.

From there I peeked over into the used equipment barn- lots of things there but lots of people, so I skipped it for this year. Saving my money for vendor tents.

That’s where I went next, with my very strict lists of things I want to make and the yardage. I wanted some sock yarn, dark colors and bright red. One of my first stops was String Theory Hand Dyed Yarns where I snagged some caper sock yarn. I have used it before but gave all the socks away!! This pair will be for me. As will the neon and black striped socks I will make with another find. (Black is dark, right?)

I tried to stay away from blues with little success. I did get some other colors but it was so hard, everyone had such gorgeous colors, how do you choose? When overwhelmed by choice, I naturally gravitate toward the blues.

I found a couple of vendors I frequent every year and got yarn for hats and shawls. And my favorite glass button lady had something I had on my list – an orifice hook! So I splurged on a pretty one.  I looked and looked at gorgeous hand painted braids, and was nervous about getting one, but finally found a reasonably priced Corriedale, which I know I can spin. It is green and periwinkle which isn’t really blue, right? There were some gorgeous ones of yak and silk, but without my teacher at my elbow to tell me staple length, I didn’t dare spend the astronomical amount of money (relatively speaking) that they wanted for that lustrous thing.  Ditto for camel/silk.

And I had a good time with the owner of the Bead Biz, who is from my home town in Connecticut, it turns out. Small world. She was impressed with all my tiny snips of yarn to choose beads to match. I was so prepared, I am telling you. Turns out they all look great together, and so I was able to get three colors of beads that will go with 6 or 7 different skeins of yarn I have.  No need to choose now.  And she has a website – ut-oh.

I did not get any sweater quantities, which I sort of had hoped to, but I got some beautiful skeins to knit up things for me and for sale, and I got some pretty wool to practice spinning with.

I did see this, which made me smile- Ella Gordon’s croft house has made it to Maine!

People seem to be putting more kits together, which I think is great for those of us who have trouble deciding.  Pine Star Studio had some nice kits with mini skeins, a Leftie shawl kit, and a linen stitch scarf kit which REALLY tempted me, as I have been wanting to make something similar for a while.  But I stuck with individual skeins and will keep these ideas in my head.  There were lots of mini skeins around,  which were on my list, but it was too overwhelming to chose them in this venue.  Even though I got there nice and early, by about ten, it started filling up and that’s not my best shopping scenario,

I spent my lunch money on yarn – shocking, I know – so had to settle for just an ice cream for lunch. It was a real hardship. Then I headed home and had oodles of day left for admiring my purchases. 😍

Here they are:


A nice corriedale braid from Highland Handmades in the color way bearded iris.  The purple is really more of a periwinkle.  She had some amazing colors and fiber blends, and when I get to be a better spinner I will go visit her again. ( She was fun – her phone kept buzzing. It was her husband over in the fleece barn, wanting permission to buy more fleece.  She kept saying no. She already had two fleeces tucked away under her table.  He buys them, but she cleans and spins them, and she thought two would keep her busy for a while)

Also from her is this fun sock yarn.


I show you front and back so you get the full spectrum.  🙂

Here’s the handle of my new orifice hook – hand-made lamp work glass by Shipyard Point Glassworks.  You have seen Bev’s buttons here before, and I use her stitch markers all the time as well. This was her last Fiber Frolic but she says I can still call her if I need something. (Need ?  Do I need any of this?)  I guess she is semi-retiring, which I completely understand but still am sad about.


After a huge amount of deliberating at Pine Star Studio, this is what I came away with.  It will likely be a simple shawl for sale, and a happy me if it doesn’t sell, as I think I will like these colors worked up.  Even though it isn’t blue.  See how well I did in this booth?  🙂 the colors aren’t quite right here, but it is soft roses, a bit of purple and pale green.


Here is a skein that is definitely NOT blue – and another booth where I really struggled to choose colors.  Jan Marek Raczkowski Studio (no website, but he is listed as a vendor at shows across the northeast) had loads of colors, fibers, weights, yardages, and the prices on most were decent.  I wished I could afford a sweater’s worth from him, but it would have cleaned me out and then some.  I got this thinking baby sweater for sale, or shawl for sale…or not.


Next up I found Hidden Brook Fiber – always glad to see her and her affordable angora/wool blends!  She never has as many colors as everyone else, so I had to get blue, lol.  I was tempted by some of the natural gray, thinking I could over dye it, but this turquoise color called me.  Since I already have two skeins of a soft blue and one of a white, I probably could have walked away, but it is so soft! This is actually more turquoise than this shot shows.


String Theory Hand Dyed Caper sock – I told you how I love this yarn – who could resist this beautiful blue?  Not me!  I am calling it “dark” and want no arguments, please.  If she had a bright red I would have gotten that too, and I walked away from so many luscious colors and yarns, but I know I can just go to Blue Hill any time and get all I want or need.  Thankfully, she sells at that Farmer’s Market, and that is much closer to me than the Fiber Frolic is…plus it is weekly!  She has a cool display – a box truck outfitted like a yarn store – you go up some steps and there you are surrounded by bins of neatly organized skeins – just like a tiny shop.  Loads of fun.


Don’t worry, I am almost out of money.  Here are the beads I got – the white is a matte finish, the gold have one faceted side, so they really sparkle.  The pale pink/blush are silver lined, so they also sparkle nicely.  I wonder where they will all wind up?


That is all my purchases for today, but I have to warn you, before I left, I did set aside some money to buy fiber at my next (and last) spinning lesson and I might have gone over to theKnittingSarah’s de-stash.  More on that next week.

So all in all, I had a lovely time, and am seriously wishing I was done with tiny cotton hats so I could start on some of these things.   But I will be good, because I am hopeful that tiny cotton hats will bring in money that I can save for September when I go to the Common Ground Fair.

Which reminds me – something I noticed at the Fiber Frolic – it may be the Maine Fiber Frolic, but we had vendors from the whole northeast, and so it had a very different feel to it than does the Common Ground Fair, which is Maine only. Not better or worse, just different.  You won’t find yak/silk blends at the Common Ground Fair, for instance.  Unless someone somewhere in Maine is trying to raise yak and silk worms, which seems unlikely. So I enjoy them both and try to spend enough to keep them all in business.

Leaving you with another pretty – the sky when I took the bird feeders in last evening was just beautiful, these photos don’t do it justice.  I think I see where Pantone got it’s inspiration for this year’s colors.

To the west:



and to the east:




Sneaking in a random knitting post

I am supposed to be working, but have no pressing deadlines, so am taking a “smoking break” … long enough to tell you that I cast on Indian Feathers the other night.  I know, I know, I don’t need any more long slow projects. But I could not resist the lace with a few little beads (175).  Just saying!

I’ll get a picture tonight, although there is not yet much to show.  Rows are long (411 stitches) so hours of progress yields not much in the way of inches.  But that will change when I finish the border.

To make up for doing this foolish thing, I knit several rows of the blue linen this morning. And I have it with me in my bag today, in case I want to work on it at lunch.  Of course, it is underneath the Quince and Co Trapper Cowl, so it is unlikely that I will get down to it today.

Making a ridiculously long list of things I  – ahem – *need* at Fiber Frolic… the vendor list has so many of my favorites people on it, it is going to be tough to spend my money wisely.

Wearing my purple lace leaf shawl today as it was chilly this morning – already got a couple of compliments on it.  🙂

Now, back to work to earn money for yarn…

What are you doing on Saturday?

I am going to the Maine Fiber Frolic, at the Windsor Fairgrounds, on Saturday morning.

So I was thinking, if you are too, maybe we should meet in person and get to know each other?

I have nothing formal in mind as far as a blogger event goes, but thought it would be fun to meet any of you who are around.  I checked out the vendor list – some of my favorite local yarn spinners and dyers are going to be there, are yours?  I would love to share yarn and fiber notes.

Let me know in the comments if you are interested, and we can sort ut a time and place to meet.

This is what happens when I only post randomly

Just posted that big long post about what I am up to this week, and then saw that I did not post any of the cool stuff I did in June! So here goes. I’ll try to keep it brief, but what are the chances???

Fiber Frolic with Mom – was a nice quiet fun time! I did get some fabulous lace weight silk/wool blend yarn from my favorite vendor, and saw lots of cool things – and found a woman who does Angora at an affordable price. She had a sweater that she had knit – I experienced sweater envy, it was so light and soft! But even at her affordable rates, it would have been well over $100 for the yarn. It will be a while before I have that kind of yarn money.

Monhegan was spectacular. I do love islands! We (A, sister-in-law L) went over on Friday, which was a rainy foggy day. The minute we stepped off the boat, I felt at home. Actually, I felt at home on the little ferry. It is a passenger only boat, but it felt a lot like the old Block Island ferry of my youth – the Quonset.

We found our little apartment – way up a hill, which made for a beautiful view, except that it was too foggy to see anything! Then we went for our first hike. A was feeling the uneven ground in her ankle, so she found a nice bench at the lighthouse and enjoyed the view while L and I walked up to the top of the cliffs. It was so foggy that I think we could have walked right off the edge if we hadn’t heard the surf. Anyway, we took some fog photos and walked back. Now, if you know me, you know I am not a lover of hiking and exercise. But these walks were just so pretty that I forgot I was working at getting to where I wanted to go. We picked up pizza for supper and carried it up the hill, no extra trips down that hill for us. We had a spectacular thunderstorm that night, and it really cleared the air. Saturday morning was just beautiful! L and I did another longer hike – up to the cliffs via a different trail, then down around to Lobster Cove. We got wet and muddy and loved every minute. Then we walked down into town for breakfast muffins and brought them back up the hill to A. We ate breakfast on the deck, then packed up our duds and went down the hill again. We did our shopping (planned from wandering the day before) and took many photos before heading over to the ferry dock, where we essentially hung around all day, enjoying the sun and breeze and view. Our trip ended with a ride on the 4:30 ferry back to Port Clyde. The Captain took us the “long way” home – with a detour around the island, so we could see the cliffs we had stood on earlier in the day. Just stunning. I truly think that if I ever really could spend a year on an island, Monhegan would be on the top of the list. It feels very much larger than it is, probably because of the lack of vehicles. It reminded me very much of how Block was when I was a kid – old beater pickups, dirt roads, friendly neighbors, and it even smells the same – roses and pines – yum.

We met Mom and B in Port Clyde for supper, then I went home with them, while A and L headed home. The twins graduated the next day, so Mom and I went to that big event – hard to believe they are almost grown up…

The other high school graduation was for B in CT at the end of the month – a long drive to see her, but well worth it, I think she really appreciated me and Mom making the trek. We stayed at Aunt P and Uncle T’s for the night, then stopped by to see Ma before heading back to Maine. P and T seem the same as ever, but Ma seems to be slipping a bit – she got up and dressed and out on the porch though – and she followed the conversation, although she didn’t initiate or respond to much. I guess as she is 102, well on her way to 103, some vagueness is OK. Didn’t get to see Dad, of course, as he was entertaining brother C for the weekend.

On June 2, we picked up the cats we chose Memorial Day weekend – Allie Cat and Zumba. We got them at Bangor Humane Society, and had to wait for them to be spayed before we took them home. they seemed to settle in fine and now have us completely trained. We have little bouncing balls all over the house, as well as baskets, boxes and a new ten foot post wrapped in rope leading up to the loft. They have learned their names, and Zumba will come when we call. Allie sometimes looks up when we call her…

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