Big Day!

A starts her vacation today, and tax season is DONE!  Her birthday is next week, and so we always try to take the week off – but this year, she is taking Friday as well, so things will be different around here – no taxes, no sitting on the couch knitting the day away, no hours lost in the craft room.  We are going to rock and roll!

A wants to go to Bangor to begin the research about how much our garage will cost to build.  This was always on our long-term planning list, but this winter moved it up to the top.  🙂  It won’t be attached to the house, it won’t even be particularly close, but it is far easier to dig a path (or tramp one down) than it is to continually shovel out the whole driveway and clear off the cars, move them, then clear up the resulting mess. Every day.  I plan to consult with the plow guy to make sure we build things so that he can do more clearing than we do.  🙂

Anyway, that means making our rounds at all the lumber yards to see what they have for kits and plans, and see if we can start to get a feel for things.  I think we have finally agreed to give up the idea of an apartment attached to this building, at least in the foreseeable future.  As long as we pay attention and make sure we don’t do something to make that hard or impossible or expensive in the future, I think it will be OK.  Now we get to do our work together on sorting out our two visions and how they can work together.  Always fun!

I’ll also get some knitting done as we drive, so that part is fine.  I think we might catch up with sister-in-law L for lunch, if she is free, and then we will wander home.  No craft shopping planned.  That doesn’t mean none will happen, you just never know what I will find at a lumber yard /hardware store to do something with.  🙂

Other chores – fill the bird feeders, empty the squirrel trap, re-bait it (hopeless cause, I know, to eradicate mice and squirrels from around the house, but I can try, right?).  I was going to screen off the phoebe post this weekend, but darned if they aren’t already back!  I spotted those bobbing tails Wednesday morning, and saw one fluttering into that favorite nesting place of theirs.  Birders – can you answer me this – will they find a new nesting place if I shoo them out now and block it off?  They haven’t laid their eggs yet, have they?  A had plans to screen in that area under the deck to let the cats out – I want the phoebes gone before that happens, but not sure I can convince her to wait all summer.  So – are they settled in yet?  Will moving them harm them irreparably if I do it soon?

You might be able to tell – spring is here!  Still some isolated snow piles (the one we have a bet on is still there.  I expect (hope) to lose the “ice out” bet – I chose 5/1, A chose 4/24.  I sure hope she wins, and the snow is gone by then)

I also want to get a new clothes line so I can start hanging clothes out – which means relocating the bird feeder, which has been hanging on the line all winter.  I will put a shepherd’s crook down in that area so the birds don’t freak out that their food is gone.  But the clothes line sure was handy all winter, because I could reel in the feeder.  🙂

It won’t all happen, but it’s good to have plans, right?  🙂

18 thoughts on “Big Day!”

  1. Sounds like it’s going to be a good, but busy, day! You sound really happy that tax season is over, and I don’t blame you in the least. Hope you enjoy the weekend! It’s semi-warm but raining here in southern NH so I just want to craft all day instead of do my actual day job. 😛

    1. It rained earlier, but now the sun is out, so we are home again and have opened up the house for an airing before it gets cool again. I hope you get some sunshine, too, and can find craft time!

  2. The phoebe your seeing building the nest is the female. They are pretty much loner birds who come together only to mate. Only the female takes care of the eggs and sees the baby birds off.

    If she is revisiting the nest it means she’s close to laying eggs. You know me I am an animal lover. I would wait for this brood to hatch and fledge and then screen it off. They could be out of there as early as the end of June.

    1. Dang, I was really hoping you would say she has a few weeks of time. And this particular family always has two sets of eggs. We will wait, I guess.

      1. Yes, she is on her own now that she is pregnant. They only live about 10 years, so if she is an older bird she might not have the second set.

        1. Not sure how old she is – she has nested here for the past two years that we know of. Before that, the deck wasn’t there, so I don’t know where she nested.

          1. She may not have the second brood. Still once the last one fledges you can block her off and she should have time to find a new spot.

          2. Well, I hope she will be too busy with other projects to get to it before June, you never know. I’ll keep adjusting the “honey-do” list. 🙂

  3. I have a next platform right outside my living-room window. The female is the predominant nest builder but they often build together. They mate and often take turns feeding the hatchlings until they fledge. Then re-mate to lay as many as three broods if the weather stays warm enough.

    Before the nest is built is the time to seal the area off. Something to consider is that each bird that migrates away and returns, is the SAME bird, coming to the place they know. (Watch Winged Migration) They may not be able to find a suitable re-nest site in the larger area they know.

    If someone locked you out of your house would you be able to find suitable housing? Probably, but not without hardship. And since they are building a nest, not to live in, but to breed in, if they can’t find a suitable place to build a nest this season will it impact the species numbers? Probably. A lot? Only when we consider that millions and millions of people are limiting birds’ access to preferred habitat.

    I’d say get out there fast and close it up before they spend a lot of energy defending and building the nest. And maybe put up a nest platform nearby on your house that won’t interfere with your day to day living.

    1. I like the idea of a nest platform, so we will work on that and let her have her nest this year (unless A does something when I am not home) and HOPE SHE ONLY HAS TWO SETS this year. Three is just ridiculous.

  4. I have no information on the question about nesting birds, but I do want to say I am excited for you to have a garage. I spent most of my adult life without one which meant scraping frost from car windows and removing lots of snow. One of the main requirements for my next home when I transferred in my job was a place with a garage. It is the best thing in the world. No my scraping the windshield and brushing snow in the morning hours when leaving for work.

    1. I do hope we can afford it! We are having plans drawn up – he will incorporate everything we said, give us a materials price and then help us trim it back, lol! But I hope and pray that we will have it done before the next snow flies – or at least, done enough. 🙂

      We dream of not scraping and brushing like mad. This winter was brutal in that regard.

      1. I will keep my fingers crosses that you can do it. Well, I won’t literally have my fingers crossed because that would make it hard to type and to stitch, but I sure home you can get that garage!

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