A’s Birthday Friday List

Today beloved A is celebrating her 52nd birthday.  She thought long and hard about what she wanted her birthday excursion to be.  If you remember, last year we combined our excursions into a real vacation to Charleston, SC.

This year, she set her sights some lower.  After much thought, she decided she wants to go to Bangor, to Harbor Freight, and wander the aisles, picking out some treasures. Then she wants to have supper with her sisters at Uno’s. All I can say is that it is her birthday to do with what she will.  And I thank goodness there is a Christmas Tree Shop right next door to Harbor Freight, so I won’t go out of my mind.  🙂   (Just saying that my birthday excursion will be more fun – I am headed off to Monhegan Island with Mom and company in June.)

So, this morning I will bake her an angel food cake, and then we will head up to the big city for the afternoon.

I’ll have my knitting with me.  And my creative brain, because Christmas Tree Shop always has just the perfect thing if only it were a bit different.


8 thoughts on “A’s Birthday Friday List”

    1. I’ll pass the message along. 🙂 We had a nice day – ate too much lunch, walked it off whopping. Now home in PJ’s early, it is a cold, raw night here, fire feels good. 🙂

    1. lol we had a noce time – sister in law L and I wandered around the Christmas Tree Shop while A hunted through the tool store. I bought nothing, but got some ideas. 🙂 She bought a strange assortment of things, and is happy. Uno’s was delicious. 🙂

  1. it’s A’s birthday, she gets to choose where you go ^^
    bet you’ll have a fun time and a “joyeux anniversaire” to A.

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