On top of the world, over the moon, ELATED

Doc says I am fine.  Changed the meds, the rash is better, the iron levels are better, the lump is nothing – woot hoot.

JB Atlantic in Ellsworth took every last bit of jewelry I have made on consignment, recommended higher prices than I would dream and wants me to make more.  Good I got all those beads, right? And already strung them.  🙂

They took 4 button hats – the ones with buttons with local ties, but said no more hats until the fall or these sell.  Turn off the hat making machine and engage the jewelry machine.

Life is good tonight.


15 thoughts on “On top of the world, over the moon, ELATED”

  1. Yay! Congrats on them taking your jewelry! Too bad the bead store is closing. 😦 Still, if this place works out real well, it may be worth it to drive to that other store you said is farther away. 🙂

    1. I know, right? I stopped in there again today – third visit in three weeks! And told the owner. She gave me her cell phone so I can call and see if she has what I need in her boxes of inventory before I head out on a road trip for beads. But I am pretty well stocked right now.

  2. So fabulous! Wonderful! Your craft work is so great it needs to be seen (and bought) by lots of people! Congratulations!

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