Quick update

(since I am at work!)

Storm did hit, we got a foot of wet heavy snow, but amazingly, lost no trees.

We did lose power, and have no clue when it will return, so for now, there will be a quietness about this blog.   We are fine, we have a woodstove to warm us, we sorely miss lights and especially running water, but we make do. They have all of that at work, so we survive.

I tried knitting in the dark, I won’t be making much progress until the lights come on (but I knit a bit on socks every day, if you are reading this, knitting sarah!) How did people get anything done in the “olden days”?  They must have had brighter candles or something.

Gotta head home soon, so I am in before dark.  Ugh.  Wish we didn’t roll the clocks back this weekend!


9 thoughts on “Quick update”

  1. Hope the power goes on soon. Remember to call the power company 3 times a day each day you are without power to remind them you are without power. The squeaky wheel gets the grease. Outside of prioritizing based on whether hospital, nursing homes, or schools are in a grid and getting those grids on first, the next priority goes to areas where people from that grid are complaining the most. Stay warm. How did people knit before electricity? In the day light. They went to bed early and rose with the dawn. A very different way of living not based on time.

    1. lol – call the power company – I did that immediately. To an automated system that says don;t call back. then every day you get a robo call “Press one if you have power, press 2 if you are away from home or do not know press 3 if power hgas not been restored.” My 3 button is cracked in half I have slammed it so hard. 🙂

      Oh, and the priority they said on the news? the polling stations. Can you believe it?

      1. It sounds as bad as the electric company down here. After Sandy the electric company just disconnected their phones so callers would get nothing.

        With the election results it might have been better with no electricity to any voting machines. I wouldn’t consider polling stations important, they could use paper ballots. I would think getting power back on to residents is more important.

        Please tell me you have power by now.

        1. oh, gosh, yes. I think everyone has power back by now. We got it back Tuesday night.

          I hear you on ppaer ballots – which actually, we still use – then they get put into a scanner thing – that is what needed the electricity. Some polling places had to be moved as they did not have power, but for the most part, I think things in that arena were normal. I agree with you, though, residents, nursing homes, schools – lots of things more important than electronic voting.

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