Yesterday I picked tomatoes, today I will shovel snow

I guess the title says it all, right?

I heard the forecast, so I picked the last of the green cherry tomatoes to ripen indoors – amazing to be doing that on November 1.

Still have carrots to harvest, but as long as I get them out of the ground before it freezes, I should be good.  Probably will do that this week.

This first snow of the year is beautiful, of course.  But I wish it had held off a few more weeks.  It will now be a long slog until spring.

Indoor pursuits today, until it stops.  I expect I will do some knitting – started the black fingerless mitts yesterday, I think they will be hard to work on in artificial light, we will see.  I am using Premier’s Deborah Norville yarn – it was the right price and color, but it feels quite rough to me.  I hope it will soften with washing.  I am making up a pattern based on Pam Allen’s Tern socks, which I am also knitting, and will work on today.  And I should get started on some card making, but not sure I will venture upstairs to the craft room today.

The oaks still have lots of leaves on them, so I fear with this heavy snow and high wind we lose power at some point. I guess my first indoor pursuit will be to make sure the cell phones are charged, and to fill some water pitchers.


20 thoughts on “Yesterday I picked tomatoes, today I will shovel snow”

  1. Goodness! It was 19c here on Friday (unseasonably warm) but although it’s cooler now we haven’t got the heating on. I wonder if the weather being colder with you is the reason it’s warmer here? Weather systems being global & all….

    1. It was warm here right up until Saturday evening when it started snowing to beat the band. We wound up with a foot of heavy wet stuff, power is down all over the region, and they say it might not be restored for several more days. Thankfully, we have power (and thus, water and internet) at work! Global warming is a whacky thing, the storms are definitely feeling different these days!

  2. Saw you were getting hit with the snowy end of this storm on the Weather Channel. Only wind down here, but we lost power in the first 5 minutes of the storm. It’s gonna take awhile for the power to come back, huge trees took down almost everything and are blocking access. We can’t get there from here and they can’t get here from there. I hope you don’t get a huge amount of snow. Stay safe.

    1. Thanks! We did get dumped on, and we did lose power, and no predictions fro when it will return at home (off in the woods, 2 entire miles from Route 1.) Luckily, work fared better, so we have access to all sorts of luxuries.

  3. we’re still having incredibly mild weather in France. 20]C here today and, like mollieandclaire, we haven’t put heating on yet even though nights are getting a little chilly.

    1. lol – until my recovering sister in law arrived, we had not used heat, and likely would not have yet, beyond the occasional evening fire. But now, we are running the wood stove in the basement full time, trying to keep the whole house bearable. It wasn’t designed to do this long term!

    1. I am glad you are that lucky, I know it isn’t always so! A weird little swath of Maine got about a foot of heavy wet snow, and the rest of the state got nothing to a couple of inches. Trees still had lots of leaves, so there are many tress and branches and lines down. If this is just the start, it will be a long winter.

    1. we did, it is. But we are warm enough. And there is lots of snow to melt to get water for the flush. Who needs to wash dishes and do laundry? It is down to basics now!

      1. Aww I’m sorry to hear this. But .. it sounds like you’ve got the right plans and know how to get through this – so I’m reassured that you’ll cope (far better than I probably would in the same situation!)
        Sending love ~ Cobs x

        1. We are used to it but tired of it, if you know what I mean! Systems in place, but it ain’t no luxury spa! So jealous of my brother with his new whole-house generator!

    1. Tomatoes, I eat any way I can, I love them! I especially like a simple tomato sandwich – sliced on bread with mayonnaise and some salt and pepper. I don’t grow enough to can for sauce, but every couple of years, I buy a bushel from a local farmer and can them. Carrots, I do eat in salads, or as a snack, but I also roast them when I roast a chicken and potatoes.

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