I’m ba-a-ack!

Sorry not to post my list today as usual – life is complicated this week!

Power came back on – beeping and clicking and flashing lights woke us from a deep sleep in the middle of the night Tuesday – you know – a little before 8.  🙂  Once we were sure it was really staying on I leaped up, turned on the dishwasher and pellet stoves, flushed the toilets, washed my hands, plugged in the DVR to record NCIS, and went back to bed.  Since then, we have played catch-up.

It has been warm, so the snow has almost melted, and all the dishes are done, laundry is back under control – amazing how 3 days with no power can create havoc!

Today I went and got the snow tires on the other car, and met Crimson Crow in town for a fun morning of errands and chatting (you knew you would be here, right, CC?) and a good breakfast at the Riverside restaurant.

After I left her, I stopped in the office to drop off my time card, then came home to clean out the fridge.  Very exciting.  Got to throw is all away, then scrub shelves, etc.  Haven’t opened the freezer yet, but all of that will be tossed as well, and that will get cleaned this weekend.

Then I made some cheesy artichoke dip, and shortly, I will leave for game night at A’s office. Of course I will bring that sock I have been working on all week.  🙂

I’ll post later this weekend about the other fun things we have planned, but for now, know that we are safe, have lights and water again, and knitting is happening again.


3 thoughts on “I’m ba-a-ack!”

  1. Yay for electricity, warm house, clean clothes, dishwashers and all that is ‘comfort’.

    Although I know that I could actually survive a power failure (I’ve done it before and I’ve no doubt that it will happen again) – I also know that those times of power failures (for whatever reasons), taught me an infinite appreciation of those things which very clever folks invented in order to make my life warmer, easier and in some cases, healthier.

    Glad to hear you’re up and running again! ~ Cobs. x

  2. I didn’t realise you were without water for 3 days too! And must be really annoying to have to throw food away from fridge and freezer – works out an expensive power cut

    1. yes, we have a well, so when no electricity, we have no water. It’s the worst part.

      Well, besides throwing away a full freezer full of food. that was rough.

      Normally in the winter when the power goes out, we can save the food by putting it in boxes outside. But this time, it wasn’t cold enough. We saved the fridge food for a few days, but the last few days, it was just too warm.

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