Travel day

Today I traveled with a couple of my coworkers to Nashua NH for a conference.

We are at the Radisson, which is nice enough. But…. Why are hotels always so BROWN and dark inside? Otherwise it is fine.

Sharing a room with a coworker. She’s nice, so we should have fun.

Brought lots of knitting: half done May Challenge socks, and two skeins for more when I finish these. 🙂 I’ll be going back to one at a time simple socks after this, at least for one pair!

Tired. Did I mention we had a three-hour staff meeting before we left and I had a grant to submit today, too? It has been a long day.

Good night.


4 thoughts on “Travel day”

  1. Business travel is tough. Sharing a room with a co-worker is tough. It’s like you never get a chance to turn off the public you. I am more and more convinced that I knit to maintain my sanity. Your knitting will get you through.

    1. it will. Jen and I do fine together – she said I don’t snore. 🙂 She is off watching the hockey game downstairs tonight, I went yarn shopping (I’ll post on it) so we have time away from each other – but you are right – all that personal stuff that has to be thought about (like closing the bathroom door!)

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