another unsolicited review – TWILL and a report on my day

Conference is OK. Some good workshops, some necessary workshops and adequate food.

I went for a walk early, trying to find some “paved paths through the woods” that I never did find, but got my walk in looking for them. It is chilly here, but it feels good after the over heated hotel.

Did a little research last night – after the Charleston yarn store bust, I hoped Nashua would have something for me to look at.

It did – I found a shop named “Twill” online, and when I checked Map Quest, it looked like I could find it pretty easily. And it is open until 8 pm tonight!

So right after supper, I headed out and followed the directions. It was very easy to find on Main street in Nashua. Parking was not as easy, I circled the area few times before I found a metered spot. then I only had 35 cents in change, which bought me roughly half an hour of time.

The store is very open and has lots of space for knitters and sewers to gather and work, in fact there were several people doing some sewing while I was there. The yarn is spread through most of the store, interspersed with nice cotton fabric and some very nice notions and knitting supplies. And for the most part, the yarn was very nice, but it felt to me like there wasn’t much selection – a few companies were represented, and all of it pretty expensive. And lots and lots of rusty reds and beiges and greens. Some blues, very few other colors. Little bits of luxury yarn and some gorgeous project bags. I couldn’t linger to look at the books because of the parking meter, but I was hard pressed to buy a skein, and finally settled on a pale gray Cascade Heritage silk, the most affordable yarn there.

If I lived around here, I would ask her to carry some different brands, but as a visitor with limited time, I was disappointed. I wanted to see locally grown, or at least locally dyed things (and I know they exist, because the NH wool weekend just happened and I am pretty sure there were some producers there, weren’t there?) and failing that, I want to see a wide variety of good quality yarn. There is so much out there, and space was not the issue here, she could have fit a lot more in the store. The woman who waited on me admitted to knowing how to knit but not really liking it, she preferred to sew. If she owns the store, then I really don’t get it as the fabric was very good quality but a small selection….


May Challenge socks are just that. This is a bad pattern to knit two at a time, as in Row 17 you have to move a stitch from one needle to the next, which is a darned chore if the other sock is in the way. But I persevere because a challenge isn’t supposed to be easy, right? 🙂 Hope to finish these tomorrow….three more workshops, I should do OK.

8 thoughts on “another unsolicited review – TWILL and a report on my day”

  1. I’m with you, I would have thought for sure Nashua had a healthy yarn store. It’s a shame that the brick and mortars have all but vanished. There really is no substitute for going in, seeing and touching a skein of yarn.

    1. I know! This store had lots o fpeople sewing that night, but just felt messy and disorganized. She did have some really nice expensive yarn that I touched, bt not much to actually want to buy…

  2. I live in Nashua. I agree that Twill is very expensive, but I you probably didn’t speak to Sandy, the owner, who IS a knitter. Simone is in charge of the fabric and works for Sandy if that’s who you spoke to.

    Even though Twill is expensive there’s a great knitting group that meets there on Friday nights (and no, you don’t have to buy anything).

    If you have time to get up to Amherst NH, there’s another yarn shop called Covered Bridge Creations and she has a good selection.

    1. the woman did tell me about the knitting group, but we left friday morning. I am glad to hear that there is a big crowd of knitters and another option for shopping! I was amazed at how busy downtown was in the evening, midweek, that is great, most towns I know of that size just shut down after work.

      1. Nashua is lucky in that there’s a ton of restaurants downtown and things tend to stay open fairly late, at least in the food department (there’s also a nightclub but I’ve never been).

        I’m actually a Nashua native so it was super interesting to read about it through the eyes of someone who isn’t. Makes you think about things in a new way.

        1. You need more parking! 🙂 Wish I had been there a little longer so we could have gone to some restaurants and the knitting group. Our conference provided all the meals for our stay, so we only ventured out for frozen yogurt late one night. But I did notice some interesting restaurants there on Main Street. Maybe some other trip we will explore more.

          1. Main street is horrible for parking. There are two garages though that are a little ways off of main that you should keep in mind for any future visits.

            I’ve heard Surf is really good (I can’t have shellfish but my mom recommends it). Villa Banca is really good Italian. the Vietnam Noodle house looks like a hole in the wall but has amazing food. Martha’s exchange is great too. Peddler’s Daughter is good if you like pub food… I could go on.

            We’re very lucky with the choices! And if you ever get down to the south end of town near the Pheasant Lane Mall, there’s Lui Lui’s which is another great Italian place. 😀

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