1 day training, how many hats? :-) and a Friday list

Had a training today on measuring outcomes, goal setting, etc. not a bad training but pretty dry material. So, I finished up a hat I was working on, and then knit most of a second one. Wow! Pretty good, given that in the same 6 hours I took some notes and ate lunch. 🙂 I’ll post pictures later – I am working on a red collection with a big bunch of yarn from sister-in-law S. I think it will make a big impressive looking pile. 🙂

Tomorrow is Friday – another tax day – means a dull list for you guys.

The taxes are in SW Harbor again, so I should get home at a decent hour. A has asked me to get supper at Pat’s Pizza in Ellsworth on my way home. She gave me a huge list of appetizers to last her all weekend. Not sure yet what I will get. But it is clear, we won’t be cooking over the next few days.

That’s it – except that I have to stop into the office to sign the time sheets, since I wasn’t there today to do it. Hope I don;t get caught as I have to meet my tax partner at 8:15.

I have to say that this week is lasting forever. I can’t believe it isn’t over yet. Monday I worked from 7 am until 10 pm. (meeting in Calais in the evening) Tuesday was from 8:30 am to 8:30 PM. Wednesday was from 7:30 am until 8 pm. Today was short – 7 am until 4:30 PM. By the time tomorrow is over, I think I will be close to 60 hours. No wonder I am exhausted. Just waiting for the week that is a more reasonable number of hours, and includes a Friday off! I think that will be the week after next…. I can’t wait. And Saturday, I don’t care who needs what done, I don’t plan to get up early, even if I wake up at 4:30 like every other morning.

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