Or maybe that title should be uninspiring?

I know I have not written in a while, though I have been good about reading everyone else’s posts, I haven’t been inspired to write one of my own.  Not sure what that’s about, because I have been busy!

Busy at work as always, I don’t see that ending any time before spring.  It is good to be needed, and better to be busy at work than bored.  Or so I tell myself.

Busy at home, though it is obvious that I haven’t been busy cleaning!  So what have I been doing?

Well, I did get the pool put to bed a couple of weeks ago – though that turned out to be a pretty easy chore, it was a sad one. I still stand and skim leaves from the edges, hoping to keep it pretty clear while I can.

The gardens are still there, kind of in shock that we haven’t yet had a killing frost.  the tomato plants are still blooming, and it makes me feel sorry for them.  I have picked what few tomatoes there were, they are on the window sill, I hope thinking about turning red. I need to plant the garlic, but it is going in where the tomatoes are now…


But mostly, I have been knitting.  I am cranking out hats for a craft fair in November.  I have done several plain beanies with some fun variegated yarn I got when Classic Elite closed shop, and some helix striped ones with scraps and bits left over.   I have a few more I want to make with more interesting stitches, and some ornaments, etc, for the fair.

I also have finished, at last, the green cactus baby blanket that was a custom order from a  friend, and I still have to knit her a little pink dress,  Her son had a baby girl a few weeks ago and her daughter will have one in a few weeks, so she has kept my needles very busy!

I did finish a shawl, Odyssey, by Joji Locatelli.  It was an easy, fun knit.  I did it with some handspun I had, not the correct weight called for in the pattern, but it was easy to modify the pattern to suit the yarn.  It is bright and colorful and I look forward to wearing it this winter. Here it is blocked and drying, I will try to remember to get a truly finished photo for you someday.

I have put the Japanese Scarf aside since mid-August, and just recently started working on it again, so I am quite behind.  Still working on the clue that came out in August, and of course, the October clue was released  I would like to get back on track with that before the December clue drops.  that’s the last one, and then this very long, intricate scarf will be done.  I am glad I did it, it has been fun learning the new twists and the way things can work, but I am not sure I want to do a year long KAL again.  I like to get things done!

I also cast on a sweater, Patty Lyons’ Volition.  It is really a video class on knitting the sweater, she has all sorts of video tutorials and worksheets to hep teach how to make a sweater fit, and the construction on this one is quite interesting.  I am making a dark red one.  I was pretty sure it was a pullover, but I keep wondering if I shouldn’t make the cardigan version.  I don’t have to decide for many inches on tiny needles, so I will give it more thought. I think the KAL ends early in December, I am unlikely to meet that deadline, but I will try.

Other crafting is also happening, very slowly.  I am working on some weaving – more mysterious rectangles and squares that I hope will be napkins but might be dish towels or dust rags.  They are pretty, anyway, soft dark blue and periwinkle blue.  This time I am playing with color interaction between the warp and weft.  I warped the loom with alternating colors (that was a darned chore!  If it doesn’t turn out STUNNINGLY, I won’t be doing that again!) and for the weft, I did wide stripes of each color, and now am doing a section where I alternate colors on each pass.   It is amazing how different the two sections look.  I haven;t worked on that in a while, as it is upstairs, and knitting happens downstairs.

Also upstairs is the sewing machine.  I cut out a simple a-line skirt (100 Acts of Sewing pattern) and knit the side seams together.  then it needed ironing, so there it sits on the ironing board.  I will get to it soon, though I want to wear it, it is a pretty dark teal color, in a wool/poly blend crepe fabric.  I think part of what is stopping me from doing the easy finishing on it is the realization that it frays easily, and I should do more to finish the seams than I already have done (zigzag stitched, and pinked.) I should really finish them with some bias tape.  I know how to make it, and have some that will work, but it just isn’t calling my name.

One reason nothing is calling my name right now is that I cane down with a wicked cold on Saturday morning.  I tried to listen to my body, and rested a lot this weekend, drank fluids.  Took Monday off.  Went to work Tuesday but came home by noontime, exhausted.  Today I did a work at home day, and I hope that is all it needed to get the message that the germ is unwelcome.  I really have to go to work tomorrow and Friday, we have a lot going on over the next two weeks that I am not prepared for, completely.

One of the things that happened this weekend that was hindered by the cold was that we had three tons of pellets delivered, and they had to be brought inside.  We did one ton the week before, but still had more to do.  A was determined that we get all three tons inside and be one with it.  When I tell you she was determined, I am not kidding.  Our normal method is to bring a half a ton inside (that’s 25 40-pound bags), rest for half an hour or so, then get those bags stacked down cellar, using a slide she made to make it easier to get them downstairs.  then another rest, then bring in the other half of the ton, rest, load in the cellar. Doing this by ourselves, we are usually comfortable doing a ton a day, two if we really push.

She got all three tons in on Saturday, practically single handed.  I helped with the first round, but it was clearly too much, after our rest, my muscles were still shaking.  So I helped get them in the cellar, and I helped outside by picking them up and handing them to her, which helped her a lot, but she carried them all in.  We still have one ton that needs to get downstairs, but they are all in the house and that feels darned good. I did try to get her to stop after the first ton, because I felt so guilty, but so sick, too.  I thought they could wait another week, but she didn’t want them looming over us any longer. So they aren’t.  They might be tripping us at every turn, but they are in the house, and we will be warm enough this winter.

Other “exciting” news is that my niece E the younger is coming for an overnight on Thanksgiving weekend!  She will be 13, and has asked for years.  But for a variety of reasons, it never really worked out.  I hope nothing messes it up this time, either.  We drive to get her on the day after Thanksgiving, and her parents will pick her up the following day.  Here is what she wants to do while she is here:  Learn to spin.  Weave.  Dye yarn.  All I can say is that her parents had better come late in the day!  But if it works out and she has fun, I feel pretty sure that we can repeat the experiment someday.  She has lots of sports and music and school things, so it is hard to find a time when she can come, and we can make the whole transfer thing work logistically.  But I know it can be done, because I made it work with her cousins for many years, driving round trips to Connecticut to fetch and deliver them.  So driving to Portland should be workable.  🙂

That’s about it – sorry to ramble on so – thanks for hanging in there so patiently! And sorry for the lack of photos of things, I am trying to stretch my WordPress storage space.  Avoiding sorting out if I want to pay them for this space, and if so what plan?  Sigh.

31 thoughts on “Uninspired”

  1. I hope you feel better! Colds are miserable.
    Your shawl is beautiful! I love the colors.
    I have been deleting old photos from my blog in the hope of just carrying on but that plan isn’t working well. I don’t know what to do.

  2. No frost in Maine and it has snowed here twice already?!?! Ah well, can’t count on anything weather wise these days.

    Your visit with your niece sounds delightful, can’t wait to hear what you actually ended up being able to fit in!

    Now, rest well, and get over that cold post haste.

    1. You are right about the weather, it’s just odd. We never had spring, and now fall is lasting weeks longer than normal. It’s not good for balsam wreath season, though, they need a few really cold nights to set the needles. Other than that it is wonderful!

  3. Nice to see you posting – although I think it’s good to have a break from it occasionally. Sorry to hear you’re under the weather. Huge sympathy as I’m in the same place myself with a cold. Our weather is doing pretty much winter without autumn, but unfortunately winter rain and wind rather than snow.

    1. I guess I did need a break, bit I am motivated to do better. 😉 I am sorry you are sick and it is cold and wet, I know Harry makes you go out in it. Silly boy! Hope you feel better soon.

      1. Thank you. Although it’s my choice to have Harry and he brings so much positive – in fact the making us go out in all weathers is really a positive – definitely better than any other sort of fitness activity. I’d definitely rather be walking a dog in the pouring rain than be in the gym. And fortunately lovely husband is about quite a bit at the moment and took Harry out Tuesday when I was at my worst.
        Hope you’re feeling heaps better today.

        1. Having a dog to walk IS much better than a gym, you are right. 😉. I will get better quickly now. Cold turned to sinus infection as it always does, but I didn’t wait for it to go to an ear infection and bronchitis this time. Got the meds and should feel much better in a day or two. I hope you are also back to normal soon.

          1. Oh no! Sinus infections are very painful. Glad it hasn’t spread elsewhere though. Hope you’re much improved very soon.
            Mine’s not anywhere near as bad of your, just very bunged up and it makes me cough a lot, so very short on sleep. Although it did mean LH did my horrible wind and rain shift this morning with Harry, telling me I was too ill to go 🙂

  4. Your post seems pretty inspired to me. Your Odyssey shawl is lovely.
    You have so many interesting and fun projects going.
    Wow 3 tons must take up oodles of space. Kudos to A for her enthusiasm of getting the pellets inside before any harsh winter sets in.
    Wicked colds tend to wipe out all motivation for doing anything except for wanting to curl up and sleep. I hope you feel better soon. Take care and rest well.

    1. Thanks! I do have lots of projects going on, it’s true. I wish I didn’t have quite so many “must” projects, though.

      We start each winter with close to five tons of pellets in the cellar, burn about 4 tons each year, but don’t want to risk running out. We have a neat and tidy system in the cellar, we stack them ten bags deep along the walls. Added insulation! But there is still a ton upstairs. When this cold is gone, we will take care of that.

  5. I love that SHAWL!!!!! Relatives for Thanksgiving is always fun. I love your posts and appreciate your reading my blog . I take full responsibility for giving you that horrid upper respiratory virus. UGH 2 full weeks of yuck. Im fine now but no voice!

  6. Love the stripes!
    I caught a nasty bug the Labour Day weekend and was tired for most of September, yet ended up with much less knitting than I would expect from so much time sitting at home. Feel better!

  7. Must be something in the air of blogging, because I felt that way, too. I did manage to get a post in last week and it felt good that I finally did. So I think we all understand. I enjoy your posts whenever you post, so no worries 🙂 Let that be one thing that doesn’t need to gnaw at you. You sure have been busy. Fall is here and soon to be winter. Good thing you have gotten your fall duties under control. And all those pellets brought in! Wow! What a chore. Your shawl is so beautiful! I do hope that you are feeling better and that the cold bug is gone for good. Take care.

    1. Thanks for all your understanding! It felt good to post! There are still fall chores to do outside, though the high winds the past few days blew a lot of them away, I think!

  8. Sounds like you’ve been busy, busy, busy, ill, healing, busy, busy, busy around the corner – :). Busy rather shuts down my writing shove, as well, however, it’s so nice to feel connected just by seeing you visited/liked or commented – to me, I often spend more time on the reading/connecting than I do on the ‘writing’ side of things – :). And connecting is the best part, right?

    How awesome your niece is interested although, you do certainly have your work cut out training on all that stuff in one overnight visit, eh? But, some folks just take to new things faster than others – and she’s probably been watching you, so maybe not as much time as me trying to ramp up such skills…. 😀

    RE: space size/pictures – I looked at size of your pics – if you resize/optimize before uploading – that will save space – IF you invest in an affordable tool, you could, down load all your photos/batch resize/optimize and re-upload and that might buy you some time/space – – not sure where you are at, or computer system you use, or tools you already have, but, resizing/optimizing photos is great way to conserve space AND have stuff load faster when viewed from ‘slow internet’ areas – makes it easier/faster to upload, as well if you live in slow service area – – – 🙂

    1. That is so helpful! I think I have photoshop elements on my computer, but nothing like it on my iphone, which is where I usually do the photos from. Do you know if there is an ap for that?

      1. Lol. I am sure there is but don’t use one. Heck I have just gotten around to having word press on my phone. I did find a way to crop but not resize/optimize using photos. Sigh. So many upload full size pics. Often social media will resize to save their own server space and loads. I do to keep stuff loading faster in slow internet land

        1. Yeah, I can crop, too. Since the photos are on the phone it is a complete drag to load them on the computer to resize. But I should… you are right, it would solve a lot of problems.

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