Getting ready

Hello!  I went AWOL again, so sorry!

I have been totally focused on getting things done,and dealing with deadlines, in work, home, and knitting.

The work pressure is never ending… but right now it is a big state grant that needs writing, to continue providing a great service that we do.  I don’t like writing state grants because the format feels very choppy to me.  Have to do it exactly as they say, and they are repetitious.  I never know if I can trust them to realize I already covered something, or if they want me to be equally repetitious. I go with repeating myself in case the thing is broken up into parts and the reviewers don’t have access to the prior info.  But i feel for them if they get the whole thing. This one got a lot more stress filled when the boss said to me that he learned there is at least one other organization bidding on our region.  Mind you, they are located 100 miles away, and that will go over like a lead balloon in teh region, but it might make sense to the state reviewers.  So it is on me to make a strong case.  UGH.  And never mind that they just released the answers to all teh questions we asked at the reviewers conference two months ago.  and that the whole things is due a week from tomorrow.  Do they not realize grant writers like holidays too?

So, I canceled vacation days scheduled for the early part of this week, but kept Friday off. I have big plans for Friday and Saturday, and I was not willing to let people down on account of work.  I will figure it out.

That leads me to the deadlines at home – Thursday we are hosting A’s family as always – there will be 7 of us we think.  I do the turkey, stuffing, potatoes and gravy, they bring whatever else they think we need, and it is always interesting to see what turns out to be. I think there will be dessert, if past years are anything to go by. so there is the cleaning and cooking and cleaning that are involved there.  

Then, niece E the younger is coming to stay on Friday, until Saturday morning.  She has been asking for this visit, because she wants me to teach her how to spin and weave and dye yarn. She has never been for a solo visit before, for a variety of reasons, and so this is a big deal! She is the only one of my nieces and nephew who has NOT been here for an overnight visit, and I am really looking forward to it.  I warned her that 24 hours is not long enough to learn all of that, but we will give it a shot.  As a result, we have to get the whole house cleaner, as opposed to just the downstairs for Thursday.   That is what the vacation days were for.  Luckily A is a good sport, and owes me for doing the household chores all summer while she worked… now she can do them while I work!

the knitting and crafting deadlines are almost all gone!  I knit a bzillion hats for the craft fair last week, as well as some ornaments.  Luckily a friend of mine is knitting gnomes like mad and I offered to sell them for her at the table, along with my SIL’s hand sewn teddy bears.  They both filled my table and made it look abundant, without me knitting a million more things.  And their things sold VERY well! I think we sold more than 30 gnomes and ten bears.  I sold one ornament, one pair of baby booties, and 4 hats.  So I am glad I didn’t make more than I did.

I also finished all the baby knitting for my friend, in just the nick of time.  I delivered the last thing – cactus blanket the day before she hopped on her flight to await the baby.  I was thrilled to be done with the pressure knitting.

Now I am working on three things – two knit alongs that I am behind on, and one pair of mitts that is a gift with no deadline. One KAL is the Japanese scarf one that i have been doing all year.  I am about halfway done with the last clue and the next and final one is due out this weekend. I will finish on time.  The other is a Patty Lyons knit along, the Volition sweater KAL.  I am pretty far behind on that, I can’t finish by the deadline looming in early December, but I will get the sweater done shortly after that, I am looking forward to having it this winter.  And I have other sweaters I want to cast on! Luckily, Patty has prizes for WIPs… 🙂

If you notice, I have no shawls on the needles!  I have them going in my head, though, and they will be my reward for finishing any of these things.  🙂

I also managed to clear off my bobbins and not start spinning anything else, in prep for E’s visit.  I have SO MUCH new fiber since i last spun, and I am tempted, but have resisted thus far.  I can spin after Saturday.

I also need to weave – I have a project on the loom that isn’t quite done, and I need to get that cleared off as well, so E can choose and execute her own project this weekend… I am sort of thinking I will get her spinning, the I will weave and get it finished.

Last weekend Whorls and Purls had a potluck and destash party, it is making me want to knit and spin and weave all the things!  The deal is this – gather up all your yarn and fleece, and fabric that you have and are ready to part with, and bring it to one location.  Dump it out on the table.  Everyone draws a number and we go around in order over and over until we can’t do it any more or there is nothing left that you want.  On your turn, you choose something from the table that you want.  I kept my word to A that I would not come home with more than I brought, in fact I came home with way less!  I also felt good that there was hardly anything left that I had brought when it all ended.  One of the group offered to gather up the unwanted things and take them to Good Will, so none of us brought home anything we didn’t want.  It was so much fun, and cleared things out AND gave me a bag full of new goodies to play with at some future date.  🙂

hmmmm… what else have I been doing and not telling you about?  A little sewing – I am making a skirt for myself.  I could have it done by now but for all that came before this… a little gardening – I got the garlic in at last.  Had to bust through an inch or so of frozen soil, but I am hopeful that it won;t matter too much in the end.


Had a knitting day with mom and my SIL D a few weeks ago, that was lots of fun, as always.

I think that is about it. Now I am off to read about what all of you have been up to!





11 thoughts on “Getting ready”

  1. We are all busy and I do like to read about your projects. Have fun this weekend with your niece! That is a lot to cover in 24 hours.

    I have totally lost track of the month, day of the week and date. I’m pretty sure it’s still 2019. I hope to get back to my blog and knitting this week.

    Happy Thanksgiving! 🦃

  2. Wow you have been busy! You did the right thing with the grant. More than they needs is always best:) I hope you get it!
    You’ll have a great time with E! Even if she just gets a taste of each thing. She can always come and stay again:)
    Have a Happy Thanksgiving!

    1. thanks! I hope we get the grant – 4 jobs! Eek, I would feel awful if people got laid off because i missed something.

      I expect that E will have fun and want to come back, and I expect that we will be exhausted at the end of her visit, but it will be fun, and I am looking forward to it very much.

  3. RE: Do they not realize grant writers take holidays? Nope – no one does and more and more folks are defaulting to ‘sometimes I’m 24/7 mode, and sometimes, I just ignore my phone/don’t fire up the computer” mode, just to carve out ‘off time’ – that said – all your projects you have done, and doing, like to wore me out – so – – congrats on getting some ‘fun stuff’ done! 😀

    1. lol I think they really don’t look a thte calendar that way. My guess is they thought that by having the deadline the week after Thanksgiving they were giving us enough time. And it might have been, if writing this one grant is the only thing I did for the last month, but of course, it wasn’t. 🙂

      I am glad there is some fun stuff coming up, too. 🙂

      1. Well, me, thee and just about everyone, anymore, views stuff as if we all have only the ‘one thing’ to do – meanwhile, the over load comes from all fronts – 🙂 Take email, in the weeks leading up to Black Friday sales….LOL Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours!

  4. WOW. Now thats an update. Its been forever since I did any grant work. Good luck with that. Have a wonderful holiday with the family and your niece. Hope to hear more once the grant is in the bag.

  5. That writing seems to be tedious indeed – and I mean, if it’s so important that is extra pressure! YIKES!! I’ll keep my fingers crossed for you, I hope it all goes well! (I had to write two applications to apply for funding for the PhD and I hated it, because nobody tells you how to write these things and I just didn’t know what to put in). You can do it though!! And if A is now taking care of the housework it should go smoothly, especially since the house hasn’t been neglected for months or what!!
    Have fun with your niece, and I wish you an amazing Thanksgiving!! 🙂

  6. Happy Thanksgiving! We are satisfied, but not stuffed – no choice these days, but everything was good, as was the company. I hope you had a blast with A’s family, and you’ll have even more fun with E over the next couple of days. I can’t wait to hear the funny E stories that are sure to evolve from the visit. Good luck with that grant. I know how careful and capable you are – if they don’t choose yours they will be VERY short-sighted!

  7. It is that time of year for being busy, isn’t it? We do what we can. You have lots going on. Don’t forget to take time out for you and relax a little. Have a wonderful time with your niece this weekend. It must make you feel good that she wants to learn so many wonderful things from you.

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