Snow Day!

The best part of winter is a storm that times itself perfectly for a day off.  This one did all it could.  5-10 inches, followed by sleet and freezing rain, started last evening and lasting all day long today.

Now, technically, it isn’t a snow day – we only delayed opening.  But I have to work on Saturday, so instead of leaving early on Friday to make up those hours, i am staying home today.  I did about an hour’s worth of work, and am calling it a day.  I think that will fill my week’s hours.

Which is good, because work has just been overwhelmingly crazy the past few weeks. so busy that I haven’t been able to face getting on the computer to write to you.  I hope it changes soon.  I think it will, because we are going to be hiring someone to work with me!  Ad goes in the paper in a week or two.  That will mean a bit more work at first, but then it should all be easier.

So even though work has kept me busy and tired, I have managed to spin most days for a few minutes.  I was able to finish the Oliver Twist yarn, and am happy with the result.

Though it isn’t my favorite color, it goes so beautifully with the Aegean I spun earlier that I know I am going to love working with it.

Plus, I had this amazing win with it!  I have never before split my fiber so perfectly and spun it so evenly that the two bobbins came out this close.  I was pretty happy.  Almost excited, even.

Of course, that means I have nothing on the frankenbobbin yet for this year.  I did cast on a cowl with last year’s frankenyarn, and I think I will be able to make something like mitts with the thinner second skein of yarn from that experiment.

Finished knitting the Nymphalidae, but that is soaking so I can’t show that to you yet.  Maybe next month when I post again.  🙂  Hopefully it won’t be that long.

The Japanese Sampler Scarf MKAL started, and I am about halfway through the first clue.  I really love the yarn, the pattern and the resulting scarf.  The next clue comes out in April, so I have time to finish this one.

Still working on Durrow, but the progress is almost imperceptible, so I will spare you et another photo of a half done square.


And Mom’s brown cardigan continues to move slowly along.  Almost to the body ribbing, then there will be sleeves and button bands to do. I don’t give it the love it deserves, because well, it’s brown.  It doesn’t excite me.  But she does love brown, and I love her, so I keep plugging away at it.

I did finish my blue socks!  Yea, I finished something!  And immediately cast on the next pair, so there are still socks on the needles.  No photo yet of the new ones, but the foot of the first one is almost done.  I have worn the new blues a few times, and they are really soft and warm, I love them.  They are a new to me yarn, in BFL wool and nylon.  I think they will wear well.

The only other new thing is what’s on the wheel now.  It is a bag of polwarth and “soffsilk” that I got at the Whorls and Purls party destash.  I have never spun fiber with colored bits in it before, it is quite fun.

In other news, the truck is in the shop getting a face lift, and they gave A a beautiful BLUE 2018 Tacoma.  Just like her red one, but no snow tires.  EEK.  So she is home today, too.  We are having a quiet day in front of the fire.  Later I will go upstairs and block that shawl, work on warping the loom.  The day will fly.


34 thoughts on “Snow Day!”

  1. Yay for you for a snow day!! We have had that same snow and ice that you are getting. Got a few more inches of snow last night. Ick. So sick of winter now. You have made great progress with all of your yarny projects. The Japanese Sampler scarf is looking gorgeous!! I can’t wait to see more.

    1. Thanks, Ginny! I don’t know why we are getting so much ice this year! We have had a lot of snow but the storms seem to end with rain and leave us a mess. I bet I haven’t shoveled more than twice this winter. Will have to this afternoon, but we are waiting to see if the rain clears it up.

      1. I know. The weather is crazy every where this year. We also have had quite a bit of ice. I have never seen businesses close so much here because of icy roads. And I think the kids are out of snow days from school. A week or so ago we had temps of -40 to -50 and a few days later it was 55 degrees. 75 to 100 degree difference in a matter of days. And 55 in February!! Spring is right around the corner, right?

        1. We didn’t get quite that cold or that warm but I know what you mean! If last year is anything to go by, we have a few more months until spring, and we have to live through March, first!

  2. Love the yarn! Those colors will look nice together.

    Sounds like a good day to make progress on all things yarny.

    We had snow and ice yesterday and lost electricity from some ice-laden trees falling on the power lines. Fortunately, it was back on after a couple of hours. Now we’re dealing with high winds which may also bring down more trees. I didn’t put the candles, flashlights, or oil lamp away just yet. 🤞🏻

  3. I’ve had two snow days this year so far, and for each, I was already at work (which is an hour and a half train ride away), so it lost some of it’s joy; however, I came home yesterday (snow day 2) early and spent most of the afternoon working on a sweater (one sleeve almost done, one to go, and then bathtime!). But today, when I’ve moved my class online (decided not to go in at all – hah!) and thought I’d have time to take care of a few WIPs, I’ve been taking care of business, which really harshes my mellow. Oh well. My first-world problems.

    1. That is a shame that they couldn’t let you know sooner! How much snow did you get with this storm? We never get the Canadian forecast, even though it is closer to us than most of what we DO hear about! We got 6-8 inches, I would guess. Thankfully it was all snow! No wintry mix to speak of.

  4. The Aegean green is just perfect with the blue/green skein. Your socks are great! The Durrow is so interesting to see come along. You are so nice to knit in brown! My eyes like lighter colors so much more. So for you to knit in brown is a labor of love.

    1. Thanks!!! Dark colors are tough, I agree. And yes, this is a labor of love! Especially as it is a reknit – I made it for her years ago, and she loved it. Then she lost a lot of weight and it didn’t fit, so I ripped it out and am reknitting it. Sigh.

  5. Snow days are great. Love the yarns and the projects. I think you’ll find the BFL socks will wear better than the merino. I just located in Wales nonetheless, a sock yarn that is 50% BFL, 25% Gotland, and 25% Wensleydale. It is beautiful the way it takes up the color and has good shine. I think this may do the trick for The Skippers socks. We only got 2 inches of snow the rest was ice. It’s like living in the Arctic.

    1. Ooh, that sounds like perfect sock yarn! I never worked with wensleydale until this spin project, it is lovely shiny stuff!

      Sorry about the ice! We were lucky, though they predicted wintry mix, we got all snow. Today we add wintry mix

  6. Glad the snow day came at a great time and that you enjoyed your unexpected day home. I love the new yarns!
    I know you think the spun green is not a good color for you (I love that green, so I disagree!), but the blue certainly is. Make something with the two that puts the blue near your face and it will be gorgeous! I can’t wait to see what happens with last year’s frankenyarn – it’s already looking great!

    1. You are sweet! I agree, when put with the variegated, it will look great. You know you will see it!

      The frankenyarn is interesting so far… I will try to get a photo Sunday or Monday.

  7. Wow–what a full and fuzzy post! My personal fave is that olive yarn right up front. It’s one of my favorite colors and it does go beautifully with the Aegean. And, like you, we’ve had a couple of very welcome snow days recently, too!

    1. Thank you! The funny thing about spinning is that I am learning to appreciate colors that in the past were not my faves. I still wouldn’t go for something solid in this color, but I see it’s value as an accent, for sure.

  8. Don’t know where to start such beautiful spinning and beautiful knitting. Just loving all the spinning! The blue of the BFL is such a fab colour. Loving the Japanese. I have a book of Japanese design, but I’m not sure what particularly makes something Japanese – some look distinctly familiar. Is there a particular definition?

    1. Thank you! How is your spinning doing? Do you still work at it?

      You know, I am not sure what makes it particularly Japanese, but there does seem to be wonderful stitch definition, and some very complex maneuvering. I have a book, too, but haven’t used it beyond just looking, so I am glad to be doing this mkal to get more familiar with it.

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