Feeling neglectful!

I feel a bit guilty for not writing more and sharing what I have been up to.  I have sat down to write several times, but clearly, that hasn’t amounted to an actual post.

Things have been kind of chugging along in fits and starts, lots of work, lots of knitting, lots of spinning, lots of weather.

The biggest news is that a couple of weeks ago – on the MLK holiday weekend, A industriously went to work the day after the snow storm, and on her way home, she hit a deer.  She was going slowly to start with, due to the bad roads, and she saw the deer, and braked, but the road was icy, and she slowly slid into the deer. Deer and A were both fine (apparently – the deer rolled into the ditch, hopped up, and ran away) but the truck – ! Scotty needs a face lift.  So now we are in the whole insurance company, adjuster, body shop dance.  At least it runs, and everyone is fine.  It’s just one more THING, you know?

Last week was a good fiber week – it actually started the week before, when word went out that our local salvage store, Marden’s had truckloads of Classic Elite yarns at half off retail! I checked it out after work Friday. There was a LOT but not a wide variety of colors and not their very best fibers. Still, I found a few balls of Liberty that made it worth the trip!

I really only wanted to get the purple one, but the others called to me and I couldn’t leave them behind. 😉

Thursday I took the day off and spent it at Mom’s knitting and chatting with her and my sister.  Mom tried on the sweater, and I am glad she did – it needs some adjustments, so I had to rip it back to the waist.  Easy to do now, before trims and button bands and what not are added. So I did that ripping, and will add some darts front and back to fix the fit issues. Also, I gave my sister her pretty cowl and she loved it.  Whew!  I also brought my dye book over to have her show me what colors she likes and what colors she doesn’t like.  The girl who had her entire room – walls, curtains, bedspread – in purple is gone.  The grown woman likes no kind of purple now.  Glad I asked.  🙂

It was a nasty stormy (rainy) day with lots of road flooding, so going home was an adventure, but I made it with vehicle intact!

Saturday was our annual potluck party with the Whorls and Purls gang.  We added two things to the event this year – a yarn swap, where we each brought a nice skein of yarn in a brown paper sack, and played Yankee Swap.  But then we also all brought yarn and fiber that we would be happy to have out of our stashes, and piled it all on the dining room table of our hostess.  We drew numbers, and took turns choosing something.  We thought it would take forever, but it went quite quickly!  I brought home slightly less than I took there, which is a plus, and even more of a plus is that I brought home things I love and will be happy to use, and that was not the case with the things I took.    I managed to stick to the Whole 30 (day 22) in spite of all the delicious looking soups and desserts.  Thankfully, I brought salad, and someone else brought fruit, so I was able to eat just fine.

Sunday, A and I went over to Rockland and volunteered for the annual Pies on Parade event, held to support the local food pantry.  Mom is on the board there,  and is always looking for volunteers to help at this amazing event.  They had 27 venues, all serving pie in some form, and sold 700 tickets.  We were stationed at one spot and spent the afternoon greeting people, checking tickets, answering questions. It was fun, but exhausting!  Still, we both agreed, we would do it again next year if we are needed.  And if we aren’t needed, we think we will buy tickets and join the eating frenzy.  And for those of you keeping track, that was day 23 of Whole 30, and I had not one smidgen of a bite.  A brought some nuts and things, I picked out the cashews from her stash at the end of the day, when I was ravenous.  Instead of eating, I knit.  It was interesting, as always, to knit in public like that.  Most people paid me no mind, but several ladies commented that they were glad to see me knitting, and a pie vendor told me she was sorry she hadn’t brought her own knitting.  But you know me, have knitting, will travel!  I almost finished my second blue sock. I should have it done this week.  Not sure what sock will be next… but I have some ideas. I need to design and knit a Liverpool football team themed pair for my BIL… that might not be my NEXT pair,though.  I have to get just the right colors and pattern.

So that is what I have been up to –  still spinning 15 minutes most days, knitting, most days, though the work days last week were long, because of all that time off, I still managed to touch fiber a bit.

Finished the Aegean on wensleydale…


and began it’s solid complement, Oliver Twist, also on wensleydale.


I am spinning both of these “backwards” to see if I notice a difference when knitting. Instead of spinning the singles “Z” and plying “S” I am spinning  the singles “S” and plying “Z”. We will see if I can tell the difference when working it.


I told you how the brown sweater  and blue socks progress, and the Nymphalidae is coming right along as well. I am almost done with the increasing section.


And Durrow.  Durrow. Oh, it is going to be so lovely, but it moves so slowly!  It least I am done with all the squares that start inside and work out.  Now I have two to knit from the outside in. I have started the first and an slowly working on it.   I had made a good start on it,but somehow got it twisted.  Sigh. That meant ripping out and starting that square again. I am loving how the two colors of purple are blending together as i join the squares to form this one.  I can’t wait, because once these two are done, I introduce the third purple, a pale one, for the two end triangles.  And THEN I am done with the tricky parts!  There will still be a whole body to knit, but plain stockinette!  Yeah! And a lace border… not sure, I have to see it, but I am thinking of using the lightest color for that and the i-cord bind off.  We will see.  You know, in 6 or 8 months when I finish this thing! And when I do, this thing will be worn a LOT to show the world that I finished it! 

As I work my way through it, I am in awe of Lucy Hague’s ability to conceive and write the instructions for this beautiful, complex shawl.  Her directions are very clear, though involved.  The ONLY thing I wish she had done differently is combine some of the row instructions (and presumably charts, I am not using them for this project) differently.  I fear losing my place as I flip back and forth.  But that is it, the only thing I would change.  Well, one other thing.  I think I need a reader.  But that is not on Lucy.  Unless she wants to make an audio pattern, and read the row by row instructions to me.  That is what I need though.  Someone to say “knit one, ssk, knit three, cable 4 right, cable 4 left, knit 3, ” etc. slowly, as I knit.  Any volunteers?

The other knitting thing happening is that I joined a Japanese Lace Sampler Scarf MKAL.  It starts on 2/1, and I can’t wait.  I have my yarn (Swan’s Island natural colors fingering) and have swatched.  Now I just need the first clue!  Clues come out every two months, and there are 6, I believe, so this will be a long term project, over the course of a year. I have a Japanese Stitch bible, the patterns are so lovely!  I need to start incorporating them into more things.

This is my swatch, using a variety of needle sizes. I am going to start off with the top one, a US size 3. And I am in love with this yarn!


That is about it at this point –  life moves on, snow comes and goes, work seems ever present.  Thank goodness for knitting and fiber!



28 thoughts on “Feeling neglectful!”

  1. I’m so glad A is ok! She’s lucky it was a deer. A moose would have caused way more damage:(
    Your yarn is gorgeous and so is everything else!
    I saw a piece on Chronicle about the pies. It sounds like a perfect fundraiser. Maybe January should be off limits for Whole 30;)

    1. A was very lucky! So was the deer, though why they jump in front of cars I will never know!

      That Pies on Parade is an amazing thing! They work so hard on it for months ahead, but that day it runs like clockwork. Maybe some year you can come for the weekend? There were lots of folks from CT, MA, etc, so it must be doable. 😉

  2. So many beautiful projects going on in your world! Lovely projects, too. I love the color of your Japanese Lace swatch. What a beautiful pattern, too! I am looking forward to seeing this come to life. I am glad to hear that A is ok after her contact with the deer. He sure made a mess of her truck. I hope it all gets sorted out soon with the least amount of pain. I am always glad to hear what you are up to no matter when you get to it.

    1. Thanks, Ginny! I am eager to start the Japanese lace, it is challenging, but I love a challenge. That swatch is not the scarf pattern, but from the Japanese stitch bible book. That is so fascinating! I can’t wait to see what the designer cones up with for a pattern.

      A is fine, truck will be made whole. Thank goodness for insurance! The estimate is $4000! Yikes.

  3. I had not seen your progress on the Nymphalidae, and it looks wonderful. Durrow is inching onward and I am still in love with those colors – I’m sure you are ready for it to get done, and I can’t wait to see it. The W&P potluck dinner and swap sound like such fun. Really proud of you for staying on course with your Whole 30 – keep up the good work!

    1. Thanks, Kendra! I still love Durrow, and don’t mind working on it. I am to the easier squares now, outside in works better for me than center out, I think. I do wish this bit was done, but it will be, soon enough.

      You would have loved the potluck! So much fun and so much yarn! And thanks, resisting the food is much harder when it is in front of me, but easier with the support of my friends!

  4. That’s a lot going on. Glad A and the deer were alright. Aren’t insurance companies a pain? I love your projects. That Durrow shawl looks very complicated. You got a lot done on it. The spinning as usual is great. I’ll be interested to know what effect reversing the spinning has. Good luck on the Japanese knitting. For me it qualifies as masochistic knitting. I’ve tried it and although the designs are absolutely lovely is was masochistic all the way, especially when I lost my place within a row. I can’t wait to see how yours comes out.

    1. Insurance companies are a pain, but they are coming through. The estimate is $4,000. Eek!

      Durrow is very complicated, and hard to tink. It is definitely masochistic knitting. What you see is a year’s worth of work. 😱. The Japanese will be masochistic as well, I have never before done lace that has no rest row. I am looking forward to that.

      I will let you know if twist direction matters!

  5. Must’ve been a scary experience for A and the deer. I’m glad they’re both okay. I agree, Scotty didn’t fair as well, however at least it’s mostly superficial. That’s a blessing.
    I have to commend you on naming your vehicle. We do that too. Cool!

    Knitting and visiting with your family sounds like a delightful way to spend the day. It’s good your Mom tried the sweater. There’s not much more disheartening than having a finished piece not fit right.
    Your sister is a lucky lady. I know she’ll enjoy wearing the cowl during the cold winter days or just to accessorize an outfit. It’s funny how tastes in colors change as we age. Good thing you asked.

    Wow! Pie heaven, my kind of celebration. Congratualtes on sticking with your Whole 30. Knitting is a good deterant for eating, great idea to bring a project with you.

    All you spinning and knitting is amazing. I admire how many projects you’ve got going at once. The MKAL scarf is an interesting project. It’ll be neat to see your updates.

    Have a great rest of the week!

    (By-the-way, thanks for saying ‘rip-it’ & ‘ripping-it-out’ instead of using the toad-word that’s so popular now 😉 )

    1. Yes, we name our cars! Mine is Bluebell. 😉

      You should come to Maine for the pie event next year – week before the Superbowl. We would have a blast!

      I am so pumped about that MKAL ! First clue is due 2/1. I wonder if they will release it tonight at Midnight? I won’t be ip then, but will be happy to see it first thing in the morning!

  6. I had to look up the Whole 30 as I had never heard of it. Good for you, sticking with it. Durrow is a big project but it will be lovely. I have the voice in my head telling me instructions, too; a reader would be a great step up – particularly if they doubled as cook and butler.

  7. Wow–you packed a lot into this post! You have a very full life, with maybe more than your share of adventure, with the weather and the deer. I’m so glad it’s all ending well and that you’ve fit in such a LOT of fiber time! The Aegean yarn is gorgeous! Well, it’s all gorgeous but that yarn stopped me in my tracks!

    1. Thank you, Kerry! I am tempted to save it to weave with, not sure yet. i still have to sort out calculating weft yardage needs. Plus if I weave with it I don’t find out if the twist direction matters! I guess I am still torn…

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