For Claire, who sent me the pattern

and anyone else who would like to see the amazing lacy leave shawl which knits up fast and beautiful.

lady edith shawl finished

lady edith shawl close up

The yarn is CloudLover’s merino/silk blend sock yarn in the Lady Edith colorway.

lady edith shawl finished 1

It’s a great size  – small enough to wear as a scarf, but large enough to drape over my shoulders.  I’ll be making more of these. But not taking more photos of myself – ugh!

Thanks, again, Claire, for sending it and “encouraging” me to post some photos.


17 thoughts on “For Claire, who sent me the pattern”

  1. *squeals of delight* it looks fantastic! I love your yarn!! And nothing wrong with the photo of you! You’ve seen some of my ludicrous attempts at selfies! I have been talking to the owners of Marmalade Yarns about making Mary’s gorgeous pattern available online. After all, people are going to want to knit it when they see your photos. 😄😄😄

  2. Gorgeous knitting. The yarn is perfect for the shawl. I love the smaller shawls because they can be wrapped around the neck or worn draped over the shoulders. Beautiful lace stitches.

    1. I agree – I am not usually a big drapey shawl type – I’m too round! But something like this is pretty versatile, and I find I use them more than I ever thought I would – especially in winter.

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