Nothing much is different or new – a random post

I was popping off an email to a cousin I don’t see often, she had asked how things are going.

Going? Everything is basically fine, right? No big tragedies, comedies, life altering changes.  Just humming along enjoying life; dealing with it as it comes and getting some knitting done each day.  Sure I have my little ups and downs, but it’s all pretty smooth.

I pointed her here if she wanted to learn more of the details of a humdrum life.

Mom has been forced into the world of blogging by a different cousin who is traveling in Europe for several weeks and is keeping a private travel blog to keep all the many interested parties up to date.  So far the blog is great – lots of photos and chat about what she is seeing.  Am I jealous that she is in England, then going to Prague, then Spain, etc?  Yep.

Anyway, Mom just wants to see the darned blog, but WordPress makes it look like you are setting up a blog even when you don’t want to.  Mom and I tried dealing with it remotely, but it frustrated her, so finally, I just set her up and sent her the logon info.

In the process, I made her a follower of this blog. Hee hee hee.  How to increase my stats, and get my first family follower!  (That  I know of, anyway.) Welcome Mom!

So that got me thinking.  When I first started this blog, I did it as a way to let people who cared about me know what I was up to, without having to write the same letter or email over and over.  I sent everyone the link, and a couple of relatives checked it out, but I was too boring with my steady, humdrum life, and they did not follow.  Not sure if they visit occasionally or not.

However – a whole bunch of people who apparently do care about what I am doing began reading and following, and so the blog has become what I intended, but for a different audience – one that I did not know was out in the world.  Funny how these things work, isn’t it?

One of my very favorite comments came from Cobweborium Emporium when she said reading my blog was like sitting at my kitchen table over a cup of coffee, or something to that effect. Wow!  That made my day.

Now, if Mom and Cousin M start reading, maybe I will merge these two worlds.

And that will be a bright moment in my otherwise steady, humdrum world.  🙂

Thanks for reading!


19 thoughts on “Nothing much is different or new – a random post”

  1. don’t be too jealous of her seeing England, we have nothing but torrential rain and wind on the weather forecasts at the moment and i currently can’t feel my toes, its grey, its the kind of weather i like to spend inside, under a blanket, with the fire on!!!

  2. Your world isn’t humdrum! It’s full of interesting things. I love to hear about your life. It’s very different to mine and I like that. I’m still waiting for photos btw *taps foot* 😉😉😉

  3. I like reading your blog because it’s real life with a little knitting mixed in 🙂 definitely sitting down with a cup of coffee and hearing about a friend (if only online).

  4. Sometimes humdrum is a good thing. 🙂

    I like reading your blog because though you may think it’s your everyday life, it’s very different from mine and it’s nice seeing the world through someone else’s eyes.

  5. Hello Salpal …
    I’ve been a bit poorly, so just trying to catch up with all the posts I’ve missed. (Hence the late comment to this fabulous post).

    See … I don’t see even one tiny bit of ‘humdrum’ in your post or life. I see someone who I feel is a friend. One that I don’t see every day, but we still keep in touch and share a laugh, a smile, a bit of something which can only be found when two people somehow connect with each other.

    Now reading all the other responses here to this post, I’m not the only person who has found that connetion with you. You are like a fizzing, buzzing wire, waiting for someone to come and take hold of one of the ends and when that occurs, suddenly magic happens. Some sort of ‘connection ‘ is made and from that moment, happy things begin to happen.

    I’ve had nothing but happy when I connect with your blog – and long may it reign, say I! I LOVE connecting with you. Whether you think you’re humdrum or not. Your my sort of happy. You see .. I don’t see you as humdrum. I see you as R.E.A.L. And that’s the difference.

    Sending you happy humdrum love, ~ Cobs. xxx

    1. WOW…. Really? You see that? Thank you so much! That person sounds pretty amazing.

      Now, what’s this feeling poorly – is it improving any? I hope so. Hate to have my friends sick.

  6. I set up my blog for the same reason salpal1, I thought the kids(grown kids) would drop in more often see what Mom is up to since I’m across the country from them. But i have discovered so many more people with the same interests 🙂 Its great !
    Have a great day ..Izz

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