As promised

Turns out there were more than 100 photos on the camera, most from the mini photo shoot with niece B for my Etsy shop. I am not posting them all here. You can thank me later. 🙂

There might have been a few comments like “How many of these button hats have you got there, anyway?” But she was a good sport.  🙂

Surprise! I also had these , ready to be photographed.

She turned the camera on me, and it seems she takes a good photo on both sides of the camera. This is the golden waves wrap that I worked on all fall. Still need some close ups of it, but we have these now.


And just because, here’s one more button hat for you.  It’s one I would not be sad to have to keep.   Photo is fuzzy but the hat isn’t.  🙂



Did I mention this wasn’t all the photos I have for you?  Here’s what I was knitting this weekend, taken Saturday:


That’s my Hap for Harriet, nearing the half way mark, the Maluka which goes on the road with me, and a new work in progress, a cabled slouch hat for my coworker Bobbi.  She has ordered a hat, cowl, and fingerless gloves for her daughter’s birthday. I finished the hat Sunday, and started in on the cowl.  Here’s a close up of the hat:


Bobbi is a wonderful person to knit for, as she lets me guide her yarn choice. And she pays me. 🙂  We went with MadelineTosh for this set – Vintage for hat and gloves, Home for the cowl.  Both are in the color way Whiskey Barrel, which is a rich brown with black, blue, and green highlights along with the shades of brown.  It looks really nice on the hat, but on the seed stitch cowl, it is incredible, perfect choice for the pattern. I don’t get any remuneration for waxing eloquent about this yarn, wish they would shower me with free yarn, but they don’t. It is one of my favorite commercial yarns, the colors are wonderful, the yarn is soft as can be.  Home is loosely twisted so you get the softness of the wool really coming through. The Vintage is a tighter twist, which is good for the hat and gloves.  And you know if you have been following for a while that I love the sock yarn.  I have been wearing lots of socks made from it, and they are soft and warm.  It’s worth trying if you haven’t already.

Here’s a phone photo of the yarn that arrived Saturday. The phone camera seems to highlight blues, but it is pretty close to the real color.


Oh and this blue silk wool blend hopped into my online shopping cart for an MKAL I am doing in April. Already had the beads (by some miracle.) Just sitting about twiddling my thumbs waiting for April 1 and the first clue. Maybe not… maybe I am knitting everything else to get ready.  🙂



Besides knitting this weekend, we did the usual chores on Saturday.  I went off to Belfast to get some birthday presents for Mom, and A did the local chores.  She went to the PO for me, and guess what else came in the mail?

It seems I won a blog giveaway last week, and the prize arrived Saturday.  It was something of a joint giveaway – Knitting in France and Sarah Inskeep combined efforts, so while I entered on Sarah Inskeep’s blog, the prize I won came from Knitting in France.



It is a hand dyed sock blank, a project bag and hand-made stitch markers.  I entered because I am intrigued by the idea of a sock blank.  It is two strands of sock yarn knit up into a rectangle, then dyed.  So what you get is two completely identical lengths of yarn for sock knitting.  The two socks should be the same when you are done, with no wondering where the color changes, where the half way point is, etc.  This one is dyed a pretty turquoise blue.  In honor of winning I MIGHT have picked up a new tiny Addi sock needle – 8 inch circular, size one. After all, I was at the yarn store (Heavenly Socks) in Belfast on Saturday getting Mom a present.  Yep, Mom.  I swear it.

Brother N came by Saturday late in the day to pick up the bed that has been stacked against our dining room wall for a few weeks.  He was over at Mom’s and since she lives about halfway between us, he figured he would come over the rest of the way to get the bed.  He is going to refinish and reglue it and use it in his guest room/son’s room.  The bed is a nice piece of furniture that has been well used.  It was my grandmother’s, as near as I can figure, she got it around 1921-22.  I got it in the late 60’s early 70’s and it has been moved, stored, moved and used ever since.  But it really is too big for our guest room, so when Mom offered her pull-out love seat, we decided to make the change.  I offered the bed to N because I knew he would take good care of it and appreciate it, and that one of his three kids would either use it or take their own furniture when they move out, leaving a gap.  None of his kids have made a move in that direction, but I know they will eventually.  🙂

We had breakfast with Mom and B Sunday in Belfast, which is sort of half way between us.  It was nice to see them and give Mom her presents only a week late. Since she was away last weekend, we had a bit of extra time.

And in between all of this, the reason I got so much knitting done?  BASKETBALL!  It’s March Madness, the games have started and the TV has barely been off.  We watch all the women’s games that ESPN will show us, and the men’s games when there are no women’s games on.  There are bragging rights on the line here, as well as cash for yarn money.  Or if I lose, power tools.  🙂  I won’t lose, I chose UCONN.  Like the rest of America.  But as an alum, what else could I do? I just wish they didn’t play so late.  I am still not adjusted to the time change.

Here’s one last picture for you – what I found when I left the house yesterday morning.  Happy spring!  Got to work a bit late, and we closed at ten.  Hardly worth the trip, but I am glad for the day off. It gave me time to clean up the camera and write you a nice long post! And I keep telling myself, March snow doesn’t linger.  The 8-9 inches this turned out to be will be gone in a few days.



22 thoughts on “As promised”

  1. These are wonderful. Sorry about the snow. Here in Kentucky we are beginning to warm up. I need a button hat but, I forgot how you are listed on Etsy. If you tell me I will go there. Happy Spring to you.

    1. Well of course I will, the shop name is salpalcrafts on But after you choose one email me to let me know which one, so we can talk about price, I’d like to offer you a discount for all your support.

  2. Love the pictures. The button hats are so cool. I am interested in how the sock blank will knit up. What can I say about MadTosh? My go to yarn for almost everything. We missed the snow. I see you didn’t. Ah, Maine. I’m rooting for UConn to. Bad me when my alma mater is University of Maine Orono.

    1. Thanks! I love that pattern, and work hard to find cool buttons. Several of those are stones from Maine- either beach stones or granite.
      Basketball is more fun if your team is winning I have to say. UMO girls had a great season, but in the end Albany was too much for them. They did go to the NIT which is a big deal for them. I watched Albany play in the tournament and could tell Maine would have been crushed in that game. But maybe next year…

  3. I’m chuckling at the two of you, and especially niece B who had to keep on changing hats! She is a good sport – I hope you realise how lucky you are to have her!

    1. Lol it was funny. She kept a good humor about her. I do realize how lucky I am for sure. I dread the day she finishes school and moves far away.

  4. Ah, my ladyfriend went to UConn as well and is quite proud of her alma mater. My father was rooting for Providence College (his alma mater), but they’re out of it now. I really only watch hockey on TV (NY Rangers fan). And in knitting, you’re totally scoring! Thanks for the images.

    1. We are everywhere! I graduated in 81, when did she? Funny if we were there together. Such a small world. Providence always has a good team – I pay attention to them since we were all once in the Big East. 🙂 College basketball is the only sport I watch, although my dear wife would watch all the WNBA games if they would only air them, and she watches golf (every weekend!)now that she is playing it. I pray to the good lord above that she never plays football! I’d have to find somewhere else to go on Sunday afternoons. 🙂 Knitting gets me through long afternoons of boring golf, but I don’t think it would be enough to get me through football. 🙂

  5. You’re not kidding that your niece is a good sport! And she actually managed to look like she was having fun! You’ve been so productive–it’s really impressive but I do relate to the time in front of hoops–we’ve been doing the same thing. I think your bet on the UCONN women is a safe one . . .

    1. Lol there were lots more pictures, but I chose the fun ones for you guys. I have had some of those hats a long time, but others were made this fall for the little shop. Always have to have more inventory than there are sales, sadly. But that gives me things to list on Etsy! Yes, I fee that UCONN will make it to the final 4, and probably to the final game. Notre Dame makes me nervous, of course. 🙂

    1. Thanks! It will be a bit before I get to it, but I will be sure to share.

      She did do a great job, and I sure do appreciate it. They look better on her younger head than they do on mine.

  6. I adore your hats, and am filled with envy about your talent for making magic happen via a set of knitting needles!
    Love your niece for her ability to keep smiling throughout the photo-shoot. Bless her. ❤

    I think my favourites are the button hats – in particular the ones where the buttons look lke pebbles or little rocks found on the beach. There's something extra special about those as they bring nature into the equasion and something about the bringing together a skill like yours, and found treasure, just makes the whole thing kinda magical.
    Love it! .. and you too!. ~ Cobs. x

    1. Even if we were there at the same time, it is so huge that the odds of knowing each other are pretty slim! Yes, I was born and raised in Connecticut, moved to Maine when I was in my late 30s. Nearly 20 years ago!

  7. What a blog post! Love seeing all the knitting photos! Makes me yearn for my yarn, Hahah. All of your hats are adorable as is all the models wearing them. Your shawl turned out lovely! Can’t wait to see a close up of all the lacy stitches. And so many projects on the needles! I am so jelly! In fact, I have to take my Mom to an eye doctor appointment this afternoon and I think I will take a ball of scarf yarn and some needles with me so I can sit and knit while I wait. So sorry you got all that snow in March! I do hope it is gone now. Spring poked it’s head around here a few days here and there. But I have been wearing my winter coat again the last few days. Went to gas up this morning and the monitor on the gas pump said it was 38 degrees but the “real feel” is 28 degrees! Come on Spring!

    1. The doctor’s waiting room is the perfect spot for knitting. 🙂

      It is definitely acting like March around here – we will get quite warm this weekend – maybe 60! and then back into the freezer for next week. The gloves are still needed in the mornings. I can get away with a fleece jacket, but can’t do without one yet. 🙂

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