You may recall a couple of years ago, a coworker asked me to make her a sweater.  I gave her the yarn specifics, and she bought it.  Luckily, she understands about good yarn and icky yarn.  What she got was pretty good, and at the top of her budget.  I worked hard on that sweater, and she said she loved it but I never was sure as it isn’t a style she would wear to work.

Then I made her a hat and I never see it, but I know hats mess her hair. I knew she liked the hat, but I never knew if she really used it.

Turns out she does.  Just not to work.

Today she watched me knitting my socks in a meeting and asked me if I would make some for her? Same deal as before – she will pay for yarn.  I said absolutely yes, but warned her that the sock yarn I choose is expensive.  She said that is OK.

So I am off to search around the web to see what pretty yarn I can find that I will like working with that she can afford.  Then, once I get approval, I will order it and get her socks in my rotation.  The really good news? She wears shoes a couple sizes smaller than me, and has tiny little ankles.

I am so excited that she likes my things enough to ask for them!  This is a woman who dresses like a million bucks on thrift store finds. She knows quality when she sees it, and she appreciates good work. And she wants me to keep on knitting for her!


PS I wrote this Thursday but for some reason, it did not publish… still excited by it, so here you go!


6 thoughts on “Oooooweeeee!!!!!”

  1. I know exactly how you feel Salpal. I think it comes from not knowing for sure if we’re making great things, but we enjoy doing what we’re doing so we just carry on. BUT … when someone suddenly comes and wants what we’re making then it totally blows our minds. I’m exactly the same.

    Well done on having such wonderful things that someone seeks you out and requests your bespoke knitwear! (Bespoke – that word adds a pound or twenty to a price! lol) ~ Cobs.x 😀

    1. thanks, it does feel good! I don’t charge her for my work, she just buys the yarn. I figure I would be knitting anyway, and she hasn’t got a lot of money. But things for the craft fair are going to be priced so that I make a little something for my time. then we will see if they sell, right?

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