Friday list!

That’s right!  Another hellish week of meetings and long days means that I have Friday off again.  So you get a list to wear you out and I get it to keep me organized and on track.

The list is going to be all outdoorsy, as J is coming back for his second day of working.  He is bringing Mom and B with him – Mom is feeling much better, she says, so that will be fun.

While he works on the pathway, and I make sure he has everything he needs, I have a few other chores I want to get done.

I need to put up the trellises for the sweet peas and morning glories to climb – they sprouted and are growing fast.

I need to climb off the deck into the rugosa roses and cut down the little volunteer trees that are growing there.

There is a bench that needs a new wooden brace, which is pretty easy in theory, I might ask B to do it.  We have to have things to keep him occupied. 🙂

Not sure I will do it, but there is weed whacking in the back yard (we don’t mow, we just chop down the weeds when they grow more than a couple of feet tall.  They are sparse in the sand.)

The pool water is looking nice and clear which means I need to get in and stir it all up. 😦 That is a good thing to do on a hot day.  We have had a lot of rain this week, and I think that it helps to clear out the pollen and junk from the water, somehow.  Anyway, it is all on the bottom and I can SEE the bottom, so progress is clearly being made.

I’ll fix them all some lunch in the late morning, and when they finish working, we will get delicious local take out for an early supper to thank them for all their hard work.

I fully intend to take a nice cool shower and a long nap when they leave, just as A did last week.

A has to work, so she will be missing all the fun.

By this time tomorrow, we might have a nice new garden path and a few more chores done around the place.


Now THIS will be a weekend!

After working so hard last Saturday that it was hard to move on Sunday but we did, we are both looking forward to this weekend.  The weather, of course, having been beautiful all week won’t be this weekend, but that is OK.

A plans to do her annual strawberry jam making extravaganza.  I leave her to it. I prefer jelly (all those seeds get in my teeth) and I don’t eat a lot of jelly, so it is far easier if I just get out of the way and let her make jam. That will take her all weekend, and she will do quarts and quarts of berries.  Fresh strawberries and some frozen raspberries. Yum.

While she is doing that, I plan to continue the yard work, but at a slower pace.  I picked up a lot of mulch, and need more.  I also have to haul dirt in the wagon from the front of the house to the back where I was working, and put that down, then mulch that.  On the advice of a good friend, I am going to put some newspaper down between soil and mulch, to help keep the weeds down until I plant there – likely next year. I probably won’t get to it this weekend, but I need to keep weeding where J made such a good start, so I can put soil and mulch on the rest of the front garden.  And yes, it occurred to me to not weed it, but put newspaper there as well.  Right now that is not my plan, but it might become my plan if the work is too slow and back breaking.

But that is for mornings only.  Saturday I intend to go to Whorls and Purls, which I missed last week.  We are all spinning for an unofficial Tour de Fleece.  But I expect I will be close to plying at that point, and if so, I won’t bring my spinning over, I will just bring knitting.  I have enough of that to manage to keep me busy! The wheel I ply on is all set up in the craft room, and I don’t feel like hauling it up and down stairs, it is rather bulky.  If I am still working on that third bobbin (or by miracle have already plyed and so am ready to start again) I will bring my new small wheel and some fiber and work on that.

Sunday mid-day is a Ravelry gathering in my town!  Woot Woot!  I plan to bring knitting to that, as well as something for the potluck lunch.  That will be fun, even if I see half the people on Saturday.  🙂

Monday there is a potluck lunch thing at work, so Sunday evening will be spent fixing something for that.  I am thinking a tossed salad, but not sure.  Might do my mini salad bar so people can have what they want in their salad and not what they don’t.

I have been doing well on the Whole 30 this month, and Tuesday is day 30!!!! I plan to eat all the things on Wednesday.    Wish some of these potlucks were next weekend.  🙂

I promised you some more photos of the yard work we got done – here you go!

Here’s what mom got done, and another shot of it after I mulched tonight. This was blackberry thicket burying the roses, and she trimmed the trees so we can walk around the deck.

Here is a photo of what J did, with mulch added.


And while they were doing that, i dug out this bed. Still have to add soil and mulch, and some sort of edging.


And because you know I can’t stand to leave without a little fiber photo or two, here is my sock, coming along.  The flash of pink is the waste yarn where the heel will go, the socks are just blue.


And here is a spinning update – this is bobbin two, nearly full

IMG_1846Which, if you recall, gets plyed with this:


and an as yet unspun third ply.


It should be interesting.  🙂



real quick Friday list

Only have to work a half day today, so this afternoon I am running over to Mom’s for an editorial meeting on her book. I’ll stay there for the afternoon and have supper with them.

I’ll bring the sweater along – making some headway on the sleeves, and hope to really get some serious knitting done this weekend.

Niece B is coming over Saturday afternoon to spend the evening with us – there will be food and games and we hope a trick-or-treater or two or three, but no matter, we will have good food and fun.

Sometime this weekend, I hope to make my pallet/snow covers for the shrubs, it is getting to be time.  And I will scoop leaves out of the pool and put some chlorine in, and whatever else the pool people recommend for the winter.  we got nearly three inches of rain the other day, at this rate, I won’t need to buy water for the pool, it will be full by spring!

Not much else going on – I will post this weekend, and will include lots of photos, I swear it.  🙂

Sunday came and went

with no post from me…mostly because there seems to be nothing really to write about.  I feel like I am in a bit of a slump – is the change in the light?  Not sure. Anyway, I never even tried to get the book for book group, so will be skipping that this month.  Again.

This weekend was slow and steady – we went to Ellsworth Saturday morning, and I pulled a lot of my inventory out of J and B Atlantic, so I could get ready for the holiday shop in Bucksport.  I left a fair number of things in Ellsworth, of course as I don’t want to miss an opportunity for holiday shoppers!  But it saves me knitting up a storm when I don’t need to, always good.  While we were there, we ate an early lunch at Fuddrucker’s, and then did the grocery shopping at “the big store” where they have heard of unscented everything. Thank God, because we were almost out of unscented everything.

When we got home, the “laundry lady” (this week, it was A) suggested we put our pajamas on so she could wash the clothes we were wearing.  Always love when the laundry lady has a great idea!  We settled down at 2 PM in our jammies to watch TV, knit and do laundry.  At 2:30, sister-in-law L called to ask if she could stop over.  Oops!  She didn’t bat an eye to find us ready for bed. 🙂

Sunday I ran to the dump, then cleared up some of the junk from the screened porch – pile of pool equipment went down cellar, candles and other knick-knacks came in and got cleaned up.  I also cleaned a lot (but not all) of the leaves out of the pool.  From the sides, I did not get in it!  Brrrr.

That seemed like enough chores for one day, so I settled back on the couch with the knitting.

Anyone would then expect me to have made great strides in things, right?

Not so much.  I did finish a chemo hat, but as it was almost done, that is hardly anything to brag about… and I cast on the sleeves of the baby sweater I am making.  And I cast on another chemo hat – my rendition of a Hurricane hat.  But I was a lethargic knitter at best. Maybe because what I want to be casting on is a panda food cowl?  Not sure, but I didn’t let myself do it.  Sweater and hats have to get done first. The hat is in some unknown yarn mom sent over – feels like possibly alpaca, in a slightly bulky worsted weight, so the hat goes fast and I should finish it up tonight, then focus solely on the sweater until it is done.

I did take the time to go through the things I have for the Bucksport shop, and it looks like I have enough to get started, but need to add some more holiday inspired things, and some more hats.  Hard to believe I haven’t enough of those! But between Etsy, the shop in Ellsworth and the shop in Bucksport, it takes a lot to give a nice array.  Luckily, they do work up fast in bulky yarn.

I also went through the buttons I have been collecting all summer – I got some nice ones! So I am looking forward to being able to work on those things.

Procrastinated a bit on Mom’s book – we are struggling with tenses now – some things are in present, some in past.  We need to meet to talk about how she wants it to read, but I did a brief survey of memoirs on my bookcase, and found that the good ones are in the past tense.  Which means lots of careful editing.  🙂 Which means setting up a spot to work so it is easy.

Still haven’t sorted out the internet issues, and that makes me grumpy – having to be hooked up to the wall defeats the purpose of a laptop.  Which is also part of why I don’t post as often.

And as to the photos – still learning A’s camera which I confiscated.  🙂  Went to take a picture of the cats being cute today and the battery was dead.  Again.  Really?  So I charged it, but of course, the cats had long since stopped playing in the sheets of paper by the time the camera was ready, lol.

I’ll try to get some good photos of things in progress for you and post them, but as of now, you will just have to imagine them. 🙂

A worked on the bookcases for the upstairs – all but one are glued up nice and square.  The last one will wait until the first 6 are installed, so that she can make sure it really will fit in the remaining space.

What this means in my world is that I have to paint the loft, and choose a paint color for the insides of the bookcases.  The walls and ceiling of the room and outsides of the bookcases will be a very soft pale blue/gray, like all the other main rooms in the house. For the insides, I could go with the darker periwinkle blue that is the accent color in the kitchen, or I could do something totally different.  I am contemplating a bright red.  Or a bright turquoise.  Or a soft turquoise.  Or a raspberry pink-red. Or a different color in each one. You see the problem.  What do you guys think? They are plain, simple cases, unlit except for room lighting, and presumably will be filled with books. They can’t be seen from anywhere else in the house, so it should be immaterial that the room on one side is creamy yellow with periwinkle trim, and the room on the other side is pale pale pale pink (almost white) with raspberry red trim. But it might not be.

So what’s the big deal, Salpal? Just pick a color!  Well, it’s the internet’s fault. 🙂  Everyone does such cool things in their houses, or at least on their blogs, and I want to have it look perfect when we finish, because it has been SUCH a chore getting these done.

Once I choose a color, then I will think about book ends for some shelves. I’d really like some shelves NOT to be filled with books, so I need book ends to hold the books upright.  I also have pretty little things packed away that would look nice on the shelves.  I think.  Depending what color(s) I choose.


Yeah, I am going back onto the couch to knit a hat.  Or a sweater.  And look longingly at the half-finished sweater vest (remember it? Blue and teal?), the half-finished scarf/stole/shawl or whatever it is (remember it?  Teal and gold?), both of which had to get put aside for hat and sweater knitting, and will likely stay aside for some more hat knitting, but which I do want to finish soon…so I can cast on Panda Food… and other things that aren’t priorities anywhere but in my little knitting brain.  Which is why I spent some time looking at beads online, for a shawl I have no business thinking about.

Thanks for hanging in this long… I promise pictures and happy brightness again shortly.

OH YEAH! I almost forgot to tell you – Thursday night I thawed out the tomatoes and canned them.  Which ever one of you lovelies it was (sorry I don’t remember!) who told me to freeze them as they ripened and can them all at once – THANK YOU – brilliant idea!

I had about a gallon and a half of tomatoes, which somehow came out to 4 pints when peeled and excess water drained off.  A lot of work for a little goodness, but worth it, I think – to have my own tomatoes a few times this winter will be grand.

Weekend plans

Summer isn’t over – although the air is so much more dry than it has been, it is still plenty warm out.  I am loving it, since the pressure of all that digging is behind me.

This morning we brought a ton of pellets in and stacked them in the cellar – A and L will do the 5th and last one tomorrow while I am at my brother’s BBQ.  How did that happen?  Well, it needs doing, and she wasn’t excited about a pool oriented party, since she doesn’t do pools. I think I got the better part of this arrangement.

Today we will be heading off to Ellsworth soon, to do some grocery shopping and get a meal out at a different restaurant than we normally use on the weekends.  I have to decide between fab pizza at Finelli’s and fab burgers at Fuddrucker’s.  I’ll let you know what I decide later.  🙂

A got a book on patio design the other day, and so I have been looking at and drooling over the pictures. The how-to is a bit overwhelming, as it involves digging.  Sigh.  But I think that we can *maybe* get away with not so much of this prep as we are building on gravelly sand.  🙂  The porch, pool and house have created a nice sheltered are which we both think would be perfect for a patio , and maybe a fire pit.  Now to decide on the material.  I am leaning toward loose stones and flagstone, so that water can soak in, but there are so many cool options out there, I might change my mind.  🙂

Anyway, I have to go get cleaned up for the trip to the big city – A is driving, so I will bring the gold/pink shawl along, maybe get it finished – it’s pretty close right now…

Happy fourth! A wandering, random post

I was just getting ready to write this post, and A has golf on the TV.  Here’s a quote that could only come from a man!!! In response to the question “What are you going to do tomorrow?” (for the second day of the tournament) “I’m going to relax and just play aggressively.”

Yeah. Have at it, bud.  Don’t forget to be laid back in all that aggressiveness.

Anyway….I hope you are all having a fun weekend!  Here in the USA, it’s a 3 day holiday weekend, which is very welcome in this household.  We have done our usual amount of crazy activity, and it feels good to sit down, I have to say.  It all started last week when sister-in-law L asked us to host a picnic for the whole family so they could all see her son D and his wife A, who are here for a few days on their way from Madagascar to Colorado. She lives in a small apartment in the city, and we live in a nice country setting with room for everyone, so we often host the family gatherings for her.  Of course we said yes, especially as everyone else was bringing the food.  All we had to do was clean and get the beverages and desserts.

It was the cleaning that nearly killed us.  We haven’t had real company in ages, which means we haven’t done a deep cleaning in ages.  So we did one.  The house looks great!  We finished up as people started arriving for lunch. I told A that even though it was a crazy dash to the finish, I was glad they were coming for lunch on Friday, because otherwise we would spend the whole weekend cleaning.  🙂

Before this was planned, we had made arrangements to rent a pick up truck to do some big dump runs, so A ran and got the truck Friday morning while I finished cleaning the kitchen.  My wonderful brother-in-law M loaded the truck with our accumulated yard/woodshop scraps while we fixed salads, etc.  What a treat it was to have the truck full when everyone left, so we could make a quick run to unload the stuff.

Today I insisted that I was going to work out in the yard sifting sand and rocks.  I did it for about 6 hours, and I can see that I have about twice as much left as I got done today. Which means I won’t get it done by next weekend like I had hoped.  But it also means that I am making great progress. I can see the end.

While I did that, A went in search of strawberries for jam.  She also returned the truck and went to the grocery store, so we don’t have to do that tomorrow.

So this afternoon as I was sifting, she was prepping her 16 quarts of strawberries for jam, and now she is making it, in order to give some to D and A tomorrow before they take off.

I am being “lazy” on the couch.  My term, not hers.  I did a bit of knitting, and now, of course, I am on the computer.  🙂

Tomorrow will be busy as well – I will spend a couple of hours with my sand and rocks, then get cleaned up so that we can go to meet Mom and B – Mom and I are going to have lunch and hang out on the verandah at the golf club while A and B play a round of golf. It will be fun and relaxing to sit and knit with her, and gab, of course.  🙂

When I checked my email tonight I found an email from one of the LYS – they want me to do some sample knitting. I said yes, of course – they provide the yarn and pattern, then I get a choice of getting the garment back in a year, or getting yarn or a store credit.  I choose credit.  🙂 So, as soon as they send the yarn, I will be racing through a sweater that they want done in a “month or so”.  I can’t wait.  🙂

I’ve been practicing spinning – it looks like it should be easier, but I know I will get it eventually. Meanwhile, I am accumulating a very lumpy pile of single ply blue faced Leicester yarn.  Once I finish all of this spinning, I get to mangle plying.  🙂

I also have been knitting away on the current Indian Feathers, with the wonderful Monet yarn – I am loving it, it is so beautiful.  🙂  The beads are working well, larger ones definitely work better.  Next time I make this, I hope I remember to try placing the beads with a crochet hook as opposed to stringing them.   This works well, but I think that way will look a little bit more balanced.

Tomorrow afternoon I have hopes of cleaning off the camera for you.  You know how that goes – I get to it eventually, and you get a bzillion pictures of life, all at once. It just is, what can I say?

Have a wonderful rest of your weekend!


I miss my Friday lists.  Almost as much as I miss my Fridays…

The weeks seem to drag by, then the weekends fly.  No longer are they balanced out almost evenly.  Very sad to be here in the world of working 5 days a week.  😦

I haven’t been blogging as much for a couple of reasons – first off, no fun play days to tell you all about!  Second off, getting home earlier in the evening means I have time to do stuff, which means I have less time to sit in front of the screen typing to you all, if that makes sense.  For instance – Monday after work, I raced home in time to get to the PO (we weren’t able to go at all this weekend) and then I ran to the dump which closes at 5 (ditto) and then to the grocery store, where I found that Monday late afternoon is when all the really slow people from out of town like to shop.  Thanks to the new store remodel that only allows for shopping in one direction (no room to pass in the aisles) it took FOREVER to get a bag full of stuff.  By the time I got home and made dinner, it was time for bed!

I was quite bummed to not stay awake until after dark, because apparently we had a fabulous Northern Lights display.  Dang.

Tuesday night I scrambled around cleaning the pellet stove so I could light it for the evening, it was that damp and raw outside and in. Had a long talk with Dad, and then it was bed time again!  Jeesh.

Wednesday I went to physical therapy for my sore foot – turns out I have something the PT folks call “pump bump”  which is pretty funny (although sore) as I have not worn pumps in at least ten years, likely longer.  In my case, I suspect it is actually “Teva bump”  Anyway, I had an ultrasound treatment followed by massage and ice, and it already feels better.  I am slated for a couple more of these treatments, and then we will see how it feels.  Good news – Get to wear my birks all the time.  Watch your feet, folks, it seems this is often caused by a shoe that doesn’t cling tight to your hell – so tie your shoes tight and don’t walk miles in the pumps.

I got home from that, and A said she was craving pizza, so out we went and by the time we got home – you guessed it – bed time.

Tonight, I need to do a lot of work in the yard, with all the rain the last week or so, the weeds in the yard (I can’t call it a lawn) are really growing wild.  As are the plants, finally – blossoms on the tomato, I noticed this morning! If I get in before bed time, I will try to get the yard photos off the camera for you all – I promised them last week, I know, and did not deliver.

Tomorrow is Friday, and since I miss my list, I will give you one.  It is pathetic, however.  I’ll rise at 4:30 as usual, and go off to work for the day.  In the evening (which is supposed to be nice) I hope to sit on the porch and do some knitting. But I bet I will do that, take a look outside and decide I really need to just trim/move/shovel that one thing, and go off and do it until I am tired.

This is the problem with days that are longer than I can stay awake – I feel like I just have to keep working at things while it is light out.  In the winter, I can hunker down at 3 pm and feel no guilt.  🙂

I have done a bit of knitting – especially last week between the trip to Monhegan, and then a day out with A on Saturday, and a rainy crappy Sunday.  I have a sock and a half done, plus about half a Leftie Shawl (knit in worsted weight, so it is going nice and fast) and I fiddled with a bracelet design that I think will work, so I will knit that up this week to see if I am right.  I also finished a second, really short version of Indian Feathers, using the Noro Silk Garden Lite I mentioned a while back.  I had a plan to knit a full-sized Indian Feathers with it and the soft purple I got at Fiber Frolic, but I couldn’t get it all to work the way I wanted, so I just knit one with twelve feathers.  I think I can put buttons on it and it will be a very fancy neck warmer/cowl type thing.  Still have to block that. Been searching for the perfect pattern to make something with my other fiber Frolic treasure, the Monet skein.  I don’t think it will be Indian Feathers, which I had thought, because I don’t care for how the edge rolls.

I also have been looking for the perfect pattern for a treasure I brought home on Saturday, which I haven’t shown you yet, as I have no photos.  I’ll hold off on telling you about that until I do… but let’s just say I completely lucked out and ran with a color combination that is very unlike me and got Kid silk noir at a 75% discount.  Yep, buy one, get three more. I cleaned them out.  🙂 Of course, they only had 4….

Well, it is time to get out and work.  I’ll get the camera cleaned off for you soon and let you see what I have ben working on inside and out.

Sunday catch-you-up post

Hello! I hope that everyone is having as gorgeous a day as we are – it’s one of those “nothing so rare as a day in June” days – light breeze, bright sunshine, not a cloud in the sky – no humidity to speak of – just perfect! Wish we could have more of these days!

So you know – I did get off the couch today. In fact, I have already gotten some noticeable work done outside! Sister-in-law L came over for a late breakfast this morning, and brought my early birthday cake, so we had a yummy breakfast followed by mocha cupcakes. Mmmmmm.

I worked out in the pool area today, and ya know, after a full three seasons of this endless toil, I came up with something that seems to make it go faster. Two vehicles. One is the old wheelbarrow with the completely flat tire. So flat that when I tried to blow it up, WATER came squirting out from many places. I guess we need a new tire. 🙂  The other is my old yellow wagon that we got when we cleared the land almost ten years ago. It isn’t perfect either, the handle is too short, meaning that it is awkward to tow, but it has 4 good tires and it has a dumping mechanism. So. Now I have a method that is not quite so slow and awkward. The wheelbarrow is parked in the pool area with the sieve on top. The little yellow wagon is parked next to it. I sieve the rocks out of the sand, the sand falls in and around the wheel barrow, and I shovel the remaining rocks into the wagon. When one or the other is full, I dump the little rocks from the sieve into the wagon, dump the sand in the pool area, haul the rocks over to the path I am making, dump them in the hole, dig out a new section, take that sand back to the pool area, and repeat (having figured out it is better not to make a pile that will later have to be moved to the path, just make the path now, stupid.) It is still slow and hot, and yes, it would be easier to buy a load of sand, but I am not giving up yet. 🙂 I try not to think about the fact that where the path is there are no rocks, because the pool was there the first year, and where the pool is going is where I put the rocks back then. Like I said, better not to make a pile to move later.

Anyway… L left, and A went off to play golf with Stepdad. I am taking a cooling off break with some iced tea, some knitting and my camera. And of course computer. 🙂

I need the camera because I had to take photos of what I am working on today, which is the Indian Feather shawl – only twelve more rows of lace to go – and then the body of it begins. See the tiny beads?  I really should use larger ones next time.

Indian-feathers-2-for-web          Indian-feathers-2-close-up-for-web

I also had to take photos of what I got yesterday at the fabulous Fiber Frolic! I had a really nice time, considering I went by myself with a limited amount of money to spend. I had a copy of the vendor list, so I had a plan, and for the most part it worked. Another $100 would have been welcome, but I will survive. 🙂  I wandered through all the vendor stalls, trying not to buy anything on my first pass. I almost made it, but then I saw this:


Inspired by Monet’s lily pond paintings, which I love, and made by a company called “Two Gray Dogs,” how could I resist? You can’t see it in this photo very well, but there are tiny flecks of pink, just like water lily flowers. So pretty!  The two women were fun and lively, and I grabbed a card as well as this skein, I will be in touch with them again! They had so many pretty colors! I am a sucker for colors…

If you remember, Pine Star Studio was on my list, Linda has a wide array of nice colors, fun sock yarns, and other interesting things, as well as some of my favorite lace weight yarns. Here is where the budget interfered with my avaricious soul. I wanted some of everything. She has amazing cakes of yarn that are broad bands of different colors, I think they would make amazing shawls. She has amazing sock yarn, and she has lefty shawl kits – oh oh oh. But I stuck to my plan, and got this lace weight yarn – I have a plan for it with the silk garden Noro I won many moons ago from Claire over at Molly and Claire. I think if I hold it double, it will be close to the same weight. We will see.


RIGHT NEXT TO HER was Hidden Brooks Fiber – the very nice lady named Carol makes the softest, most affordable angora blend yarns ever. There were several to tempt me, but not the blue I was looking for! So, I got a white one, and will dye it the right color. Again, an unlimited budget would have allowed me to clean her out of her white and gray and bring them home to dye myself. She is working on her website, and I can’t wait to see it up and running so I can order lots and lots of yarn from her. You know, when I win the lottery.


A few booths down was my seriously most exiting find of the day. A woman I worked with many years ago as she started her business, and whom I had lost track of. Not for lack of trying, though, I love Judith’s glass buttons, and wanted more. Mostly so I could stop hoarding the few I have left! Anyway, I had tried to find her on the internet, etc. with no luck. So when I spotted a big booth with her name above it, I was thrilled. She was mostly selling her beautiful hooked wall hangings, but in the corner were her wonderful buttons, just as I remembered them. Hers are different from any I have seen (mind you, I don’t get out much!) and are perfect for the hats I can’t stop making. I limited myself to 3, but grabbed a card, so I won’t lose her again. Keep your eyes out for her – Judith Hotchkiss. Her buttons would make a plain stockinette cardigan sing.Judith's-buttons-for-web

Next up was a stroll toward lunch, and it brought me past a booth that just screamed with bright colors. I needed my sunglasses! I went in on a whim and found this yarn which I think will be socks for my littlest niece E who loves bright colors. It wasn’t until I got it home that I realized it has none of her favorite color, purple, but I think she won’t notice. 🙂  With a name like Mad Color, how can you go wrong?


I saw so many other vendors that were selling things I would have loved to have – and there was a bead lady there who I have seen on Ravelry – she was selling beads in larger batches than I usually want, but I keep thinking about one particular set she had, so will likely be in touch to see how I can get them someday.

I also saw lots of old friends from the days when we ran our Incubator Without Walls program for small businesses – they all look so well established and professional now, it is fun to see them and think about where they were 5, 10, or 15 years ago. They have worked hard, and it shows. I wish I could have bought something from everyone.

I was going to hang about for the Ravelry hook-up at 2, but by the time I had lunch, I was beat and ready to go. Plus, at lunch I did my one extraverted thing, and channeled my dear old friend Kate (who made friends with everyone in a 30 foot radius always) and sat with strangers at lunch, and even spoke to them! It wasn’t as bad as it could have been. 🙂 I chose strangers who were sitting at a table in the shade. I ain’t no dummy. So if you are watching, Kate, you can be proud that you taught me it is OK to talk to strangers. In small batches.  In the shade.

After all of that shopping, and lunch, and the obligatory homemade ice cream on the way out (Stone Fox Creamery, Chocolate Salted Caramel, oh my) I left the Fiber Frolic with 17 dollars still in my pocket. That’s enough for another skein of Pine Star lace weight… or a couple more buttons… what was I thinking?

Time to go back outside and get some work done.

Friday list – last one for a while

It’s my last Friday free for a while, and I don’t have anything fabulous on it!  I feel like I should at least buy a skein of yarn or a tube of beads, lol.

But no, the things on the list are things I have been hoping to get to for a long time – yard work!  It might not rain, so I can get to some raking and mulching.  We have driveway sand and rocks everywhere, and I need to clear them out and put down compost and mulch where I don’t want weeds.  Which is foolish.  If only you could see the mess we call a yard… 🙂

Maybe I will even work on clearing that huge endless circle for the pool. I don’t actually have that much more to do, and I am so determined to get the pool set up this summer.  If I can do it before we get those drenching rains of early summer, it will be that much easier to fill.  Yard work is one of the things I wanted to get done before I went back to work, but when the snows stopped, the rains began, and I simply have not been able to get motivated to sieve mud and rake wet leaves.  Now I have to, since I will only have weekends and evenings.  The good news is that the flies and mosquitoes still are not out.

There is a bathroom that could use a swipe, and I have been meaning to clean the ceiling fans.  Maybe I will get to that before A vacuums this weekend…

See – not very exciting.  I will knit on shawls and scarves and necklaces, and I will maybe get some GOOD photos of things I am working on and cards that I want to put on Etsy, so that I can show you it all, and then sell the cards.  I’ll have to do some laundry, too, or wear flannel pajama pants to work on Monday.

Oh no, I will have to wear shoes.  My feet are crying for one more week with birks already.

Friday list – vacation

Today is a day of finishing up some odds and ends – putting the house back to rights, usual errands.  My day will look something like this:

Get photos off camera and show you what I have been up to this week, craft wise.

Spend an hour in the yard shoveling.

Load car full of things to bring to Goodwill, then head off to Ellsworth.

Along the way, I will go to the Post Office, stop for lottery tickets (my early retirement plan), and swing by the office to see what I need to carry to the veterans resource fair tomorrow.  Can’t get a straight answer out of anyone on that score.  

I will get to thoroughly check out Goodwill as I will be there alone (A isn’t too fond of shopping and absolutely hates thrift stores, so does not understand the need to check out every little thing  and consider how it could be used/improved.) Since I will be on that end of town, I might also check out the ReStore, sometimes they have nice things.  Of course, they don’t go for thrift store prices over there….

Then, on the way back across town, I will stop at Reny’s to see if they have a laundry basket or two, we seem to always be short (they turn into cat beds around here if a cat even looks like it might sleep in it)  and last stop – the flea market yard sale thing that is in that little building I love.  I have stopped there once before, but I think it need re-examining, to see what is new.  They also don’t believe in thrift store pricing, but if they have the perfect something, then that is OK, right?

Once home, I will wait to see if A really is able to only work a half day today, and if she is, we will head to the plumbing showroom in town and see if they have the perfect toilet for us.  Exciting, huh?  We want to change out our builders grade toilets fro ones that are taller and use less water.  Not sure if that will happen any time soon, but we are starting to look around.  We hope that the plumber will install it at the same time they come to do the annual service on the water system,but not sure if that is when we will have the money, as we have a bunch of big, expensive things happening this time of year (more exciting things like property taxes). 


Now doesn’t that sound like an exciting morning?  

After the plumbing showroom, we will get lunch at Crosby’s, our favorite take out place which is only open a few more weeks!  😦  Then I will get to sit down and knit a bit before I start thinking about where to put the leftover bits from the guest room.  they will NOT be stashed in the craft room is all I know for sure.


I’ll post later int eh weekend and let you know how that all came out!  Now, off to get the camera and get cracking on this list!

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