EEEK! I used up all the free space

WordPress has told me I can’t upload any more photos.  I am sad.


I need to figure out the best route here – do I go through all the old photos and posts and make the pictures smaller?

Do I upgrade to a paid for version that lets me have oodles more space?

Do I go back and delete old posts?  I hate the thought of that a little bit more than I hate revisiting them all to make the photos smaller…

Decisions, decisions.

What do you all do?  Paid for or free?

How do you size photos from the phone so they aren’t huge, sucking up all the free space?

Is it me?

Twice in the past month I have written posts that I thought I published, but then they appeared, unpublished, in my drafts folder.


What is up with that?  Is it me or is it WordPress?  Anyone else having that trouble?


Jeesh, you would think after all these years I could get that right!

WIPS and signs

So I have pictures to share! Socks and shawls, cross stitch, and a great sign I pass every day on the way to work.

But now that WordPress is back to letting me post and comment, it won’t let me upload photos. I know it is WordPress because I was able to upload photos to Ravelry. So, if you want to see my knitting progress, check out my sws #20 ravelry project, and my Hitchhiker ravelry project.

And I will keep working on this crazy WordPress problem. Because it is a hysterically funny sign.

WordPress, you are getting on my nerves. I will find a way to comment!

First you won’t let me post. When I get around that (thanks, MaryAnne!) you decide not to let me comment on posts. I can reply to my comments but not start any original comments.

So, let me just say this –

Kathryn Rubidoux – You stay safe – don’t rule out any option when it comes to lining up housing for yourself. Keep that blog open, and update it when you can, use the library or whatever resources you come across, but don’t give up on it, we do care about what happens to you and Liz. If the social worker doesn’t come up with anything, reach out to your local Domestic Violence prevention project, even if DV is not your issue, they will be able to point you toward other resources.

Some Daft Thoughts that is a powerful post, great response to a cad. glad you have unfriended him everywhere. I have not experienced that depression you experienced, but even without that, I knew enough to simply be sad that Robin Williams could not get the help he needed. To me, from out here, it seemed as if he never could align the love everyone had for his external self with the way he felt about his internal self. And as you say, if you get caught in that downward spiral soon, there is no option left. I am so glad that you did not go the same way he did, and you left me wondering – what helped you change things for yourself?

Now, on a happier note – Claire – I am loving the tales of your holiday – Malta looks intriguing – and that pool – ! I would have a hard time leaving it. Love the post to all the “serious” travelers!

And all of you who are posting about your knitting, crocheting, papercrafts and sewing – I love it all and think you are doing a great job. 🙂

Now, WordPress, please fix it so I can click on comment and actually comment, instead of writing a ton and then having you say “Sorry, could not post this comment.” it’s just plain rude.

I don’t get it

Dear WordPress:

Can you tell me why sometimes you let me post comments and sometimes you don’t?  I have figured out this much – If I go to type a comment and you don’t know who I am, I am sunk.  Even though I click the little W, and you then twirl and whirl, and come up with my name, the comment can’t be posted.  I have tried refreshing, starting over, even rebooting.  It won’t work.

I am sad, as many of the blogs I follow have comment-worthy posts, but I can’t say a word, I can only silently like.  Now you are keeping me from entering the giveaway at lattes and llamas and that is just cruel.

Please stop.


I thought I had WordPress figured out, but….

Can anyone explain to me how these stats REALLY work?

Today it says I have had one visitor and six views. I thought that meant one person looked around the blog at 6 different things.

But then, I looked at my little country stat. That one person sure does get around – I have 3 views from the USA, 2 from Great Britain, 1 from Canada. So that shoots my understanding of what these stats are telling me. Or, I have one reader who travels a lot and fast. And keeps coming back. For which I thank you, world traveler. 🙂

Anyone have any clues?

Do you follow everyone who follows you?

When I first was blogging, I followed everyone, if they liked me, if they followed me, if they posted one thing I sort of liked. But now I am getting a little more discriminating, and I am trying to follow people who are interesting, who do things I like to read and learn about.

I always check out my new followers to see if I like what they are posting, but there are a few… well, I don’t like their blogs. I probably would like THEM just fine, but my reader is so full every day, I don’t really want to sort through posts I don’t care about. Is this rude? how do you handle this problem?

I also am surprised at the number of people whose blogs I really liked who have fallen off the WordPress planet, apparently. I keep them on my list in case they post, but I miss them. If you are reading this and haven’t posted in a while, don’t feel guilty, I’m just musing and rambling…

So I am following over 150 blogs and I wonder what I will do if suddenly everyone posts at once…

And yet, I search for new ones every day… what a great community we are in!

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