What do you mean, it is Sunday?

I never posted Friday list! You are all probably crazy with anxiety, wondering what I did.

Sorry about that, but it was a pretty simple list, as I wasn’t feeling well. Went to work Thursday morning, by the time I got to work, I knew that was a mistake, so I turned around and came home again. So Thursday – sleep on couch, wake up knit a row or two, sleep a few hours.

Friday the list was more like:
put in a load of laundry
scoop the cat box
watch an NCIS rerun
knit a few rows

You get the point. So I completely forgot to write it down for you.


All that sleep seemed to work – I never got A’s awful cold, what I ever I did get obviously laid me low for a few days, but I feel much better now. Not fully energized, but better.

Yesterday, A’s two sisters came over to help with the never-ending insulation job in the basement. We have decided to go with spray foam insulation on the walls, but that means A has to remove everything from the walls, all her racks and hangers, etc. And it means that she had to make a decision about how to insulate the ceiling with the radiant heat pipes, and do it before they spray, which they will be doing in a couple of weeks. So we ripped out the disgusting pink stuff, and are using this silver stuff, much thinner, cleaner, and hopefully it will work. Sisters climbed around and insulated all along the edges, while A took down her racks. Next up – framing the walls.

Meanwhile, I puttered and got lots of little things done. I got one of my rotten raised beds completely planted with spring bulbs – tulips, daffies and muscari. I hope the creatures leave them alone so I can have cheerful spring flowers next year. That is the last raised bed made from “junk” wood. As those have rotted, I have just planted them with wildflowers or grass to see what will happen. So our yard looks like a strange patchwork.

I also planted a few sticks of wygelia that I had rooting on the window sill all summer, we will see if they make it or not. And I finally got around to planting a grocery store hydrangea I got for our wedding last spring. I hope that is happy,as it really was pretty.

I also began the job of priming and painting our new screen/storm doors that we got a few weeks ago, as we are having a dry weekend. The instructions said one more coat of primer and two coats of outdoor paint. Sigh. Can only do one side at a time, of course, and so that means 6 times I have to get everything ready and paint and then stop and put it all away again. I can see that this will become tedious. I finished priming one door so far. Lots of rests in between, of course.

Today – more painting, knitting, and sleeping, I think. As well as a few loads of laundry – where does it come from?

Oh, other news – a couple of weeks ago, we started biggest loser again at A’s job. First week, she lost SEVEN pounds, and didn’t win for the week! (Sometimes, competing with men stinks!) I gained a pound and a half. This week, I lost 2.5 and won for the week! Being sick sure helped with that. But she isn’t pleased. We also keep track just between us, with the weekly prize $10 per week, to go to or own stash. So I am building up my yarn stash money again. It was pretty low, so this is a good thing. Not my stash, you understand, but my yarn money. 🙂

Knitting has slowed down a bit, what with all the sleeping, but I did finish a KoolAid hat, and am working on a scarf for myself. It is some lace weight silk/alpaca blend I got a couple of years ago from PineStar Studio. I am making a “Multi Directional Diagonal Scarf” (Pattern by Karen Baumer, 2003. I haven’t tried searching for it online, but if anyone wants it, I will be glad to search and or share.) It is the same pattern and yarn I used for the purple scarf I made Crimson Crow for a pay it forward giveaway, but I have added seed beads to highlight the directional changes. I’ll get a photo of it soon. For some reason, the direction changes seem to be a little more wobbly this time, I suppose it could be the beads, but I think blocking will fix it. I also changed the pattern slightly to add button holes at one end, and some tiny sparkling buttons are planned for the other end, so I can wear it different ways. (edited – Found the pattern on Ravelry at http://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/multidirectional-diagonal-scarf)

It’s a pain to move the yarn through all the beads, but I do like how it is looking.

Friday list

This week I have a mixed up list.

I have an appointment with the doctor at 11 to get three more spots taken off my back. Not looking forward to all those Novocaine shots, that is for sure.

I also have more yard work to do, as of course, I did not finish it all last weekend. I have never finished it all, I do not think it is possible. Although the pool is gone, the ladder, floats, etc. have to be put away, so that is easy and maybe I will do it.

I want to get some good photos of the cosmos blooming in among the asparagus, so I can share it with you, it looks just like I imagined! How often does THAT happen?

There are the usual household chores: laundry, grocery shopping, the Post Office.

I have some new knitting and crafting going on, I want to share that with you as well, so more photography should happen.

I might get up to Hobby Lobby, they are celebrating their grand opening today. I invited my sister in law, S, to join me, and she said she can’t go, but is surprised that I am, because of their politics. So now I am wondering – what politics? Does anyone know anything about them?

Not sure what else I will feel up to – or even if I feel up to all that shopping, etc., but I will give it my best shot!

Bad week on the weight loss front, as I GAINED 1.4 pounds. Oops…

Blue Monday – NOT

Can’t remember if I told you A and I are doing our own little biggest loser, because I am not participating in her office one this time around. Well, she has been beating me soundly (and winning at work as well!) I am really proud of her, but still, I want to win. We have $10 bucks a week on this!

Today I finally lost weight and won the week! I had been wondering why I wasn’t losing, and suddenly I lost over 2 pounds,so I guess my body just wasn’t ready to part with it until now.

Since I was the big winner, I took the opportunity to go online after work and order a new bathing suit for summer (since I am pretty sure mine from last summer won’t be able to be worn in public….) and I hit a sale at Land’s End – 20% off swimsuits and free shipping on orders over $50 (and even on sale, suits cost more than that) so I saved over $30 total. Can’t beat it.

Also, had to buy a swim suit to counteract the evil snow storm coming our way tomorrow. Really. Another storm. All this mild weather and melted snow was just a teaser, I guess. It’s depressing.

Unless I get a day off work – !

March fools!

This weather has been SO dreary – snow, rain, snow, rain, gray, gray, gray. For weeks. And so we do our morning exercise on the treadmill and bike in the cellar. Doubly dreary.

Sunday we were headed out to run a few errands, and A said, looking down the road “Wow, we could have walked outside today!” The road was wet, but clear. So we eagerly agreed that we would walk outside the next day.

Monday morning, early (but before bright!) we got up, ready to walk outside for a big change. We bundled up in sweat pants, warm sox, shirts, sweatshirts, jackets, mittens, lights. opened the door to head out


Not just snow on the ground, but still snowing, and snowing hard.

This pair of March fools peeled off all the extra layers and headed downstairs to the dreaded machines.

What a glum way to start the week.

PS. The snow melted, of course, by noon. And we try to remember and be thankful for the strange winter that has let us walk outside before dawn MANY mornings when we normally would not be able to. I remember that one of them was at the beginning of February, so we should not complain that March is behaving like… well, like March. Fickle.

biggest loser update

A gained a bit of weight this week, and I lost only .2 pounds, so we are NOT the winners this week.  But our previous weeks losses keep us at number 1 nad 2 overall.  Of course, coworker Dave is gaining ground all the time, don;t know how he does it.  A is annoyed, as she ate the same and exercised almost the same this past week.  We are hoping for a fluid retention weight loss this week.  Beats a plateau any day. I just need to get up and walk more to lose my usual pound or so a week.  I guess we will see how that goes this week!

biggest loser

I am getting a complex. I keep writing the same post, it keeps disappearing.  What’s up, WordPress?

A came in second on the last contest, I came in 4th – woo hoo!  The group decided to start again, this is our first week,a dn I lost the most.  It won’t happen again, but I wanted to do it once.  A and I each lost over 4 pounds.  Now we will settle back to our standard one or two pounds a week.

Saturday Road Trip!

In the middle of Biggest Loser I said to A “When this is done, we are going to Big G’s deli”  I see the ads on TV all the time, and I have heard from people who have been there that the food is yummy, the portions ridiculously huge.  I decided we needed to go there. I was hungry.

Well, Biggest Loser was done last week, but with all that company, we couldn’t go.  Even though a new round of Biggest Loser started yesterday, we decided to go now, so we could have time to lose the weight.

So, since we were going on a road trip anyway, I decided we would take the long way, and go find Chimney Farm in Nobleboro, where Henry Beston and Elizabeth Coatsworth lived.

We invited A’s sisters, S and L, and headed out this morning.  It is a rainy, foggy day today, not beautiful for scenery, but not bad. On the way to Nobleboro, we had to go through Waldoboro, where Borealis Breads is located.  So sad, we had to stop and buy some yummy cookies and breads.  If we are going to not diet, we should do it thoroughly right???

Following that pit stop, we found the farm pretty easily.  Couldn’t see the view because of the fog, but I loved the farm – it looks real, somehow, not picture perfect. But it is not open to the public, so we looked at it from the road, read the little plaque on the barn, and headed north to Winslow and Big G’s.

A beautiful ride, in spite of the weather – went on roads I either have never been on or not in a long time.  Big G’s was interesting – very industrial looking – big warehouse type building.  Inside, it was confusing!  There is a giant menu board that would take a week to read and comprehend.  But it is organized by the main sandwich ingredients, so I went right to Roast Beef, and found the Bill Cosby.  Yum!  Hold the onions, add some horseradish and I was good.  We grabbed a whoopie pie and a cookie, each the size of dinner plates on the way in. We finally figured out how to order, and did so.  I was asked did I want a whole sandwich or a half?  I said “How big are they?” and she pointed to a basket that is at least 8 inches square.  I ordered half.  Glad I did – holy cow, that thing was FULL of meat, cheese, veggies.  I ate less than half of what I got, and brought the rest home.  The others had similar experiences, except L, who was NOT asked if she wanted a half or whole, and so got a whole.  I think she will be eating it for weeks to come!

We left there and crossed the bridge to Waterville, and went to the Yardgoods store, which I knew had fabric and yarn, but which I did not know also had scrapbooking supplies! I was in heaven.  They have good quality fabric and yarn, which is nice, as not too many places around do, anymore.  I wandered around a lot, but finally left with only some new glitter glue and a rubber stamp. But there was so much there I wanted.  If I had time to use it all, I might have succumbed, but I have enough fabric and yarn to last a life time – maybe – and I don’t NEED more stamping supplies.  Although… there were plenty I wanted, and which will now haunt me until I get them.

We came home through Belfast, and stopped at the potters store so S could look for more of her favorite ornaments.

Got home after 2, still overly full, so no supper tonight!

Once we got home, S and L headed out, and I changed over the laundry (still doing sheets and towels!) and then I headed downstairs to put another coat of paint on the first two boxes of the bed.  Yesterday I filled the nail holes and primed them – tonight I sanded them and put the first coat of finish paint on them.  It should be dry before A starts doing any cutting tomorrow.  At this rate, we will be on that bed sooner than planned, as we aren’t painting the whole box, just the front, and on the end one, the sides too, it is pretty quick.  The prep work takes longer than the painting, as usual. This is so exciting to us, we can’t wait to have real furniture!  A thinks we have other projects for her to work on next, but I am thinking that the headboard should be next. Maybe I will do it myself… 🙂

Tomorrow is a big day – we meet up with brother-in-law M and his big truck at Lowe’s at 8 am, and A gets her new table saw, the one she has been drooling over for years.  We saved our points on our credit card for the gift card to get it – it has taken ages.  She will be making lots of sawdust after this! When we get home, I will probably do some cleaning while she plays with her new toy in the basement, then I will sneak upstairs to the craft room.  Sounds wonderful to me right now!

old fence – Chimney Farm, Nobleboro Maine
plaque on the barn at Chimney Farm

Biggest loser week 7

I gained a pound, and A lost her usual 2. She is in the running for winning the whole prize, and losing 25 pounds!! I am so proud of her.

If she wins she will get cash AND get to keep the trophy they have been passing around each week. Second place also gets cash – but no trophy or bragging rights.  🙂

Biggest loser week 6

Almost forgot again!  I stayed the same, A lost 2 pounds.  She is going for a whole 25 by the end of the contest, and she just might make it.  She is in the lead as well, although she hasn’t won the weekly trophy in a while she is holding steady.

I want to win that darned thing just once, but I have to pay more attention to my stress eating.

biggest loser week 5

A lost two pounds, I lost 4.  I finally beat her, but came in second in the office contest.  Sigh.  At least we were consistent in our exercising!  I did the liquid protein diet for two days (the one the doc’s had me do for two weeks before my surgery two years ago)  I forgot how hard it is to do!  After two days I felt quite hollow.  I think, though, that as it works so well, I will try to do it during the work weeks – maybe add soft protein to breakfast and dinner.

I was so sure I would win this week’s contest, but L must have lost a pound or so more – which is super for her, but only means I will have to work harder!  I have to win at least ONE week.  🙂

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