Sunday came and went

with no post from me…mostly because there seems to be nothing really to write about.  I feel like I am in a bit of a slump – is the change in the light?  Not sure. Anyway, I never even tried to get the book for book group, so will be skipping that this month.  Again.

This weekend was slow and steady – we went to Ellsworth Saturday morning, and I pulled a lot of my inventory out of J and B Atlantic, so I could get ready for the holiday shop in Bucksport.  I left a fair number of things in Ellsworth, of course as I don’t want to miss an opportunity for holiday shoppers!  But it saves me knitting up a storm when I don’t need to, always good.  While we were there, we ate an early lunch at Fuddrucker’s, and then did the grocery shopping at “the big store” where they have heard of unscented everything. Thank God, because we were almost out of unscented everything.

When we got home, the “laundry lady” (this week, it was A) suggested we put our pajamas on so she could wash the clothes we were wearing.  Always love when the laundry lady has a great idea!  We settled down at 2 PM in our jammies to watch TV, knit and do laundry.  At 2:30, sister-in-law L called to ask if she could stop over.  Oops!  She didn’t bat an eye to find us ready for bed. 🙂

Sunday I ran to the dump, then cleared up some of the junk from the screened porch – pile of pool equipment went down cellar, candles and other knick-knacks came in and got cleaned up.  I also cleaned a lot (but not all) of the leaves out of the pool.  From the sides, I did not get in it!  Brrrr.

That seemed like enough chores for one day, so I settled back on the couch with the knitting.

Anyone would then expect me to have made great strides in things, right?

Not so much.  I did finish a chemo hat, but as it was almost done, that is hardly anything to brag about… and I cast on the sleeves of the baby sweater I am making.  And I cast on another chemo hat – my rendition of a Hurricane hat.  But I was a lethargic knitter at best. Maybe because what I want to be casting on is a panda food cowl?  Not sure, but I didn’t let myself do it.  Sweater and hats have to get done first. The hat is in some unknown yarn mom sent over – feels like possibly alpaca, in a slightly bulky worsted weight, so the hat goes fast and I should finish it up tonight, then focus solely on the sweater until it is done.

I did take the time to go through the things I have for the Bucksport shop, and it looks like I have enough to get started, but need to add some more holiday inspired things, and some more hats.  Hard to believe I haven’t enough of those! But between Etsy, the shop in Ellsworth and the shop in Bucksport, it takes a lot to give a nice array.  Luckily, they do work up fast in bulky yarn.

I also went through the buttons I have been collecting all summer – I got some nice ones! So I am looking forward to being able to work on those things.

Procrastinated a bit on Mom’s book – we are struggling with tenses now – some things are in present, some in past.  We need to meet to talk about how she wants it to read, but I did a brief survey of memoirs on my bookcase, and found that the good ones are in the past tense.  Which means lots of careful editing.  🙂 Which means setting up a spot to work so it is easy.

Still haven’t sorted out the internet issues, and that makes me grumpy – having to be hooked up to the wall defeats the purpose of a laptop.  Which is also part of why I don’t post as often.

And as to the photos – still learning A’s camera which I confiscated.  🙂  Went to take a picture of the cats being cute today and the battery was dead.  Again.  Really?  So I charged it, but of course, the cats had long since stopped playing in the sheets of paper by the time the camera was ready, lol.

I’ll try to get some good photos of things in progress for you and post them, but as of now, you will just have to imagine them. 🙂

A worked on the bookcases for the upstairs – all but one are glued up nice and square.  The last one will wait until the first 6 are installed, so that she can make sure it really will fit in the remaining space.

What this means in my world is that I have to paint the loft, and choose a paint color for the insides of the bookcases.  The walls and ceiling of the room and outsides of the bookcases will be a very soft pale blue/gray, like all the other main rooms in the house. For the insides, I could go with the darker periwinkle blue that is the accent color in the kitchen, or I could do something totally different.  I am contemplating a bright red.  Or a bright turquoise.  Or a soft turquoise.  Or a raspberry pink-red. Or a different color in each one. You see the problem.  What do you guys think? They are plain, simple cases, unlit except for room lighting, and presumably will be filled with books. They can’t be seen from anywhere else in the house, so it should be immaterial that the room on one side is creamy yellow with periwinkle trim, and the room on the other side is pale pale pale pink (almost white) with raspberry red trim. But it might not be.

So what’s the big deal, Salpal? Just pick a color!  Well, it’s the internet’s fault. 🙂  Everyone does such cool things in their houses, or at least on their blogs, and I want to have it look perfect when we finish, because it has been SUCH a chore getting these done.

Once I choose a color, then I will think about book ends for some shelves. I’d really like some shelves NOT to be filled with books, so I need book ends to hold the books upright.  I also have pretty little things packed away that would look nice on the shelves.  I think.  Depending what color(s) I choose.


Yeah, I am going back onto the couch to knit a hat.  Or a sweater.  And look longingly at the half-finished sweater vest (remember it? Blue and teal?), the half-finished scarf/stole/shawl or whatever it is (remember it?  Teal and gold?), both of which had to get put aside for hat and sweater knitting, and will likely stay aside for some more hat knitting, but which I do want to finish soon…so I can cast on Panda Food… and other things that aren’t priorities anywhere but in my little knitting brain.  Which is why I spent some time looking at beads online, for a shawl I have no business thinking about.

Thanks for hanging in this long… I promise pictures and happy brightness again shortly.

OH YEAH! I almost forgot to tell you – Thursday night I thawed out the tomatoes and canned them.  Which ever one of you lovelies it was (sorry I don’t remember!) who told me to freeze them as they ripened and can them all at once – THANK YOU – brilliant idea!

I had about a gallon and a half of tomatoes, which somehow came out to 4 pints when peeled and excess water drained off.  A lot of work for a little goodness, but worth it, I think – to have my own tomatoes a few times this winter will be grand.

Monday. Day after another good weekend.

So I sit here at whatever o’clock in the evening, waiting for my trusty inkjet printer to spit out envelopes.  One at a time. That is, one at a time after I hit the feed button.  For. Every.  Single. One.

Last week, it happily spit out 75 envelopes and only made me hit the button once. I guess it doesn’t like Mondays, either.

Now it ran out of envelopes, and although I put them in the same way I have for the last several years, it no longer likes that way.  It might be time to give up and go home!

Blah. Anywho –  I had a good weekend, how about you?  The weather could not have been more wonderful – maybe a bit hot, but as we had NO PLANS that was OK – when I got hot, I got in my little pool and floated around.

I did a bunch of things I had to do Friday, but not all I had planned, by a long shot. Still, I felt like I got things done. We had game night with A’s co-workers – that was fun, as always.  For the first time, I almost won a game!  Tied for first, but lost the tie breaker.  Oh well, it was still fun.

A had no ambition or energy – not sure why, but that meant there was no obligation to go anywhere!  I washed the windows in her office and in the craft room, which also meant cleaning off the window sill and sweeping up there, which had not been done in a long time, apparently. Lots of leaves and little beads and wonderful treasures…  cleaned the space between window and screen on a bunch of our windows, not sure how it gets so dirty, but it looks good when clean.  AND I scrubbed the icky aluminum doorsill on the back door – definitely that was too green to think about, but it is gleaming now!

I sewed all the rings on the roman shades for the craft room. Next step – hem the tops, buy the cord and PUT THEM UP!  Yahoo!

I also worked out in the yard, and found to my great pleasure that what I thought was a grow sack full of dirt really did have potatoes in it. Not a huge harvest, but enough to tell me that if I really pay attention to it next year, it will be worth doing. A colander full of small potatoes, enough for a salad or something.  Very fun.

I also found that my lush bed of green tomatoes has decided that perhaps, maybe, someday soon, they will turn red.  Streaks of orange are starting to appear.  Maybe they just needed some warm sunshine, too. My sunflowers have blossoms at last.  I know, I know, everyone else has flowers.  I didn’t even start them TOO late…  All in all, a good garden day.

Worked on the lace scarf, more than halfway done now – yippee. As i have lots more lace yarn upstairs, I think I will be making a few of these this year. Not sure why I like it so much, but I do. Very satisfying when it is done.

I also got the guest room ready for this weekends occupant – can’t wait to see L and the girls – coming to deliver B to college.  Should be a fun weekend. Plus, I will be on vacation.

If I can ever get these envelopes printed…. time to go push the button…