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Weekend ahead!!   8 comments

Glad it finally made it! I find five day weeks a complete drag!

Our weekend starts off right, we are meeting up with Mom and B for dinner tonight. Tomorrow I hope to do some yard chores and then it’s off to whorls and purls for the afternoon.

Sunday has more yard work, assuming the forecast is correct. And of course all rest breaks involve spinning and knitting!

A simple enough plan, and broadly general enough that if I do even a tiny bit, it counts as a chore done. My kind of weekend!

what have you got going on this weekend?


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Thursday list   7 comments

Today we plan to:

Make cookies for tomorrow’s picnic
Go to Bangor for a little
school shopping
craft room shopping
and then have supper there with A if she gets out of work on time, otherwise, Chinese left overs

That should fill the day nicely!

PS it’s raining, or we would go to the lake. But thank goodness, C is a teenager now, and shopping is almost as good as the lake. If this was 5 years ago, I would be in some serious entertainment trouble.

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Friday to-do list   2 comments

This Friday is the day I drive a million miles to get my niece C (C the younger, age 17) from her home in CT, and bring her to Maine for a FUN ten-day vacation with her Maine family.

While I always dread the actual drive, I love the fact that I get to visit with her the whole car ride back again, and then spend time with her here. I am trying to think of fun things to do along the way – haven’t come up with too much that doesn’t add lots of time to the trip (something neither of us want to do, given that we will already be dealing with Friday tourist traffic) but there are a few things.

Number one was convincing her mother and/or sister to drive part way toward Maine to meet me. The girls and I have found a really nice farm/ice cream stand in Thompson CT, I think it is called Fort Hill Farm. It’s only about an hour from their house, it has delicious home-made ice cream, clean bathrooms, is easy off and on the highway, and is the kind of place where we could hang around and wait for the other party to show up if we were running late. So, we will meet there around ten in the morning, which puts me on the road no later than 5 am. And maybe that is too early for ice cream, but maybe not, too. 🙂 Then, once the transfer is complete, and we say good-bye to Mom and Sis, we will head north. I figure the next stop will be for lunch, haven’t thought of any place extra special for that, but we will have all of Massachusetts to choose from. (Oh, how I hate route 495! I hope there is something good to eat that we have not discovered yet.) I may set her to work with her phone to find us something new to try.

Nw Hampshire usually is just a pit stop at the rest area or the big liquor store/gift shop, then we get to Maine. Still 4 hours of driving to do once we cross the state line, but more options for fun near the highway.

In Portland, we can stop and see if my sister is home (maybe call first… 🙂 ) for a quick hello and bathroom break. Then, in Yarmouth, there is Eartha – this HUGE globe that is a couple of stories high, very neat. Not sure, but I don’t think I have ever taken the girls there, and it is truly right off the highway. And near a rest stop. Two good things for breaking up a road trip but not lengthening it.

If we aren’t; exhausted, there is Freeport and LL Bean, but that will be MOBBED on a Friday in August, so we might skip that.

Then I think we will just keep driving to get home, maybe stop for supper, depending on the time. Even with all these stops, if the traffic isn’t awful, we might make it home before dark!

800 miles, one day, but worth every minute.

Friday List   6 comments

Friday should be a pretty good day –
I have to go to Southwest Harbor to the Farmers’ Market to pick up some cheese being made just for me – how lucky is that?

I have a niece working in Northeast Harbor for the summer, so I hope to connect with her while I am on the Island – maybe take her to lunch? Explore a few shops?

Then it is home in time to grab A and head out to the China Dinah (only in Maine do “China” and “Diner” rhyme!) to meet her sister K for dinner. We don’t see K too often, so that should be a lot of catching up over good food.

As A will drive to the China Dinah, I will get to do some knitting on the purple scarf. Maybe this is the weekend I finish it…

So far today….   5 comments

I decided that since I am on vacation and so not in a hurry to go anywhere or do anything, I would take a few photos of my day. And I discovered how much I am doing! Here’s what it is looking like so far (and remember I was up around 5, as A had to work today):

Got dressed in a NEW summer skirt. Had the good sense to paint my toenails to match yesterday. this is vacation, after all!
first day of vacation

Started a beanie based on a video I saw on UK Crochet Pattern’s blog (if anyone would like to tell me how to embed a link in a post, I sure would appreciate it. I have tried that “link” button, but clearly am missing a step as it never seems to do it.) I am breaking my own one WIP rule, but that darned scarf is just taking too long, I need to whip up something fast. Since a woman I know asked me to make purple baby hats for her local children’s project, I thought it was OK to break the rule to make a few of them. I’ll go back to the scarf, never fear. Because I won’t let myself start the next one until it is done, and I am eager to start that, I have some beautiful beads and buttons to use on it… but back to today…

crochet beanie

Then worked on some sewing in the craft room – I did warn you would see some new crafts here – I haven’t sewed anything in a while. So, some more skirts are coming along. The hearts with the orange ribbon and the mushrooms are for 6-year-old niece E, who picked it all out herself last Friday. She’s got taste, that one. Just not sure if it is good, bad, or just 6. 🙂 Of course, the brightly flowered one is for me, and I don’t have 6 as an excuse, I just feel like some bright summer skirts. Side seams on all are done, need to make elastic casing and then hem them, et voila! Summer skirts of the casual variety.

summer sewing2

summer sewing

Got Tigger all settled and happy in her new room for a few hours.

Tigger  in her new room

Then I headed outside to do some chores, and heard my pool calling me. I hope to get in later today.
pool today

Hit the Post office…. very worthwhile trip there. Always can use some new catalogs, bills and solicitation letters.


Headed over to Searsport to pick up the bikes, and sadly found he is not open today. I hope he is tomorrow!

no bikes

Then to the grocery store – a ZOO. I counted out-of-state license plates in the parking lot. As is typical for this time of year, they easily outnumbered Maine plates. GRRRR. And not an Arkansas among them. We start spotting license plates on Memorial Day, with our goal to be done with the whole country (including Hawaii, Alaska, and DC) by July 4th. All we need to compete this year’s contest is Arkansas. Come on, folks! If you leave now, you can easily get here by the 4th! If Hawaii can get here, I would think someone from Arkansas could!


I decided to treat myself to lunch and picked up a crab meat roll on the way from Searsport so this is what my delicious lunch looks like today. You can’t see the cats drooling off to the side – crab meat got Tigger and Zumba in the same room, with little hissing. Yes, they got a reward – a little morsel each.


Also did a few loads of laundry and some dishes, but did not take photos of that. Now I am going to get into my suit and hit the pool! It is warm enough, but not sunny, so it won’t be fun to float around and read, but it will be cooler! Who knows what the afternoon will bring.

Friday list   7 comments

I have quite a list for today, it might spill over into the rest of the weekend!

•Time in the craft room – I have sewing to do on my skirts, cards to make fr all the birthdays I missed so far in June, and thank you notes to make for everyone who got me my great birthday presents

•Cut the grass – this is literally cut, as we have no lawn, so I use grass clippers to hack down the weeds. I’ll take before and after photos. And be warned, I only cut grass, I leave the wild flowers

•Pool maintenance – it needs scooping, etc. Not a great day for it, but it really needs it every day, so whatever I get done today is good, and tomorrow I will do it again. Maybe it will get nice enough to swim this weekend!

•Gardening – there is some minor weeding to do, the peas need their trellis brought out of the cellar and put near them. The potatoes are ready for their next 4 inches of dirt, which I even remembered to get yesterday.

•Feed the hummers – they are gobbling up the food now, we keep two feeders for them, and that isn’t enough this time of year. I bet they have a nest with babies somewhere, too.

•The usual errands – PO, Library, grocery store

•Last but not least – some work organizing and outlining a grant that is due at the end of the month

A is working from home this morning, so I might not get it all done, but we have NO plans for this weekend, so I can work away at it all weekend.

Thursday at last, and a Friday list   2 comments

Well, this has been one heck of a week, work-wise, current event-wise, life-wise. Some good, some not.

Boston. Washington. Texas. Iran. Holy cow, it is overwhelming. What are we doing to ourselves?

On the home front, I was interviewed by the local paper for a story on identity theft and tax fraud. They wound up using the info I provided, but no quote. 😦 But if the info helps people know what to do, that is all good. I don;t need the glory.

Can’t remember if I told you about more changes at work (constant!) but they are starting to settle in, and actually, they feel pretty good. If they go as planned. I’ll be giving up my current job for a different one within the agency, working for all divisions writing grants. Very different, yet not. I’ll be glad to shed some of my duties, but will really miss working with the clients. that change happens 5/6, and I think it will be a summer of transition, as i work with the woman taking over my role, while at the same time, settling into my new one. Whew!

Lots of details to plan in that process.

Today I went to Orono and Bangor for two meetings. While there, I managed to stop in at a LYS to order some wool for the crochet-a-long in June. I hope it arrives in time. If not, well heck, I will have to use some of my stash and do something different with this yarn. lol, such a problem to have.

Then I went over to the big box store and showed ADMIRABLE RESTRAINT, picking up some adhesive for card making and a larger crochet hook for said CAL. It took me an hour, and many things went in and out of the cart. But I really didn’t want to blow my crafting $$ there, so I only got what I can’t get elsewhere, and then some spiffy magazines. Always love to see how to, color combinations, new ideas.

Home earlier than normal, so played with the kids and did a bit of blog surfing. Trying not to turn on the news…

Tomorrow is A’s first day of vacation!!! Wish I had one, too, but I don’t. Here’s the list:

webinar for me in the morning
maybe a stop at the town office fr a wedding license(!!! really!!!)
both of us to Bangor to get both cars serviced after that
Over to the jewelers to select rings
Other less important errands
Wind up at A’s office for game night with her coworkers

I’ll get knitting done in between, and while we wait for the cars, so may have another hat done. I am almost through the 5 skeins of red yarn A’s sister S gave me – I’ll be curious to pull out all the hats i made with it and see how many I got out of them. More than 5, of that I am sure. Photo will follow. 🙂

Oh, one thing I did was mail the leg warmers off today – they rode around in the car all week waiting for me to be near a post office when it was open. Clerk said they might be delivered tomorrow, can’t wait to hear how they work.

Time to go do some crocheting on the baby blanket for A’s coworker’s new baby, due in July. Blanket is half done, I love how fast crocheting goes!

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