Sunday reward

Today was so different from yesterday! First off, I slept hard, until after 8!! Then A made french toast, yummy! I knit for a bit on my socks, until my friend Crimson Crow came over, and we went off to a wonderful gathering at Fernwood Nursery and Shade Garden. Denise put out an open invitation on her blog to come sit and knit or spin or read a book this afternoon, and so we went over. It was a lovely afternoon with a dozen or more ladies sitting around crafting and chatting and munching on delicious things. I saw all kinds of spinning wheels and drafting styles. One woman was spinning flax she grew, on an antique wheel that was a family heirloom. (She owns, and regularly uses, TWENTY THREE wheels! I want to hear no more about two wheels being an issue. 😜)

Crimson Crow neither spins nor knits, but she brought along some crafting supplies and created her index card of the day. And as we were sitting, the birds were singing their hearts out. She was able to identify them as they sang, so that was fun.

Denise invited everyone back next week, but we won’t be able to go then. However, we both had fun and would gladly go again. It is so beautiful there, and Denise is so warm and welcoming.

On the way home this time we went the other way and found the good ice cream place, John’s, and had a little ice cream to top off the day!

It was a very nice, calm day, very restful. Just the thing for a Sunday in June.

Sunday morning

Perfect Sunday morning.  🙂

It started with some porch spinning.  This is the fiber I dyed last week – it’s coming out more aqua than blue, which is a surprise, but not a bad one.  I am still learning how colors change as they are drafted, spun, plied, and knit. It’s all fun.


Here’s Reyna, all finished and blocked.  I took her over to the shop yesterday, with mixed feelings.  If it doesn’t sell, I might keep it. 🙂




This is the yarn I finished yesterday (it was a day of finishing things, I guess!)

It is 4 ounces of coopworth in the salpiglossis colorway from Purple Fleece.  It is a thick yarn, between an aran weight and bulky weight, I would guess.  Someday it will be a bright, warm hat.


Yesterday afternoon I also went to the Whorls and Purls gathering at the Purple Fleece, which was fun.  Lots of amazing things happening on needles and wheels over there.  I did 9of course) make a small purchase – because there simply isn’t enough blue, green and purple in my world.  And I got a bobbin, so now I can either work on more than one spin at a time OR do a traditional three play… Or even finish up a two ply without having to stop and skein the yarn to empty the bobbin.  Such a simple tool that will open up many possibilities for me.


Which reminds me, I don’t think I shared with you what happened Friday.

Don’t worry, it isn’t bad.  It’s about the mail.

The fiber I ordered from Three Waters Farm arrived, not even a week after I ordered it!



So instead of being almost out of fiber (which really was true!) I now have 4 beautiful braids tucked away, and still have three months of the Roving of the Month club at Purple Fleece coming my way.  And I still have about 6 ounces of undyed fiber to play with.

And some knitting to do.  Shawls are coming along, I cast on the 4th one, so there is plenty of variety for my fingers. 🙂

I’ll leave you with this phone picture I got in Bucksport yesterday – a gorgeous day!


Sunday slow day

It’s sunny. It’s hot. I LOVE it!!

A had a rule for Sundays – she won’t get out of bed until 9. It’s been a hellish few months for her, so being able to sleep in is a luxury. I couldn’t stand it, and got up at 8:45. 🙂 I had lots of weed whacking to do, and wanted to get started before it got too hot. I missed that, but did manage to do the whole back yard before it was just too stinking hot to be out there.

Came in and chilled with a pineapple popsicle (YUMMY from Edy’s) while A gathered up all the trash. While I went to the dump, she vacuumed the house. Then it was into the pool for me. I floated around until I could tell I was getting sunburned, then I swam a bit more to get cool, came in and showered and am just sitting here typing away.

but A just sais “Let’s go get an ice cream sundae”, so see you later.

Sunday – a confession

I’m not typically a church-going woman, so a Sunday confession is NOT normal. But in order to tell you what I did today, I need to make a confession first.

A and I have always had cats.  When we had to put my Frankie down this spring, it was because of kidney failure. If you have had a cat with kidney failure, you know that sometimes they signal they aren’t well by not using the cat box all the time.  Frankie was notorious for this, and we always paid attention to her when she acted up like this, rushing her off to the vet. So, this spring, it finally got so bad we had to put her to sleep.  A couple of weeks later we got the kittens.

One big change we made in between was the location of the cat box – we took it out of the laundry room and put it into the guest bathroom.  This was very exciting to me, since it meant we could now close the laundry room/mud room door when we do laundry and in the winter, to keep the house warmer.

Here comes the confession: this week, we started shutting the door at night.  And in the morning, when we opened it – overpowering smell of cat urine. All summer, the windows had been open, and we never noticed it. Ugh!  Just what we want to have greet us when we come in the house. We are pretty sure that it is not the new kids that did this, but the old sick girl.  And truly, we HAVE cleaned in there this summer, but obviously, we missed something major.

So, today I totally emptied both rooms, moved the washer and dryer out, cleaned behind them, cleaned the dryer hose while I had everything apart, scrubbed the floor all over, especially under the sink where the cat box had been.  But nowhere did I find any signs of old cat urine – no smell, no dried puddle places. It took hours to wipe everything down, dusting, vacuuming, moving furniture.

Now that everything is clean, it only smells like the floor cleaner in there. The only things that aren’t back in there are the shoe stray and the door mat.  I am really afraid the source is the door mat, because that would be the hardest to clean.  It is also most likely what Frankie would have gone on, if she wanted to go outside and the door was closed. So, we will bring the shoe tray in and see if the smell comes back.  If it doesn’t, then we will know, and that will be the end of THAT door mat!

Other than tearing one end of the house apart, cleaning it and putting it back together again, I haven’t done too much.

A got her brand new table saw this morning, she and her brother-in-law put it together, then she cleaned up the workshop, and now she is too tired to go play with it.  But it will be there for years to come, so I know she will use it a lot.

We did make a very special dump run/road trip – we took the kittens for a ride.  🙂  I know it sounds like a crazy cat lady thing to do, but I really want these kids to not be afraid of their crate and the car.  So to me, that means we take them out sometimes when they are not going to the vet. Today we decided to try it out. It was interesting – they both got into the crate with no trouble – no surprise, we leave it out all the time so they can use it for a bed (something we learned from Tuppence – we had to get the crate out days before we needed it – she hid when she heard it).  We all got in the car – me and the kids in back and drove the 5 miles to the dump.  Kids were fine – a little nervous, but not crying or terrified – just cautious about something new.  On the way home, A said “Open the door and see what they do” so I did.  It was too funny.  They carefully came out, and sat looking out the windows. Allie eventually went under the front seat, and then sat beside A for a few minutes.  Then, without any coaxing, as we turned in our road, they both came back and climbed in the crate. So I guess they are not yet traumatized by car rides.  We will keep up the experimenting, and maybe someday, we will be able to take them with us without listening to wailing and crying the way we had to with their old sisters.

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