Short little Friday list

Here it is, folks. Yawn.

Hit the road at 6:30 AM for beautiful Stonington, Maine.

Spend the day doing tax returns.

Finish up there around 5.

Get home around 6:30 PM.

Collapse on sofa.

If I haven’t already done it, knit a round on stargazing socks.

I’ll do better in a couple of weeks, I promise.

Friday and I just found my to do list!

What a riot!  Last week I jotted down a  few things I wanted to be sure to include in my chore packed vacation. The week is almost gone, I found the list – here it is:

  • Paint office
  • visit Eggemoggin studio
  • Visit Nervous Nellie’s
  • Stonington Farmers market
  • Blue Hill Farmers market
  • DEAN supper
  • Visit with S and L and B
  • Corea

Here’s what I have done:

  • some office painting
  • digging in yard
  • Belfast Farmers Market
  • DEAN supper
  • knitting
  • playing with kittens
  • swimming (once so far)
  • errands
  • laundry
  • visit with S and L

I suppose it is not too late to do some of this, but I missed the Stonington Farmers market this morning.  To be sure, that was a tactical decision to go to Belfast instead – it’s closer, and I have never been to that market.  But I do love the Stonington Market, and will have to make a point to get there some Friday.

Corea.  I wonder what I was going to do there?  It is so beautiful, I guess that was a picnic day.  Maybe I can convince A that we should do that tomorrow??? With a swing down to Blue Hill for that farmers market?  I bet we stay home and dig and paint…

Here it is noon, and I have already been to Belfast, bought (and eaten) some really good cookies from Sweet Henry’s – Anne is a good baker!!!! I also made a slight detour into Heavenly Socks and found some good yarn for a hat, and got some tips on free knitting patterns.  The clerk showed me a few great ways to use up lots of beads and not much yarn – look out nieces – I think there might be knitted and crocheted beads in your future! And I found a store that I have never been into before – Yo Momma’s Home which has exactly the kind of rugs I have been searching for, now to convince A we need to spend money on rugs… it will be a hard sell.

Time to go out and dig some more.  I am feeling like it is actually possible to accomplish my goal of getting that pool up this week…


ides of July

Was this a gorgeous day or WHAT??? I went to the Stonington Farmers market, which is the biggest market around here. Not strictly farmers, lots of crafters as well, but a vibrant fun place. Got some goat cheese and chocolate, what else is there in life? Had lunch on the deck at Seasons, tide was high, island was blooming, it was truly an incredible day.

Came home and picked raspberries in the front yard – got about a pint, plus the last of the strawberries and the first of the blueberries. There is something to be said for living on the edge of the woods with no real yard. All kinds of wild berries to be had.

Then I made up two guest beds – the girls arrive on Friday – I can’t wait. Got their rooms all cleaned and ready for them. Just have to add flowers Thursday night so they are ready for them when they arrive. I wonder what will be available for flowers by then? Queen Anne’s lace looks like it might be opened enough by then. And there are some Black-eyed Susans just coming. I LOVE SUMMER!!!

Just have time for a quick dip in the pool before bed… and before dark.