Christmas card how-to

This year I made the Christmas card design much more simple than I did last year, and so I got them done in time, and even took photos along the way.

This one shows the raw paper materials. Essentially, I took 8.5 by 11 white card stock from Staples, cut it into thirds (8.5 x 3.5), scored it in half for a 4.25 x 3.5 top folded card.

Then, using a dark green cardstock, I cut rectangles that are .25 inches smaller on each side than the finished card – 4 x 3.25.

Back to white cardstock, I cut rectangles smaller still – 3.75 x 3. If you are running short of cardstock, these could be a bit shorter, as you are going to lop off the bottom anyway.

I wanted to cut a curved bottom, so hunted around the craft room for the right tool. I found it in one of my old coluzzle templates. I used one side of the curved vine. This could be cut free hand, or there is probably a die out there that would do it for you. I used this to cut the bottom of all of the white rectangles (3.75 x 3)

Once I had the papers all ready, I used ColorBox evergreen pigment ink to stamp the tree so that it is sitting on the top of the “hill”. I then used embossing powder to emboss the tree. Stamp is soft pine 294c from Stampscapes inc and the embossing powder is Topiary by Personal Stamp Exchange (it’s old, if you can’t find it, mix a dark green with a little gold for the same effect.)
stamped and embossed tree

I mounted the stamped piece on a green rectangle, lining up the top and two sides to show 1/8th inch green border. This will leave a larger green bottom section.

tree and background

Once the card is assembled, it is time to play with glitter. I drew a bead of glue along the join of the stamped piece and the green piece, and put a bit of highlight on the tree, then covered it all with sparkly (is there any other kind?) white glitter. finished card

All that is left to do is put your hallmark on the reverse side and send it off. I like this card because it fits in a standard invitation sized envelope, no special mailing packaging necessary, no extra postage.back side

One recipient told me it is the best card yet. How will I live up to that?